13 Major Mountains in Connecticut [Update 2024]


Mountains are some of nature’s most special delights that offer the chance to experience many outdoor recreational activities like hiking, sightseeing, camping and much more. Connecticut is not renowned for its mountains, and doesn’t have towering mountain peaks like Colorado.

However, the constitution state itself has some mighty mountain peaks that soar through the sky, and provides awe-inspiring scenic views of nature and nearby towns.

As it’s not easy to find mountains in Connecticut, this list of Connecticut’s major mountains should definitely help you out.

1. Bear Mountain

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Bear Mountain is one of the most Major Mountains in Connecticut

Bear Mountain is a part of the Taconic Mountains in Connecticut, and is actually a peak of the Taconic Mountains. Besides the Taconic Mountains, the mountain range of Bear Mountain also includes the Appalachian Mountains. The elevation of Bear Mountain is 708 meters, making it one of the highest mountain peaks in Connecticut and it has a prominence of 132 meters.

2. Haystack Mountain

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Haystack Mountain

Haystack Mountain is a unique mountain in Connecticut that has a famous observation tower on its top. The mountain is elevated to 510 meters in height, and is one of the most visited mountains in Connecticut because of the tower, which gives an awe-inspiring view to visitors.

Haystack Mountain is also a designated historical place and its parent ranges are the Appalachian Mountains and Taconic Mountains.

3. Round Mountain

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Elevated at a height of 700 meters, Round Mountain’s peak offers one of the most stunning views in Connecticut. The mountain is a peak of the Taconic Mountains and is situated along the Connecticut border. Additionally, Round Mountain has incredible trails for mountain hiking.

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4. Mount Frissell

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Mount Frissell

Mount Frissell, elevated to a height of 708 meters, is the highest mountain peak in Connecticut. Along with its incredible elevation, the mountain also has a prominence of 238 meters, making it one of the largest mountains in the state. The mountain range of Mount Frissell includes the stunning Taconic Mountains.

5. Lamentation Mountain

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Lamentation Mountain, also known as Mount Lamentation, is a mountain in Connecticut that is part of the Metacomet Ridge. The mountain stands at an elevation of 219 meters, but has a huge prominence of 139 meters. Lamentation Mountain is located 2.5 miles north of the city of Meriden.

6. Short Mountain

Don’t get fooled by the name Short Mountain, because this mountain is anything but short. Although it is not one of the highest mountain peaks in Connecticut, it still soars 162 meters in the sky.

Additionally, the mountain is a peak of the Metacomet Ridge, and is located just 5 miles north of the city of Meriden.

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7. Gridley Mountain

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Gridley Mountain is an incredibly massive mountain in Connecticut and is part of the Taconic Mountains. The mountain range of Gridley Mountain includes the Taconic Mountains and Appalachian Mountains. This mountain soars to 674 meters in the sky and has a prominence of 72 meters. Interestingly, Gridley Mountain has no official trails.

8. Ragged Mountain

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Ragged Mountain is a traprock ridge near the town of Southington that is elevated to 232 meters in height. Its parent mountain range is the Metacomet Ridge, and it is also an excellent recreational area in Connecticut. The mountain offers natural amenities like scenic views, hiking trails and much more.

9. East Peak

A part of the Hanging Hills in the city of Meriden, East Peak is a traprock mountain. The age of the rocks forming this mountain is estimated to be 200 million years old, making it one of the oldest mountains in Connecticut. Additionally, the mountain is elevated to a height of 297 meters and has a prominence of 40 meters.

10. Trimountain

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Trimountain, also spelled as Tri-mountain is a traprock mountain situated in the city of Meriden. It is part of the iconic Metacomet Ridge and is located in the towns of Durham and Wallingford. The mountain has a total elevation of 230 meters and extends through the Connecticut River Valley.

11. Farmington Mountain

12. Chauncey Peak

Chauncey Peak, 688 feet, is a traprock mountain located 2 miles northeast of the center of Meriden, Connecticut. It is part of the narrow, linear Metacomet Ridge that extends from Long Island Sound near New Haven, Connecticut, north through the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts to the Vermont border.

13. Pistapaug Mountain

Pistapaug Mountain, also known as Paug Mountain, est. 700 feet, is a traprock mountain located 11 miles northeast of New Haven, Connecticut. Located within the town of Durham, Pistapaug Mountain is 2 miles (3.2 km) long by 0.5 miles (0.8 km) wide, although rugged topography makes the actual square mileage much larger. The Metacomet Ridge continues north from Pistapaug Mountain as Fowler Mountain and south as Totoket Mountain.

The majority of mountains on this list originate from the Taconic Mountains or the Metacomet Ridge and provide wonderful recreational facilities. Although Connecticut is not a mountainous state, there are some areas in the state where you will be able to see some highly elevated mountain tops.

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