17 Beautiful Waterfalls in Connecticut [Update 2024]


Connecticut is known as the state of rolling hills. The natural beauty of the hills, forests and other areas of this state is beyond words.

The place where you can enjoy the total experience of spectacular view and breathtaking natural beauty is none other than waterfalls. Yes!

In Connecticut, there are several marvelous waterfalls that have to be included in your bucket list to visit this year. We have listed the best waterfalls in Connecticut so that you can easily choose which one to visit next.

1. Buttermilk Falls

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Buttermilk Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Connecticut

Situated near Plymouth, Buttermilk Falls is a marvelous waterfall in the area managed and preserved by the Nature Conservancy. To reach the waterfall, you have to walk your way along the Mattatuck Trail that is along the river.

While making your way upto the waterfall, you will be able to do bird watching and sightseeing. A fascinating part of the fall is that the falls is surrounded by several Hemlock trees.

You will also see different sizes of granite rock near the creek that ends near the small pool beneath the waterfall. For the best experience, visit the area during spring runoff or after monsoon.

2. Wadsworth Little Falls

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Wadsworth Little Falls

Wadsworth Little Falls is located near the Coginchaug River. It is a preserved natural area, and you can make it to the falls after hiking or walking through the trails of the Wadsworth Falls State Park’s 285 acre area. The fall is 52 feet high and has a step style drop which will make you appalled as you watch water gushing down.

Visitors can go biking, picnicking, swimming, fishing and other recreational activities from 8 am to sunset. The waterfall falls under the area of the park, so you have to keep in mind the timings of visits to the park.

3. Kent Falls

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Kent Falls

One of the highest waterfalls in Connecticut is none other than Kent Falls. Its height is over 250 feet in total. The water gushing from the top has several levels at different heights. Did you know an interesting fact about this waterfall? It takes about a quarter mile for the water from the top of the river to plunge into the pool beneath.

This incredible waterfall is inside the Kent Falls State Park, so you have to take the trail around the park. Even if the state park is open year round, you have to visit the park from 8 in the morning to sunset.

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4. Burr Falls

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For enjoying the breathtaking view from 43 feet above the creek, Burr Falls is your incredible choice. It is located inside the Burr Pond State Park. Once you reach the fall, you can see the smooth granite stones all around the fall.

The rocks make the waterfall look more impressive. During summer, the water force is comparatively less, so the falls appear like fountains too. You can enjoy many activities like swimming, hiking, picnicking and more. During summer, there is a lifeguard available in the pond, so the visitors can swim safely.

5. Enders Falls

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Often called a gift to the Connecticut state, Enders Falls is a wonderful waterfall in Harford County. It is located near Granby and is also a part of the Enders State Forest. You are allowed to visit the spot throughout the year and easily reach it through the accessible trail 0.3-mile You have to watch out because the trail up to the waterfall is gently sloped.

From the highest part of the waterfall, the drop is 30 feet. Make sure to visit the spot at any time from April to November and have the best time for relaxation.

6. Stair Brook Falls

Located in North Branford, Stair Brook Falls is an extraordinary waterfall cascading tons of water. To reach the fall, you need to take the Mattabesett Trail. Once you reach the cliff, you will be surrounded by a marvelous landscape view from the top. The creek is small, so be careful when going with groups of people.

The water of the falls flows over Totoket Mountain, and as they flow following the natural pathway of granite rocks, a stair like design has formed over the years. The brook runs parallel to the trail, however, you will have to go a bit off course for a short distance to get the best view from the waterfall.

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7. Roaring Brook Falls

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With a scary 80 feet drop, Roaring Brook Falls is a spectacular waterfall in Cheshire. The fall is maintained and preserved by the Cheshire Land Trust. The trust protects the heritage of the land as, according to archeologists, the lands date to the Algonquian Native Americans.

Want to know why it is named Roaring Brook? Because the falls is over a high cliff which can look like a horsetail type of waterfall when water gushes. You might need special permission to visit, as the area is not open year round.

8. Carpenter’s Falls

For a scenic 18-foot waterfall, you have to go to Granby, Hartford County. There you will find the exclusive beauty of the gorgeous Carpenter’s Falls. You have to hike for 0.7 miles through a beginner level hiking trail before you reach the cliff this fall. The cliff is rocky, so be careful and the elevation gain is 150 feet.

