11 Beautiful Waterfalls in Indiana You Must Visit [Update 2024]

waterfalls in Indiana

Want to discover the mother nature of Indiana? Want to connect with the artwork of lush waters? Best option for you is to visit the waterfalls in the state.

Chasing the waterfalls will let you explore the Indiana rivers and lakes to no end. You can even enjoy trekking through the diverse natural beauty filled trials. Cascading waterfalls will enchant you, and you might even go for an adventurous swim jumping from the creek.

For nature lovers, exploring the waterfalls in Indiana must be on the bucket list. To make it easier to list your trip, read the list below.

1. Cataract Falls

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Cataract Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Indiana

With its multi-tiered waterfalls, Cataract Falls is a wonderful waterfall. Situated at the Cataract Falls State Recreation Area, this waterfall has two parts; Upper and Lower.

Despite being a short one, it allows you to enjoy the marvelous sights of gushing water which make it look like diamonds are raining from the two parks. With a small entry fee, you can access the park and hike to the creek to reach the waterfall. It gives the best views in late Autumn.

2. Silver Cascade Falls

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Located in Deer Mill of Indiana, Silver Cascade Falls is a stunning waterfall. But interestingly, it is situated within Shades State Park. When you visit the waterfall, you can not only enjoy the stunning views and sounds, you can also explore the 3000 acre preserve. The wildlife near the cascade is amazing as well. You will catch glimpses of Bald eagles and chipmunks.

3. Big Clifty Falls

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Big Clifty Falls

One of the four waterfalls in the Clifty Falls State Park of the state is the incredible Big Clifty Falls. Even if you can’t make it to view all the waterfalls of the park, this one is a must.

The walk is downhill, and you can hike for 3.4 miles to reach it with a round trip. This 60-foot waterfall cascades with gushes of water that drops down stair-like rock formations. From here, you can enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

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4. McCormick’s Creek Falls

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McCormick’s Creek Falls is located at the first state park in Indiana. The falls feature stunning limestone formations. Through the Trial 3, you can make it to the creek and from above, you can see the majestic beauty. The journey to the top is surrounded by the river, and you can view the diverse wildlife as well.

5. Thistlethwaite Falls

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Thistlethwaite Falls

Within the Nature preserve in Spring Grove, Indiana, Thistlethwaite Falls is an incredible waterfall. It is named one of the greatest waterfalls in the state. Because of the new channel built in the early 1800s, this waterfall was built as one of the main sources of water power. Even though it is a man-made waterfall, it is open to the public and remains a beautiful waterfall.

6. Hoffmann and Tunnel Falls

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With a 3.4-mile hike, you will come across the magnificent Hoffman and Tunnel Falls. The falls are 73 feet high, and you can even see the nearby railroad tunnel from the top. Hikers enjoy taking Trail 5 to make it to the top. Cascading luscious waters, these waterfalls offer an unforgettable sight.

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7. Little Clifty Falls

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Little Clifty Falls has a height of 60 feet, and you can make it to the top of the creek through the same hiking trail as Big Clifty Falls. This waterfall plunges down the slope, giving marvelous sights to the visitors. The captivating sight is special during winter, as it is then when the water proceeds to freeze solid. The waterfall is amid lush forest so it is in the perfect natural setting.

8. Kokiwanee Falls

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Kokiwanee Falls gets its water from the Salamonie River. You can find this waterfall in Kokiwanee Nature Preserve. With the surrounding beauty of the nature park, the waterfall is found within a half an hour of a one-mile hike. The elevation gain is 120 feet, and you can click pictures of the picturesque beauty from the creek. Remember to take the best walking shoes as despite the short journey, the hiking trail is rough.

9. Rock Rest Falls

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Rock Rest Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Vernon of the state. Located in the Cali Nature Preserve, it falls into a whirling pool beneath a rock ledge. Unlike other waterfalls, the view from these falls is hypnotizing. From above, you can enjoy the fascinating gushing of waters into the whirling pool. Something extraordinary!

10. Salamonie River Falls

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At the heart of the Salamonie River State Forest, Salamonie River Falls is situated with its enchanting beauty. To reach the creek, you need to make your way through the stone quarry and forest of the park. Within the recreational area of 850 acres, this waterfall is one of the highlights because of its notable beauty of cascading waters. Remember to look for the wildlife in the area while you hike towards the waterfall.

11. Little Clifty Falls

At 60 feet high, Little Clifty Falls isn’t actually so little. It also lies within the boundaries of Clifty Falls State Park. The trail is the same one taken to reach Bif Clifty Falls, but it is worth continuing on to see the second cascade.

Little Clifty Falls plunges down the mountainside rather than cascading.

The listed beautiful waterfalls in Indiana offer a never-ending beauty charm of Indiana’s nature. For backpackers and nature lovers, checking through this list of amazing waterfalls of the state should be a goal itself. So don’t hold back and explore the magnificent experience of chasing waterfalls.

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