Top 15 Drunkest Cities in America [Report 2022]

drunkest cities in America

In America, if you go to any fancy events you are likely to be served a class of fine champagne. Just like that, if you go to any college parties, you are likely to see people drinking shots of vodka or whiskey all night.

Alcohol is part of American lifestyle, with world-renowned alcoholic brands like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam being produced in this nation. However, there is a fine line between drinking alcohol during certain occasions and misusing it.

So, based on the percentage of residents reporting excessive drinking, these are the drunkest cities in America.

1. Appleton, WI

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Appleton, WI is one of the drunkest cities in America

In terms of number of bars, Appleton has the 9th-highest number of bars in the United States. In this city excessive drinking is reported among 27% of the adults. Alcohol is a factor in 30% of local driving fatalities. Additionally, Appleton experiences 257 premature deaths per 100,000 residents annually.

2. Oshkosh-Neenah, WI

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The metropolitan city, Oshkosh-Neenah, is one of the drunkest cities in the US with 26% of adult residents reporting excessive alcohol use. Moreover, a startling 44% of driving fatalities in the city are caused due to alcohol, while a total of 299 deaths per 100,000 happened prematurely last year.

3. Green Bay, WI

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Green Bay, WI

Green Bay is the home of the Green Bay Packers, one of the most renowned sports franchises in American sports. During Football season, the streets and bars of Green Bay are filled with fans having alcoholic beverages while enjoying their hometown team. Just over 25% adults in this city report excessive use of alcohol, while a staggering 47% of driving-related deaths are caused under the influence of alcohol.

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4. Madison, WI

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The central campus and every one of the athletic teams of the University of Wisconsin are located in the city of Madison, which is also one of the drunkest cities in the US. Around 25% adults in this city admit to excessive use of alcohol, while many of them are students who are involved in constant partying. 38% of all driving deaths were alcohol-related incidents last year.

5. Ames, IA

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Ames, IA

Ames is home to Iowa State University and features a large student population. It has one of the highest concentrations of drunk people in the country with 24% of adults in the city reporting heavy or frequent drinking. Alcohol use is a factor in 12% of driving-related fatalities in the region, which is relatively lower compared to other cities on this list.

6. Fargo, ND

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Fargo is the drunkest city in America that is situated outside the state of Wisconsin. There are around 63 drinking places and bars in the city where 25% of all of its adult residents admit to excessive use of alcohol. Moreover, the city experiences 280 premature deaths per 100,000 residents each year.

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7. La Crosse-Onalaska, WI

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La Crosse-Onalaska metropolitan city has the most bars per capita in the United States. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this city is the sixth-most intoxicated city in the nation. Excessive drinking or heavy drinking is reported among 25% adults in the city, while 27% of driving deaths are alcohol-related here.

8. Fond du Lac, WI

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Fond du Lac is another city in Wisconsin that has a massive problem with alcohol overuse. Just over 24% of its residents reported excessive use of alcohol, while 26% of driving deaths were also related to alcohol.

9. Eau Claire, WI

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24% people in Eau Claire reported excessive drinking on a frequent basis. As a consequence, alcohol is a factor in a startling 43% of driving-related fatalities in this city. The city has a very small town feel to it, and is gifted with naturally beauty.

10. Mankato-North Mankato, MN

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24% of individuals in the Mankato-North Mankato metropolitan city admit to frequent or excessive drinking. In this region, alcohol use contributes to 20% of traffic-related fatalities. It is the drunkest city in the state of Minnesota.

11. Wausau, WI

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Wausau is ranked among one of the intoxicated cities in the United States because of 24% of respondents saying they often use alcohol excessively. Furthermore, alcohol use is a factor in 27% of local traffic-related fatalities.

12. Sheboygan, WI

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Sheboygan makes this list with 24% of its adult residents admitting to binge-drinking frequently. Additionally, use of alcohol is a factor in 29% of driving-related deaths in the city, with 294 premature deaths per 100,000 residents.

13. Missoula, MT

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Missoula, a city in western Montana, has the highest percentage of drunk people in the state. In this city, over 23% of adults say they routinely consume large amounts of alcohol or drink frequently. As a result, alcohol is responsible for an astounding 48% of traffic-related fatalities in the region. Furthermore, many people are suffering from health conditions related to alcohol in Missoula.

14. Grand Forks, ND

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More than 23% of people in Grand Forks report binge-drinking on a frequent basis. Alcohol use is a factor in 32.7% of traffic fatalities. Additionally, 332 of this city’s 100,000 fatalities occur prematurely, which is the highest on this list.

15. Racine, WI

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It’s fitting that we round off our list with a city from Wisconsin, and that is city Racine, which is the last name on this list. In this city, 23% of adults reported excessive drinking, while 35% of all driving-related deaths happened under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, 32% of Racine’s population is obese, which might also be related to its alcohol problem.

If you didn’t read the title of this list, then you’d probably think this is a list about the drunkest cities in Wisconsin, not the United States. With 10 of the 15 drunkest cities in the United States being from Wisconsin, it is quite easy to see which American state has the biggest alcohol related problem.

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