You can take your dog with you while hiking and then reach the top of the falls and take in the spectacular view. Want to know when is the best time to visit this waterfall? April and May are the prime times to pay a visit.

9. Aspetuck Falls

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A wonder of Litchfield County, Aspetuck Falls is a waterfall with a 20-foot plunge. The water from the falls falls from the top to the Aspetuck River. Although its true ownership is unknown, the falls is a town-owned property. You will not find any private property signs or even find proper hiking trails.

The unpaved trails are not a problem as you can easily trail your way up. The falls are not very high, and you can even see the falls from the roadside if you are not up to walking up to the creek. If you want to enjoy swimming or rafting, you need to visit the spot during April or rainy season, as that is when the water flow is best.

10. Yantic Falls

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Right in Norwich, you will find incredible Yantic Falls. The falls are literally downtown, so you have to take a short drive from the town to reach this beautiful cascading waterfall. Another name of the falls is Indian Leap Falls.

The area along the falls has a history of warring tribes and because of its history, it was popularly known as the Indian Leap Falls. The falls are fed by a massive river flowing. You have to be careful when you visit the fall as it is surrounded by smooth rocks before plunging into a huge pool of tons of water.

11. Great Falls 

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Just like the name suggests, Great Falls is one of the great falls of Connecticut as it is apt for its name for the cascading plunge of waters. You have to visit the Falls Village before you move on to reach the cliff of the falls. The gushing waterfalls are based on the upriver dam and even the yearly rainfall in the region.

The falls progress 60 feet down from the cliff and even though it is not one of the highest ones in the state, it is surely one of the most powerful falls in Connecticut. The flow of water is mostly during spring, and you can notice lots of water flowing within a short time. Thus, the name is justified by its great power.

12. Chapman Falls

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Chapman Falls is located in Middlesex County of Connecticut. To reach the waterfalls, you have to make your way through a 0.1-mile hike through the Devil’s Hopyard State Park. You will notice quite a number of large boulders that create a square block like structure in a waterfall. The height of the fall is 60 feet.

You can park your RV or car in the parking lot beside the Eightmile River. Even if visitors are allowed throughout the year, it is best to visit in November.

13. Mount Carmel Springs Falls

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Mount Carmel Springs Falls is located in Hamden, Connecticut. You will find it deep inside Sleeping Giant State Park, so you might have to explore the park until you find this cascading beauty. The waterfall is 76 feet high from where hundreds of liters of water gushes down the hill.

You should schedule a visit to this spectacular place during the monsoon or spring run-off. That is the time when the water is at its fullest, and you can enjoy different water activities like kayaking, swimming and even fishing. The park opens from 8 am till sunset on a regular basis.

14. Dean’s Ravine Falls

In Canaan, you will find the impressive Dean’s Ravine Falls, which is truly one of the best waterfalls during spring runoff or after heavy rainfall. It is located near Falls Village. The elevation gain from the trail is about 100 feet.

Then again, the falls plunge almost 50 feet from the top of Reed Brook. The falls are surrounded by meanders and rocks till the bottom of the mountain. You might struggle with hiking along the trail as it is quite strenuous due to the steep elevation gain.

15. Burlington Falls

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Burlington Falls is a privately owned waterfall. It is a part of the New Britain Water Department Conservation Commission Land and is located in Burlington of Hartford County. However, visitors are allowed to hike and enjoy the views of the falls. A plus point is that even dogs are allowed.

Sadly, there is no permission to swim, so you might have to stop yourself from plunging into the shiny waters. The fall gives a 15-foot drop. If you are planning to visit this fantastic waterfall, make sure to plan during April to November as this is the best time to visit.

16. Campbell Falls, Norfolk

You’ll find nature at its best within Campbell Falls State Park Reserve in Norfolk. Visitors won’t be bombarded with concession stands or other facilities in this wooded beauty. Instead, they’ll discover a hidden gem of a waterfall waiting for them to enjoy its magnificence.

17. Aspetuck Falls, Washington

The only thing that could make an already quaint town more charming is a waterfall. No wonder the small village of New Preston is so irresistible. Located in the northwestern edge of the town of Washington, this adorable hamlet boasts one of the state’s most delightful falls. It’s also home to a few eclectic boutique shops, as well as small and tasty eateries.

If you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the outdoors, you have to opt for at least one of the best waterfalls in Connecticut. What are you waiting for? Schedule your next vacation and start on the journey of an incredible experience.

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