10 Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin [Update 2024]

Most Haunted Places in Wisconsin

Haunted places have a different flavor to begin with. Did you notice that ever? Well, take a close look and you will see what it means. You are also attracted to place which are spooky and scary. Otherwise you would not be here reading this! There should not be any particular season to visit some haunted place. Yet people choose the fall season to get scared and warm up their blood.

You can do the same as well if you are around Wisconsin. Do not just run into some haunted house or abandoned place. Rather research about it a little. Appreciate this lovely difference in seasons at Wisconsin State Parks, wandering along local climbing and trekking trails around the state, taking picturesque drives, and, obviously, unwinding at some scary place.

While fall tones are really the feature of this season, there’s something else that might act as a driving force for you. And that is, to explore some places yourself. Hence, here goes a list of the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

1. Pfister Hotel

Pfister Hotel

This is one of the most haunted places in Milwaukee. This is as indicated as the most spooky spots in America and considered to be the most haunted place in Wisconsin. Numerous guests are so creeped out, they are happy to forfeit the extravagance on the off chance that it implies they don’t have undesirable flat mates.

Numerous clients have whined about spooky experiences that many decline to remain at the lodging. This incorporates bizarre thumping and beating clamors, TVs turning on and off, and their assets being moved.

2. Summerwind


Summerwind is a destroyed mansion on the shores of West Bay Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin. Situated on private land, its remains are shut to the general population. Various metropolitan legends and apparition stories in mainstream society have added to its standing as a spooky house.

Despite the fact that the structure was totally decimated by fire in 1988, the paranormal movement proceeds. The spot is such a guide that mysteriously draws in otherworldly creatures and occasions.

Guests have recounted a solid feeling of a person or thing drifting around them, circles and skimming fogs appear later in photographs taken at the site, and sound recorders get voices and sounds not heard by the human ear. With so much paranormal action, it is considered as one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

3. Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery

This one is situated in Appleton, Wisconsin. Cautiously set apart from the principle graveside at Riverside Cemetery is the last resting spot of Kate Blood.

Gossipy tidbits have since quite a while whirled around this lady with the decisive last name – as indicated by different sources, she was a witch, a youngster executioner, an adulteress and a homicide casualty on account of her better half. In spite of the fact that an incredible subtleties or destiny are obscure, her graveside has become a hotbed of paranormal action.

Numerous guests have detailed a scary chill, and some have seen a dark-hooded consider that evaporates along with slender air. Significantly more spine-chilling are the accounts of blood overflowing from the gravestone. Hence, this adds up to the list of most haunted places in Wisconsin.

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4. Nelsen’s Hall

Nelsen’s Hall

Nelsen’s bar is saturated with history and custom gratitude to previous proprietor Tom Nelsen. Profoundly dedicated to sharp flavoring, Nelsen figured out how to keep his bar open during Prohibition by getting a drug store permit and selling his spirits as medication. Such was his adoration for his bar that he would not leave the spot, even 100 years after his demise.

Nelson lived and kicked the bucket in the loft over the bar, where apparition strides have been heard on the steps. The apparition regularly acts in devilish manners, remembering showing up for front of clueless ladies and changing the radio broadcast so he can even now make the most of his number one music.

5. Bloody Bride Bridge

Bloody Bride Bridge

This story has all the components of the exemplary apparition story. It goes like a bleeding lady or a frightening being that shows up in a mirror and a substantiating position figure. As indicated by people, numerous years prior a young lady was slaughtered on her wedding night in an auto collision on the Highway 66 scaffold.

From that point forward, there have been reports of a lady wearing a wicked wedding dress remaining on the extension and sitting in the secondary lounge of passing vehicles, obvious to the driver in the rear-view reflect. Another story says, a cop allegedly hit a lady, at that point saw nothing when he ran back to support her.

6. The Siren Bridge

The Siren Bridge

A young family was going home on County Highway B when their vehicle smashed through the guardrail and landed in the damp waters underneath. A dad, mother and their young girl were caught inside the vehicle, and all suffocated. Albeit gone, the family isn’t failed to remember.

Various drivers who have passed that portentous spot have announced hearing the voice of a little youngster crying through the radio. This place is also considered to be the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

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7. Plainfield Cemetery

In a horrible spot of destiny, Ed Gein is covered in a similar burial ground where during the 1950s he uncovered the assemblages of ladies who helped him to remember his dead mother. When he was captured in 1957, Gein had additionally slaughtered two ladies.

The majority of the body parts that were found at Gein’s farmhouse couldn’t be distinguished and were not gotten back to their graves. Not exclusively is this area dreadful due to what occurred there and the way that Gein is covered there, yet there are additionally asserts that the spot is spooky. The anxious soul of one of his casualties is said to wander the burial ground late around evening time.

8. Mary of Elk Lake Dam

Mary of Elk Lake Dam

In 1974, the assemblage of youthful Mary Schlais was found in the country Elk Lake territory. At that point, police accepted the casualty had been catching a ride from Minneapolis to Chicago when she was gotten by her executioner.

A man had been seen pushing a body out of a vehicle, however that lead went no place and the case stays open, and cold, right up til the present time. This absence of goal may clarify why Mary’s anxious soul has kept on remaining on the scene.

Paranormal movement in the territory incorporates brief and vanishing shapes and shadows, baffling coasting lights, unearthly commotions and spirits. One nearby older lady revealed every day visits from Mary, while two anglers professed to have had an alarming experience.

9. Brumder Mansion

Brumder Mansion

Since 1910 the 8,000-square-foot Brumder Mansion has experienced various manifestations, when working as a lodging and later as a café and parsonage. There was no proof of paranormal action here until remodels started in the last part of the 1990s to reestablish the home to its unique state.

Today, the house is a B&B, giving luxurious facilities to both the living and the dead. George Brumder’s sister was supposed to be so enamored with the house that she never left. She is said to have demonstrated her dismay with changes in the stylistic layout or with creatures on the premises.

Up to three different spirits are additionally thought to possess the manor. Hence this adds up to the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

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10. Grand Opera House

One of the most amazingly excellent structures in all of Wisconsin is situated in Oshkosh. It is the Grand Opera House. This show house was fabricated path in 1883, and its exhibitions have been pleasing individuals from that point onward. The structure went through a huge reclamation in 2009.

Yet, it doesn’t imply that it has cleared out its set of experiences. Weird thing about this show house is that arbitrary orange fog will show up in front of an audience. This isn’t a prop or anything. Various participants and entertainers have detailed hearing apparition strides all through the structure. This come consistently of the day, and more often than not, there is nobody there.

These are a few most haunted places in Wisconsin to be viewed if you want some thrilling experience in your life. The list would have been bigger with more explorations yet these are not to be missed at any cost. The daylight booms away and the darkness falls, Wisconsin will be the most favorite place for ghost hunters.

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