11 Incredible Dairy Farms in Hawaii [Update 2024]

dairy farms in Hawaii

Farmers in Hawaii who grow dairy animals are resource-aware and continually work to improve their methods of stewardship and maintenance of the water, land, and air that belong to the community as a whole. Hawaii’s dairy farmers are at the forefront of developing new agricultural techniques that are both inventive and efficient in their use of energy.

Farmers involved in Hawaii’s dairy business are making concerted efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, supply carbon-negative fuel for automobiles, and boost their usage of renewable energy sources.

So, the best dairy farms in Hawaii don’t just produce dairy products, but also try to contribute to the environment. Here is a list of some incredible dairy farms in Hawaii.

1. Big Island Dairy

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Big Island Dairy is one of the best dairy farms in Hawaii

Big Island Dairy is not only the top quality fresh dairy farm but also the most popular among visitors. The farm has been run for decades by the same family and the dairy company produces cheese, cream, milk, butter and ice cream products.

You can enjoy the Milk Drive and have a full tour of the farm. During Halloween and Christmas, they offer special tours and even offer you themed dairy products. In Hawaii, if you do miss visiting this dairy farm, then you will surely regret not exploring this fantastic farm.

2. Naked Cow Dairy Farm

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Located north of Oahu, Naked Cow Dairy Farm is a magnificent family – owned dairy farm. It is a farm that also offers gardens of several vegetables and fruits for the visitors to get enchanted with. This dairy farm has a milk parlor and a huge yard. You can even feed the baby goats and enjoy the onsite restaurant where you can ravish fresh produced dishes.

3. Kauai Kunana Dairy

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Kauai Kunana Dairy

In Kauai, Hawaii, Kauai Kunana Dairy is one of the prime locations to explore farm life. The dairy farm is also a farm with sustainable animal husbandry and agriculture. The best part of this farm is that you can self guide yourself and explore the huge land of the farm, but it is only open from March to September. For student trips, activities like feeding the cows, pouring milk and other activities are allowed.

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4. Honomu Goat Dairy

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Honomu Dairy Farm has been a family – owned and operated dairy farm for decades. Their dairy products have become a well – established brand among the residents of Hawaii. The standard of production and service is high quality.

When you visit the farm, you can see that the cows are fed well and monitored closely to ensure their health. Thus, the great quality of dairy products is reliable. You can taste the fresh milk served in cute glass bottles which are highly liked by the visitors.

5. Sweet Land Farm

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Sweet Land Farm

In Waialua, Sweet Land Farm is renowned for its goat dairy products. It is the perfect place to visit during the spring seasons. The vast land has sections for vegetable farming and goat farming. During your tour, you can feed bottles of milk to the baby goats, and it would be a fantastic experience.

During summer camps, children are allowed to attend the onsite cheese making workshops. You can volunteer for the Goat Baby Shower function where we all come together and enjoy music and walk along with the baby goats and feed them.

6. Surfing Goat Dairy

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Popularly known for the artisan cheese that has been handmade by efficient farmers for decades, is the one and only Surfing Goat Dairy. It is located north of Maui, Hawaii. On the farm, the cows live on pasture, and they follow a grass-based diet to increase the quality of their dairy products.

The cows have winter housing, and they consume nutrient dense diets. Visitors are free to roam around the farm and enjoy seeing the cows moving around freely.

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7. Haleakala Creamery

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With guaranteed organic agriculture, Haleakala Creamery is an interesting dairy farm that you must visit. They strictly banned producing dairy products made with synthetics. So they produce great quality dairy products by providing great care for the animals and farming environment.

No growth hormones are injected into the cows and the cows are fed organic pasture through grazing. For a refined dairy farming experience, you should visit this farm.

8. Kumu Farms Country Market

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Kumu Farms Country Market is located in Wailuku. A fantastic feature of this farm is that it provides you the opportunity to watch the in – depth process of dairy farming as you can join a farmer for an entire day.

The farm also arranges festival fairs on the farm for people to buy fresh produce along with dairy products. Besides the milky products, you will find fresh produced vegetables like potatoes, carrots, peppers, corn and more.

9. O.K. Farms Hawaii

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With four generations of experience in dairy farming, the O.K family have produced high quality dairy products in the O.K. Farms. The farm was established in 1938 and started out with only 27 cows. Presently, they have over 100 cows, and they raise cattle using technology.

10. Ono Organic Farms

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Ono Organic Farms is a dairy farm established in 2005 that vows to ensure the nutritional quality of the milk. The diet for the cows is free from synthetic elements, and they only feed native grass pasture. The farm is also sustainable and only milks the cows once a day. During your tour, they will offer you a clean, delicious glass of milk, and you will taste the proper goodness of dairy.

11. Kauai Kunana Dairy

At Kauai Kunana Dairy, goats are the most valuable part of the farm and it treats them as such. They all have names and are shown great amounts of love through daily contact with humans. They graze on lush pastures which makes up 90% of their diet. 

Do not pass up the opportunity to visit any of the mentioned dairy farms if you ever get the chance to do so. Not only is it enjoyable to explore these farms, but you also have the opportunity to sample genuine dairy products that are obtained directly from the farm.

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