13 Top Diamond Brands in USA [Update 2024]


Diamonds are a symbol of wealth, power, and respectability. Moreover, diamond jewelry is sought after by the rich since it symbolizes their status.  

Diamond brands that have achieved exclusivity see an increase in value, as well as an increase in interest from high-net-worth individuals. Over the last several years, the diamond business has increased substantially.

Let’s check out some of the best diamond brands in USA. 

1. Leo Diamond

Leo Diamond is one of the best diamond brands in USA.

This is possibly one of the most over-hyped diamond brands in USA. The Leo Diamond brand in the USA features a proprietary cut which gives it a distinct, distant gleam.

Personally, I don’t agree with this. I’ve seen several of these diamonds in person, and I can inform you that the cut standards are variable, and the quality control is terrible.

2. Zales Jewelers

Zales Jewelers

This jewelry store is the second top diamond brand in the USA, merged in Delaware in 1993. Coppell, Texas, is home to the primary administrative departments.

The company began in 1924 in Wichita Falls, Texas, when two Russian-Jewish immigrant brothers, William and Morris Zale, launched the first Zales Jewelers store.

3. Classic Diamond

Are you looking for a diamond with increased clarity? Classic Diamond is a well-known diamond brand in the USA, based in New York City. Get the best diamonds at an unbelievable price!

This family-owned business has over one decade of experience and is well-known as a reseller of third-generation diamonds. They have also profited from a consistent focus on experience, knowledge, and honesty to produce the greatest team in New York City.

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4. David Yurman

David Yurman

Designer diamonds, high jewelry, famous collections, sculptural works, and inventive designs from America’s leading luxury jewelry & timepiece brands are available for purchase.

Sybil and David Yurman founded this non-profit designer jewelry firm, including a section in New York City. There are now 33 David Yurman boutique stores in the United States and 11 elsewhere.

5. Kay

A legacy from KAY has been a symbol of appreciation and affection for a century. Kay first opened its doors in 1916. Kay Jewelers has a large assortment of jewelry ranging from engagement rings to fashion diamond brands in the USA. Find a shop near you or browse online jewelry.

Among the inheritances of jewelry, it makes razors, appliances, flatware, music boxes, and eyeglasses. With over 1,000 locations, it is the largest jewelry retailer in the United States.

6. Kwiat

Since 1907, Kwiat has been a leader in both workmanship and quality. As a result, their diamonds are regarded as the world’s most beautifully cut diamond brand in the USA.

Kwiat’s creations are known for their lightness, as if they float weightlessly. They’re light and airy, allowing more light into diamonds and enhancing their brightness.

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7. Tacori

Haig Tacorian established this American jewelry maker and design firm in Glendale, California, in 1969. Tacori is well-known for its bridal jewelry. Their jewelry has a story to tell. Moreover, it is a symbol of fashion. Surely, it will appeal to your interests.

Additionally, it ties you to the people you care about the most. They started dealing in pearls and subsequently expanded into diamonds in the early 1990s, with its headquarters in Glendale, California.

8. Harry Winston

This American luxury watchmaker and jeweler was founded in 1932 as Harry H. Winston Jewels, Inc., and was later renamed Harry Winston Inc. in 1936 by Harry Winston. Harry Winston’s high jewelry designs, which feature the best diamond brands in the USA & most precious gemstones, exemplify innovation, uniqueness, and excellence without compromise.

Discover the unrivaled beauty and awe of the House’s extraordinary gems. Harry Winston is widely regarded as the most prestigious jewelry firm globally. It is completely affiliated with the Swiss Watch Group and is headquartered in New York City.

9. Royal Asscher

Royal Asscher’s have a beautiful appearance and are well-deserved for their name and affiliation with royalty. Royal Asscher’s are real works of beauty and precision craftsmanship, unlike most Asscher cut diamonds, which are cut to poor standards.

For years, Royal Asscher has been at the forefront of the art of diamond brands in the USA for cutting and polishing. At Jared, you may get Royal Assher engagement and wedding rings.

10. Hearts on Fire

Susan Rothman & Glenn Rothman founded this non-profit diamond jewelry manufacturing and design company in the United States in 1996. These Hearts on Fire diamonds are just the world’s most flawlessly cut diamond brand in the USA and the benchmark against which all similar diamonds are measured.

It is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and trades commodities online and in 550 retail locations in 34 countries worldwide.

11. Tiffany & Co.

This expensive jewelry merchandiser has its headquarters in the United States, specifically in New York City. Trading in sterling silver, crystal, perfumes, watches, leather goods, jewelry, porcelain, stationery, water bottles, and personal accessories are some of the things that Tiffany & Co. is involved in.

12. Blue Nile

This online jeweler with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, in the United States was established in the year 1999. Since the year 2017, Blue Nile has had a relationship with Bain Capital.

13. Ritani

A piece of diamonds is no little investment, and you should feel confident while purchasing this monetary and emotional importance.

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