13 Best Haunted Houses in Indiana [Update 2024]

haunted houses in Indiana

Are you one of those persons who enjoys viewing horror movies in your spare time or listening to scary stories during get-togethers with other people? If you also happen to live in Indiana, then this post will most definitely pique your interest and grab your attention.

The state of Indiana is home to hundreds of haunted mansions, each with its own terrifying legends and urban legends surrounding the supernatural.

However, if you are not fainthearted, and haunted houses fascinate you, then check out this list of the most haunted houses in Indiana.

1. Stillwell Manor

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Stillwell Manor is one of the most haunted houses in Indiana

A haunted house with a realistic appearance and atmosphere is Stillwell Manor. Stilwell Manor is the ideal environment for ghosts to live, in contrast to other haunted buildings that appear manufactured. At the mansion, there are three haunted attractions with different frights to make you jump and cry.

2. Haunted Hills Hospital

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If you don’t run away terrified first, you can enjoy a number of spooky-fun attractions at Haunted Hills Hospital, which is a completely outdoor haunted experience. Try your hand at guillotine head tossing and ax tossing before navigating the scary Hill Hollow and Haunted Hills.

3. Nightmare on Edgewood

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Nightmare on Edgewood

Check visit Nightmare on Edgewood if you’re seeking for an absolutely terrifying haunted mansion. It’s one of  Indiana’s top haunted houses for a terrifying encounter you won’t soon forget.

This is a full-contact event, which means the actors will touch you, unlike other haunted houses. You cannot simply enter this cottage and feel the chills.

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4. Hysterium Haunted Asylum

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If you like an interactive experience, The Hysterium Haunted Asylum is the best haunted attraction in Indiana. All visitors receive excellent care from the performers and other staff members for an intense encounter that will make you leap. You’ll pass through a number of eerie rooms filled with performers that will frighten you and make you scream.

5. Fear Fair

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Fear Fair

Some say Fear Fair is the best haunted house in Indiana for an excellent scare. This well-known haunted house is intense. Here the monsters are allowed to touch you-yikes! You’ll walk through the haunted house’s four themed areas as you experience scary special effects, evil creatures, and animatronics.

6. Fort Wayne Haunted Castle & Black Forest

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There are two distinct haunted attractions in the Black Forest and the Fort Wayne Haunted Castle. The Black Woodland is an exterior haunted forest, while the two-story spooky palace is an interior entertainment with various spooky scenarios and two slides. It is regarded as one of the most haunted houses in Indiana.

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7. Grissom Maze of Terror

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As you try to navigate your way through the Grissom Maze of Terror, you’ll be panting and shouting the entire time. The entire maze, including the queue, is indoors. This Indiana haunted house is likely the finest to visit in inclement weather because parking is conveniently located at the entrance.

8. Hell on the Hill

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The best scary mansion in Indiana for visitors who are seeking an inexpensive Halloween entertainment is Hell on the Hill. The spooky mansion is still amazing even when the haunted woods are completely free. The actors, effects, and décor are of an equal caliber to some of Indiana’s more pricey haunted attractions.

9. Haunted Angelus House

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If you want to experience a haunted house while also helping a good cause, The Haunted Angelus House is the greatest option in Indiana. The Angelus Group Home for individuals with cerebral palsy who are unable to care for themselves receives funding from the haunted house.

10. Forbidden Hollows Haunted Farm

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Forbidden Hollows Haunted Farm is the best haunted house in Indiana if you want to get scared but not too scared. The Farm is a family-friendly haunted house and corn maze attraction. Take a hayride out to the cornfield, then find your way through the maze as creepy creatures follow you and jump out at you.

11. Whispers Estate

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If you’re looking for actual ghosts, Whispers Estate is Indiana’s best haunted mansion. Not for the fainthearted, this estate is one of the most haunted houses in Indiana. The estate’s moniker comes from the numerous accounts of visitors hearing ghostly whispers inside the home.

12. The Thirteenth Hour

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The Thirteenth Hour is the greatest haunted house in Indiana if you’re looking for a sizable, immersive haunted house to get lost in. The attraction features three different haunted houses that are all connected by a terrifying tale.

You’ll feel as though you’ve completely traveled to an other location thanks to the beautifully executed settings and props.

13. The Barn of Terror

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When you enter the Barn of Terror, get ready to be terrified. You’ll be bombarded by spooky scenes and ominous individuals in every direction. On the parents’ request, they’ll be more forgiving with children, but not with adults.

There is no restriction on the age of attendees, however little ones have be able to walk unassisted through the exhibit.

If you love spooky scares and haunted setups, then you’ll definitely visiting these haunted houses in Indiana, which offer intriguing backstories along with terrifyingly exciting thrills.

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