12 Best Farmers Markets in Connecticut [Update 2024]


Connecticut is a state of green lands and beautiful rural towns. Many people in this state live a life of simplicity that centers around farms and local businesses. Therefore, weekly-held market spaces are incredibly popular in Connecticut.

In general, these weekly-held seasonal or year-round farmers markets serve freshly produced local goods that help provide customers with quality food items at a very affordable price.

Additionally, some of these farmers markets also host live music and cooking demos, creating a festive environment. The best farmers markets in Connecticut are listed below.

1. Coventry Farmers Market

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Coventry is one of the best farmers markets in Connecticut

Coventry Farmers Market, organized in the iconic grounds of Nathan Hale Homestead, is one of the most well-known farmers markets in Connecticut.

Located in Coventry, this is an excellent seasonal farmers market that operates from June to October. Around 65 vendors set up their shops here and sell fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade products. Furthermore, there are food trucks around the shops as well.

2. Putnam Farmers Market

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Putnam Farmers Market

Putnam Farmers Market is a seasonal farmers market that operates on Saturdays during June-October. Located in the city of Putnam, one of the best antique cities in Connecticut, browsing the stalls of this farmers market is an absolute treat.

While going through the stores at Putnam, customers are likely to find heritage vegetables, cheese, meat and many more.

3. Stonington Village Farmers Market

Located in Stonington, Stonington Village is one of the best farmers markets in Connecticut. Stonington is famous for its incredible pies and baked foods.

Furthermore, this market also features a variety of delicious fruits and fresh vegetables. Stonington Village Farmers Market can also meet your grocery needs as well. This market operates during Saturday mornings all year round.

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4. Westport Farmers Market

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Westport Farmers Market

Located in Westport, this is a unique farmers market that operates in two different seasonal phases. One is from winter to spring and the other is from summer to fall.

This enables Westport Farmers’ Market to sell different varieties of goods and products during different seasons. One of the most renowned products at Westport is its coffee, which is made from locally grown beans.

5. Lyme Farmers Market

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Located in Old Lyme, this farmers market takes place on Saturdays, starting from June and operates till October. This seasonal farmers market has the hills of Lyme as its backdrop, producing a picturesque view.

Some popular goods at Lyme Farmers Market include beef, cheese and a variety of seafood. Furthermore, Lyme is renowned for its Ashlawn coffee, which is made of locally roasted beans.

6. Niantic Farmers Market

Niantic Farmers Market, located in East Lyme, is a seasonal farmers market that operates from June to October. This market has 13 local vendors who set up their shops here during that time of the year.

Moreover, Niantic is a weekly farm where the most popular goods are breads, eggs, hummus, coffee and many others.

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7. Storrs Farmers Market

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Located in Mansfield, Storrs Farmers Market is renowned for being one of the best farmers markets in Connecticut. Operating on Saturday afternoons, Storrs Farmers Market is one of the best destinations in the state to buy fresh meat or diary products.

Furthermore, Storrs Farmers Market has made a name for itself for selling fresh locally grown foods.

8. West End Farmers Market of Hartford

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Located in one of Connecticut’s most popular cities, West End is one of the overall best farmers market in the state.

Not only does this destination have historic significance, but this market is also full of quality fresh organic products. Furthermore, West End Farmers Market has specialty foods as well, that include, salsa, tamales and heirloom vegetables.

9. CitySeed New Haven

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Held at Wooster Square, CitySeed is an exceptional farmers market that is full of quality goods. Located in New Haven, CitySeed was named the best farmers market in the state by Connecticut Magazine.

Moreover, with over 35 vendors selling their goods, there is no lack of options on this market. Additionally, this incredible farmers market also hosts live music and cooking exhibitions.

10. Litchfield Hills Farm-Fresh Market

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Held in Litchfield, this market gives an awe-inspiring picturesque view of the beautiful green town. With around 20 vendors selling their goods, Litchfield Hills Farm-Fresh Market just doesn’t offer quality goods but an incredible experience.

Usually, popular goods found in this market include maple syrup, pies, baked foods and honey.

11. Chester Sunday Market

Just as the name suggests, Chester Sunday Market only operates during Sundays. Located in the town of Chester, this market highlights the charm of New England.

Additionally, Chester Sunday Market is full of freshly baked foods, quality vegetables and delicious fruits, which are locally made. One of the most popular delicacies at that market is the wood-fired pear pizza.

12. Bridgeport Farmers Market

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Bridgeport hosts one of the biggest farmer’s market sells in the state, with eight total markets and three weekend markets. These are all independently-operated markets in Bridgeport that sell local fruits and vegetables.

Alongside the fresh goods, Bridgeport Farmers Market also holds live music, cooking demos and festivals.

Farmer’s markets are usually weekly held seasonally or year-round, and they unite the people of those towns in a festive manner. The farmer’s markets listed above sell quality fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other locally-made products, in order to promote local businesses and farms.

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