13 Major Mountains in Indiana [Update 2024]


Indiana is lovingly called the Hoosier State. This marvelous state is situated in the Midwestern United States and is well known for its natural resources, tons of entertainment options and wonderful landmarks.

Although it is not a mountainous state particularly, there are quite a few high points in Indiana. With the most prominent being Hoosier Hill, there are more large peaks that give the best views and amazing journey to make it to the top.

If you are interested, then give a read to this list of the major mountains in Indiana.

1. Hoosier Hill

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Hoosier Hill is one of the most Major Mountains in Indiana

With a height of 1,257 feet above sea level, Hoosier Hill is the highest natural point in Indiana. In meters, it is 383 meters tall. Its grounds are located in the rural area of Franklin Township in the northwest of Bethel.

You can find the nearest intersection point to the summit if you make your way through the County Line Road. You can easily find several tour guides to make it to the top of the highest point in the state.

2. Hells Point

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Hells Point

A little shorter than Hoosier Hill, Hells Point is the second major mountain with the height of 333 m. To make it to the top of the mountain, you need to travel through a 13.2 km loop trail. The trail starts from Angola, Indiana and the route is moderately challenging. Hiking for about 3 hours, you will reach the top and look at the serenity from the point.

3. Sand Hill

Sand Hill is about 326 meters tall, and it is located in Wayne Township. In Noble County, this summit is situated. Making your way through the town of South Milford, you can climb the mountain. Interestingly, the Weston Chapel Cemetery is found near the grounds, so you might want to visit the burial grounds as well.

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4. Weed Patch Hill

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Well known as Weed Patch Knob, Weed Patch Hill is a 322-meter-tall mountain in Indiana. The highest point of this hill is in the Knobstone Escarpment. You can visit Brown County State Park, and make your way to the top. Due to the history of the early settlers, after a tornado, the area has flattened, for which weeds grew all around the place. This is why it is named Weed Patch Hill.

5. Diamond Hill

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Diamond Hill is 319 m tall and its prominence is 48 m. There is a moderate level hiking trail that leads to the summit. Most hikers climb in November as it is the right time to hike and enjoy the weather up there. Heads up! Most of the views will be of thick forests.

6. English Hill

English Hill falls in Franklin County at an elevation of 318 m. The prominence of this hill is 15 m high. The Hill is situated northeast of Gobblers Knob Hill and southwest of Cobbs Hill. You can easily visit the nearby peaks once you enjoy the trip of climbing to the summit.

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7. Round Knob

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Round Knob

Through the Knobstone Trail, you can make your way to the 304 m high summit of Round Knob. The trail is moderate level hiking. Also, it is one of the 20 peaks along the multi-day American Discovery Trail.

8. Rock Knob

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With an elevation of 294 m, Rock Knob is next on the list. It is situated in Scott County. The summit is mostly visited in April and November as that is the best time to enjoy the views and make the most of your hiking experience.

9. Pinnacle

Pinnacle has an elevation of 289 m. The trail that leads to the summit is called Trial 1. You can find the trail an hour south of Indianapolis. The peak of the hill is held up by thick sandstone beds. Moreover, your eyes can view the many brachiopod fossils embedded in the stone of the hill.

10. Hayes Hill

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Overlooking the scenic wonders of Indiana from the summit of Hayes Hill will surely be an unforgettable experience. This hill in the Appalachian Mountains of Indiana is 287 m and its prominence is 86 m.

11. Hickory Ridge

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Hickory Ridge is a 277 m high hill. The trail to the top of the hill is 48.7 miles. It is a fantastic trail which is designed for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. As it is made up of a variety of short and long loops, you can hike to the summit while enjoying scenic views.

12. Windell Hill

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With an elevation of 272 m, Windell Hill is a peak located in the northwest of Sand Hill. If you plan on hiking to Sand Hill, then you should plan on hiking to this summit too. The hike is not difficult and even beginners can climb to enjoy views from the peak.

13. Greenbrier Knob

Greenbrier Knob is a 251 m tall peak located in Harrison County, Indiana. The nearby Sharpe Creek is one of the highlights of making your way to the summit. Scout Mountain is also nearby this peak, so you can make a few plans to cover two of Indiana’s wonderful mountains.

Mountains not only provide the best views, they also offer you a chance to connect with nature. From the listed major mountains in Indiana, you can make a plan and go for a getaway to connect with your natural spirit and enjoy unforgettable sights.

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