10 Popular Haunted Houses in Arkansas [Update 2024]


There are many ways to entertain yourself in Arkansas and haunted houses are one of them. These haunted houses use live actors or modern technology to create a frightening and suspenseful atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter if you are a horror fan who is drawn to scary movies, or you are simply looking for some fun way to spend time; these haunted houses will give you what you are looking for.

So, get ready to feel some fear in these popular haunted houses in Arkansas.

1. The Expelled Haunted Attraction

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The Expelled Haunted Attraction is widely regarded as one of the state’s scariest haunted attractions. This haunted house provides the customers with new degrees of horror each and every season.

At more than 25 horrifyingly detailed places, there are over 45 live actors who carefully watch each customer’s movement and jump to startle them at every chance. As you make your way through the dark hallways of the slaughterhouse, they want you to be so terrified that you would tremble with fear, scream in panic, and run for your very lives.

2. Nightmares Haunted House

Nightmares Haunted House is one of the most Popular Haunted Houses in Arkansas

Nightmares Haunted House is a haunted attraction that is dramatic, full of high-energy, and utilizes the most recent technology available. Since 1987, their group of unpaid volunteers has been terrorizing the people living in Northwest Arkansas by giving them vivid depictions of their worst fears.

The Bentonville Breakfast Lions Club receives all the money that is made from the haunted house; the club then gives the money back to the local community. Because of the efforts of their employees, they always break records for the number of visitors each year.

3. The Asylum Haunted House

The Asylum Haunted House

Located in Cave Springs, Arkansas, the Asylum Haunted House claims to be the greatest haunted home in the surrounding neighborhood. First of all, they give a strong warning against bringing young children into the haunted home and highly encourage you not to do so.

Secondly, they have this rule that even if you are unable to go through the entire haunted home, they will not give you a return of your purchase price. However, if you want, they will come and assist you in getting out of the building when you are unable to proceed.

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4. Mortar Creek Haunted Trail

Mortar Creek Haunted Trail

In this exciting and thrilling haunted house, they offer haunted trails and mazes. Located in a wooden area where the trails are spooky and confusing, Mortar Creek Haunted Trail urges you to experience the evils that lurk amidst the woods.

5. Haunted Hotel of Arkansas

This haunted house takes great pleasure in its use of human actors rather than animatronics in order to create its terrifying atmosphere. The Haunted Hotel of Arkansas is open on Fridays and Saturdays for the whole month of October, in addition to a number of other occasions, including Halloween.

6. The Reaper Haunted House

More than 30 scenes of “blood, gore, and mayhem” are promised to be found inside the Reaper Haunted House. Every Friday and Saturday of the month, in addition to being open every night of the week leading up to and including Halloween, the establishment is open to the public.

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7. Village of Screams

At this site, guests get the opportunity to explore up to three unique haunted homes, including the Torture Chamber, the Manor of the Dead, and the Curtain of Chaos. The attraction is open every Friday and Saturday, in addition to numerous other dates, like Halloween.

8. Fear Factory 501

This haunted house offers guests the opportunity to experience six distinct terrifying attractions, such as the Haunted Morgue, the Vortex Tunnel, the Torture Chamber, etc. Even the most seasoned horror fan can have a terrifying experience at Fear Factory 501, earning it the name nickname “the place where darkness never sleeps.”

9. Creepy Works

Creepy Works is the place you go to truly experience “southern inhospitality.” The haunted house is open on the last Friday and Saturday of every month, in addition to many other days, including the 27th through the 31st of October.

10. Terrorplex Estate of Fear Haunted House

It is without a doubt the most insane haunted home that you can ever encounter. They operate not one but two haunted homes from the same location.

They go all out by packing the Haunted Mansion to the gills with live performers, terrifying decor, and horrific situations; equally the 3D Death House will blow your mind. Because of the amazing sets filled with lighting and sound, you really should not miss the show, especially this Halloween.

These houses have everything necessary to give you the creeps while also providing exciting opportunities. Some are even capable of scaring the most experienced horror enthusiasts!

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