Top 10 Haunted Houses in Colorado [Update 2024]

haunted houses in Colorado

Who hasn’t relished a nice jump scare? Visiting a haunted home provides an adrenaline boost far bigger than viewing a scary movie.

There are several haunted attractions in Colorado; if you want the whole spooky adventure, you must visit the most horrific haunted houses.

How do you choose which haunted house to visit first in a state rife with them? Well, visit one of these scary haunted houses in Colorado.

1. Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

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Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours is one of the best haunted houses in Colorado

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours is a 22 – room property that was built as a grand show-place to draw attention to Capitola. Unfortunately, it did not manage to gain the interest of the people. So, the owner sold this huge mansion to his business partner who never looked after this grand property.

Eventually, people heard many scary stories and paranormal experiences related to the property. Presently, it is in ruins but one of the scariest places to visit in Capitola, Colorado.

2. 13th Floor Haunted House

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13th Floor Haunted House

For the most intense and scary experience, you have to visit the 13th Floor Haunted House. It is home in Fullerton. It has a bunch of interactive haunting attractions. They adapted technology to intensify frightening elements. With the 45-minute tour, you will have the scariest of your life.

3. World’s Scariest Haunted House

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To enjoy a beautiful haunting experience, you need to visit World’s Scariest Haunted House. This home was built centuries ago and was founded by the poet Robinson Jeffers and his family. In 1919, some construction was added to the property, like the Coast in Carmel.

In 1924, the 2-storied Hawk Tower was added. You will surely feel chills running down your spine as you tour through the property and feel the eerie atmosphere of this century – old property.

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4. Nightly Spirits Denver Ghost Tours

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Nightly Spirits Denver Ghost Tours

Nightly Spirits is an award-winning haunted house. With its authentic features, you will feel frightened to your bones. With the monstrous live figures, 115 custom rooms where each one has a terrifying element to it, this house is a horror – themed attraction that you just cannot miss.

5. Haunted Junkyard

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Haunted Junkyard is a professional-haunted house that features endless thrilling rooms. Over a huge area, there are different floors that are designed using special effects to trigger fear in you. I would recommend you visit this haunted house with a group of friends or family, because most of the attractions will be fun in groups.

6. Reinke Brothers

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Reinke Brothersis a frightening mansion with tons of scary stories related to it. In 1929, there was a tragic suicide. Since then, the property is said to be cursed. Although visitors are allowed to visit, they have to be responsible for their own safety.

This 55-room estate is magnificent, but with its great number of tragic deaths and spooky stories, you need to check it out with a group. In the 1960s, a horror film was inspired by this mansion.

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7. The Frightmare Compound

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In 2021, The Frightmare Compound was introduced as one of the most scary attractions. It is constructed with updated technology that is engineered to scare even the bravest. The Haunted Hayride has gained special attention from thrill seekers. The estate is huge and filled with terrifying features. You can purchase the tickets through their official website and visit for a scary night of your life.

8. Escape Works Denver

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Another enormous property that features the scariest elements you can imagine is the Cobb Estate. It was built in 1918 by lumber magnate Charles Cobb. After its construction, haunted stories are attached to it forever. It is said to be built within the “haunted woods” and plenty of ghost stories are related to the estate. When you visit the house, you are in for witnessing inexplicable nocturnal activities.

9. Fright Acres

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In Monterey, Restaurant 1833 is a haunted restaurant where you will feel like you are dining with spirits. The interior design of the restaurant dates back to 1833. The inviting ambience with warm food might seem like it is a pleasant restaurant.

But there lurks a scary past, flickering lights, footsteps of strange-looking people and children’s crying that will scare you to your bones. The employees will add haunting stories that will give you goosebumps.

10. The Ritual Haunted House

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To plunge into the darkness and get horrified endlessly, you need to visit the Fear Overload Scream Park in San Leandro, California. The makers of the park designed a vast area with the worst, and most scary experiences you can experience.

During Halloween, they hold themed horror decorations and costumes. The stellar set designs are designed to lure visitors to walk deeper into the scary corridors and other attractions of the property.

Whether people believe in paranormal things or not, a great horror movie always intrigues them. Just like that, these haunted houses might or might not have ghosts, but you can be sure they will offer you an intriguing experience.

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