Top 10 Largest Hospitals in Arkansas [Update 2024]


There are a great number of hospitals and health centers with commendable services in Arkansas. The residents in Arkansas also praise the incredible health service.

If you want to see the best ones for any medical emergencies, here is the list of the top best services as well as the largest hospitals in Arkansas.

1. UAMS Medical Center

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UAMS Medical Center is one of the best Largest Hospitals in Arkansas

UAMS Medical Center wins the top position not only in size but also at the overall smart score of health care services. The patients were surveyed, and they recommend this hospital for its great healthcare service and affordability.

2. CHI St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center

CHI St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center

3. Arkansas Heart Hospital

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St Vincent Infirmary Medical Center remains one of the top hospitals in Little Rock. Not only is it different from other specialist services, but it also has a high rate of overall patient experience. The infirmary has different sectors for intensive care and an all-time emergency service.

In Little Rock, Arkansas Heart Hospital is a medical center with one of the highest numbers of patients. The hospital is well-equipped, and they guarantee intensive care for all heart related emergencies. 

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4. Northwest Health Physicians’ Specialty Hospital

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Northwest Health Physicians' Specialty Hospital 

In Fayetteville, Northwest Health Physicians’ Specialty Hospital is a promising health care center. They have a group of famous and credible specialists in different sectors who relentlessly help patients to good health.

5. Arkansas Children’s Hospital

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Arkansas Children’s Hospital is a non-profit and private facility. It is ranked as the 4th top hospital in Little Rock. Along with modern technology, they use different medical practices to ensure the best healthcare for the visitors.

6. Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock

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Baptist Health Medical Center is one of the most popular specialist medical centers in Little Rock. The amiable environment and health measures ensure the patients and their families to be satisfied with the medical care. Moreover, it has an up-to-date cancer center that was added to combat the number of cancer cases. 

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7. Washington Regional Medical Center

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Located in Pine Bluff, Washington Regional Medical Center is a well renowned healthcare institute in Arkansas. With its top class medical service and wide range of specialties, it thrives in providing excellent health care facilities.

8. Advanced Care Hospital of White County

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For more than 26 years, Advanced Care Hospital of White County has provided a nationally recognized, behavioral health care program for children, teens and adults faced with psychiatric, behavioral health, or chemical dependency challenges.

They are dedicated to providing safe, confidential and compassionate treatment with customized treatment plans to meet each patient’s needs – in the least restrictive therapeutic environment. Moreover, their highly skilled and compassionate staff provide a healing environment and assessments for outpatient treatment, as well as offer intensive outpatient programs for adults and adolescents with chemical dependence or mental health challenges.

9. Medical Center South Arkansas

A commendable medical institute of El Dorado is the Medical Center South Arkansas. Because of the superior level of care and experienced nurses and caregivers, this center remains a trustworthy medical center among the residents of El Dorado.

10. Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas

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Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas is situated in Rogers. It has received praise and different awards due to its medical services for many years. Consistently, they maintain their image with top-notch health service.

The prosperity of the state depends on the residents. The listed largest hospitals of Arkansas strive to meet the goals of providing the best healthcare to the people so that Arkansas thrives and prospers.

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