11 Wonderful Dairy Farms in Connecticut [Update 2024]

dairy farms in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is well-known for its dairy products. Enormous dairy factories in the countryside generate quality dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, and more from milk shipped out by large dairy farms.

Tons of dairy products are manufactured and distributed around the state every day. The dairy farms are well-known among visitors, and the farmers gladly welcome them.

So, here is a list of the best dairy farms in Connecticut worth visiting.

1. Farmer Joe’s Gardens

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Farmer Joe's Gardens is one of the best dairy farms in Connecticut

Farmer Joe’s Garden is one of the most well-known dairy farms in Connecticut, situated in Wallingford. It provides fresh, raw milk to the residents of Connecticut, and has made a name for itself because of the quality of its products and services.

But what makes Farmer Joe’s different is that collective ownership is offered to the many families that work on the dairy farm. Farmer Joe’s is a part of Riverview, LLP, a limited liability partnership, that allows its employees to buy into the dairy after two years of employment.

2. Rose Orchards

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Rose Orchards

Rose Orchards offers you the convenience of a modern farm, providing you with farmer’s owned, fresh dairy products. They milk all Holstein cows (black and white cows) and currently milking 200 cows and have 500 cows total on the dairy.

The dairy has been family owned and operated for all 21 years. They offer a unique opportunity to have people to see where their food is made and the environment in which the cows live. Moreover, their dairy has a lot of technology that they utilize to make the dairy as efficient as they can.

3. Fairfield County dairy farm

Fairfield County is a wonderful dairy farm started in Redding, Connecticut. And now they have the best farms around the US. This is a dairy farm that produces and supplies milk, artisan cheese, soap, among other dairy products. This farm is built on 11 acres of fresh land and has been operating in that area since 1994. Additionally, Fairfield County products are easily available in local farmers’ markets in Connecticut.

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4. Arethusa Farm Dairy

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Arethusa Farm Dairy

Arethusa Farm Dairy is one of the best dairy farms in Connecticut, and is highly-rated by its customers. Situated in Casa Grande, Arizona, Arethusa Farm Dairy is the most popular dairy farm in that area. You will get fresh ice cream in a cup, cake cone, or a fresh made waffle cone. And they also have a diverse array of old-fashioned flavors. Their ice cream is also 16% butterfat which gets them the title “super premium”.

5. Hastings Farm

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Hastings Farm is a small family owned and operated Jersey cow dairy located in the valley of Suffield. They produce the highest quality of delicious raw milk, raw cream and raw butter and also oversee the bottling and packaging process on their own as well as deliver to the farmers markets, drop points, groups and stores in Cochise, Graham, Pinal, Maricopa and Pima County.

6. Thorncrest Farm

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If you love feta and chèvre, Thorncrest Farm in Goshen is your place. Thorncrest Farm is a small Grade A Farmstead Dairy in Connecticut. But let me tell you, once you taste their goat cheese from their beautiful Nubian goats, you will never want to eat any other. They offer superior quality farmstead dairy products from their Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats. It is a family-operated farm that has been in service since 1998.

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7. Oakridge Dairy LLC

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The biggest dairy farm in the state is Oakridge Dairy, which is situated in North Central Connecticut. Since our company’s founding in the late 1890s, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing agriculture. We really think that knowing your farms means knowing your food.

Because of this, we value openness and welcome our friends and neighbors into our dairy family. Our aim is straightforward: great farms produce wonderful food. Starting with wholesome cows and homegrown food, taken care of by wonderful people for many years to come, we work to sustain that.

8. Litchfield County Farm

Beautifully designed, and infused with a warm Mediterranean charm, Litchfield County in Falls Village, will offer an unforgettable visitor experience in agricultural ecotourism and remain a laboratory for exploring sustainable farm practices.

With an unparalleled lineup of craft brews, artisan cheeses, house-made culinary products and family friendly activities Litchfield County will promote enjoying nature and farming and grow an appreciation for conservation. It is indeed a fun place where visitors enjoy themselves in a dynamic setting while stocking up on locally grown and handmade products.

9. Deerfield Farm

Deerfield Farm registers Jerseys, farmstead dairy products and humanely raised, antibiotic and synthetic hormone free beef, veal, pork & poultry are our passion.  Check out our product pages to learn about availability.

10. Fish Family Farm Creamery

Fish Family Farm Creamery is a local dairy farm which specializes in bottling milk and making ice cream from jersey cows. It is also a great place to take a troll during a lovely summer day.

11. Smyth’s Trinity Farm

Smyth’s Trinity Farm is a family operated dairy farm producing premium dairy products. Individual cow comfort and a grass based diet is the core of Smyth’s Trinity product line. It uses only milk and all of other products are packaged on in its location.

Fresh and organic dairy products can be found at a wide variety of top-notch dairy farms in Connecticut. Additionally, some of these farms are set up such that guests can go on guided tours. Dairy farms are a great place to find many of these farms’ products.

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