12 Haunted Places in Connecticut [Update 2024]


Have you really attempted to investigate any eerie locations in Connecticut that you’ve heard about? If you don’t know, go on a tour of some of the most haunted houses in Connecticut to learn.

Then, if you’re brave enough, go to each one listed below and try to talk to the specters and ghouls who live there.

1. Dunnellen Hall, Greenwich, CT

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Dunnellen Hall is one of the most haunted places in Connecticut

The first spot on the list isn’t so much one of the most haunted as it is one of the most haunted places in Connecticut. Regardless, it’s a fantastic narrative. After all, that’s what all excellent ghost stories are.

In reality, once the initial occupant family left, every owner went bankrupt and met their fate shortly after moving in.

Leona Helmsley, an American businesswoman, called “the Queen of Mean” for her dictatorial behavior, is the most recent curse victim. Even though this may have been her way of getting even, she was convicted of tax fraud in 1983 after acquiring the property.

2. The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

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The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

According to local folklore, this location is now one of the haunted places in Connecticut. In the late 1800s, two Irish maids serving in Belle Haven mansions fell in love. The child would entertain her by playing his flute, especially near what is now the Bruce Museum.

While they were making plans to be married, the man departed without a trace, leaving the girl heartbroken. Her last resting place was in her native Ireland, where she succumbed to consumption, an archaic term for tuberculosis.

According to residents who lived nearby, two ghostly apparitions have been reported outside the Bruce Museum since the early 1900s. When a little lady was listening carefully to a male play a small flute, it was customary.

3. Bush-Holley House, Greenwich, CT

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Bush-Holley House, Greenwich, CT

According to local author Anya Seton, Bush-Holley House grounds are said to be haunted by the spirit of a slave girl.

Before Connecticut outlawed slavery, the Bush-Holley House’s owners used slaves as domestic help and kitchen. The slaves were kept in the house’s attic, which has been recreated in the museum’s current wing for visitors to view.

Ms. Seton thinks the infant died of infectious disease and screamed intermittently. It’s one of the most wanted haunted places in Connecticut.

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4. Homestead Inn, Greenwich, CT

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The historic Homestead Inn in Belle Haven is one of Greenwich’s best-haunted places in Connecticut.

On the porch, a ship’s figurehead was constructed, according to local lore. Despite its little stature, it looked adorable with its flowing loincloth and matching hoopskirt.

Sailors removed the Lady Lancashire’s bow artwork for repair before sailing on a trip that ended in tragedy. This head was donated to the Mead family by the carver, who owned the Homestead Inn.

5. Bruce Park, Greenwich, CT

In one of Bruce Park’s picnic areas in 1996, many adolescents were drinking beer and acting loud. A ghost appeared when the teenagers were too noisy. If you like horror, It’s the best haunted place in Connecticut for you.

According to traditional stories, the ghost’s corpse was that of a woman who had died. The most horrifying feature was the head, which was formed out of a swarm of snakes and looked like it was about to attack.

After hearing the snakes hiss and coil around the youngsters, the whole group jumped into their vehicles and fled.

6. Audubon Greenwich, Greenwich, CT

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Okay, so the Audubon Greenwich Center might not be one of Greenwich, Connecticut’s most haunted locations.

However, it’s near enough to the setting of a fun local ghost story to give you a sense of place. In the 1990s, after nightfall, a girl decided to take a bypass at the crossroads of Riversville Road and John Street.

She heard the sound of rustling leaves as she hiked up a hill on a winding track. While this wasn’t unusual given that it was October in Connecticut, it seemed like she was being followed.

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7. Union Cemetery, Easton, CT

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cemeteries in Iowa

This Tomb is on each chart of the best-haunted places in Connecticut. The “White Lady,” depicted as a woman with long, black hair wearing a nightgown and matching hat, is the most famous apparition here.Several theories have been proposed:

In quest of her newborn baby, who perished in childbirth, she goes grave-to-grave. In the 1940s, a lady was murdered and her spirit has resurfaced in the present day. In the 1940s, her mother was assassinated, and she is the mother of the victim.

Drivers have even claimed to have accidentally struck the White Lady, inflicting damage to their cars in the process.

There’s a creature called “Red Eyes” that’s said to stalk the Union Cemetery as well.

8. Saw Mill City Road, Shelton, CT

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Throughout the day, this road in Shelton, Connecticut, is fairly lovely.Night, on the other hand, is a different story.

Many others have reported seeing orbs, hearing screams coming from many locations at once, and seeing black monsters scurrying from tree to tree. It’s the best-haunted area in Connecticut if you prefer scary circumstances while driving.

This road is home to the Mellon Heads, a mythical race of inbred, perhaps cannibalistic monsters. When the sun goes down in the summer, the local kids say they want to hear their breathing or see their reflection in the water.

9. Sterling Opera House, New Haven, CT

The exterior of Derby’s opera house was newly restored. However, the inside remains abandoned and has been for generations. The Sterling Opera House is haunted by the soul of a little child named Andy.

Locals strew toys about the opera building for him to play with.A serial killer was previously imprisoned in the concealed jail cells underneath the theater, only feet from Harry Houdini.

10. Crypt at Center Church on the Green, New Haven, CT

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There haven’t been any tales of haunting sightings here; it’s simply a fun site to visit on Halloween.

Center Church in New Haven was constructed in 1813 using a portion of the city’s burial ground. The church’s crypt was built to keep the dead where they were rather than move them. The residences on the site date all the way back to 1687, when the area was founded.

11. Dudleytown, Cornwall, CT

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Dudleytown is the most famous haunted place in Connecticut State. After a family member launched a coup against Henry VIII, everyone with the surname Dudley is cursed. The curse accompanied the family to America to Dudleytown, where everything from demonic infestations to gruesome suicides took place.

According to folklore, anybody who attempted to live in Dudleytown’s old boundaries met with horrific misfortune, including premature and painful deaths. In the ancient town area, visitors remark a complete and unnerving quiet.

Much of the plot of the film The Blair Witch Project is based on the tale of this hamlet. After some paranormal specialists brought it to the public’s attention in the 1970s, Dudleytown went insane.

12. Bara-Hack, Eastern, CT

So keep going east to Connecticut’s Peaceful Corner. Another abandoned settlement may be found in Pomfret. Welsh-Americans formed this one from Rhode Island. In reality, the name means “breaking of bread” in Welsh.

Legends developed in Bara-Hack until the Civil War forced its abandonment. Slaves belonging to the households claimed to have seen a ghost infant lying in a nearby tree.

The curious and naive describe seeing the same ghost infant, a bearded face in the graveyard, and lights and orbs dashing in front of their face after the village was abandoned. Others hear voices that aren’t theirs, farm animals, and animal carriages.

If you’re considering of attending one, make sure you’re prepared beforehand. Even though there are other places in Connecticut that are said to be haunted, the ones mentioned above are the most demanded destinations for ghost seekers!

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