12 Explore Worthy Junkyards in Arizona [Update 2024]

junkyards in Arizona

Most of the world’s best junkyards may be found in the United States. There is something here for everybody who has an interest in motor vehicles, whether they are automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, or aircraft.

Arizona is also popular with many junkyards. The junkyards in Arizona can be used to find parts for antique cars, furniture and much more. Confused which one to visit first?

Let’s check out some of the most famous junkyards in Arizona.

1. Frank’s Auto & Truck Salvage

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Frank's Auto & Truck Salvage is one of the best junkyards in Arizona

A decent number of well-known automobiles are available, each with high-quality components that may be bought separately at rates that are both reasonable and friendly. They will inspect your car and do any required repairs.

They will also keep you informed of the total cost and each component that needs to be repaired. You can always count on this best junkyard in Arizona.

2. Southwest Corvair

This junkyard in Arizona, mainly in the Cottonwood area, sells a wide variety of used auto components that are interchangeable with the vehicles owned by local residents. You may reach them by email, regular phone, or a free hotline. Monday through Friday, you may visit the Southwest Corvair.

3. Ace Pickup Parts

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Ace Pickup Parts

Do you have a trash car or are you actively looking for affordable auto parts? Ace pickup parts is a top junkyard in Arizona. Since this junkyard amasses such a large stockpile, I recommend contacting it. For your convenience, they provide business hours of Monday through Friday.

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4 . House of Cars Arizona

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Users may get in touch with the helpful proprietors of this junkyard by email or telephone. In the city of Scottsdale (junkyard in Arizona), they are the obvious choice for purchasing top-notch car parts. You may visit them from Monday through Saturday, by the way. This is one of the largest junkyards in Arizona.

5 . I17 Used Auto Parts

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I17 Used Auto Parts

This trash yard in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area provides a highly specialized and professional service to its customers, who are treated to surprise discounts without sacrificing top-notch quality or selection. The employees are on the clock from Sunday through Saturday.

6. Payless Salvage Auto Parts

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Locals to the Phoenix area may visit this trash yard to peruse a massive selection of used car components that are suitable for their vehicles. The telephone is the best means of contacting them. The whole story: The timetable for the junkyard’s opening has not yet been discovered.

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7. AA Auto Parts

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Located in Arizona’s capital city, this salvage yard provides Tucson locals and visitors with a high level of service, surprise deals, and the anticipated quality and quantity of products. Extra details: You can see the AA Auto Parts store hours online, however.

8. Iron King Auto Salvage

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Located in close proximity to Prescott Valley (Arizona), this company provides excellent customer service and competitive prices without sacrificing selection or quality. Monday through Friday is their work week.

9. Dans Auto Salvage

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This page features information on a junkyard located in close vicinity to Kingman, Arizona, that sells high-quality auto parts to locals and passers-by alike. Get in contact with them through phone if you need to find out how much they’d pay for your old car or beg for a certain used part.

10. Ray & Bob’s Truck Salvage

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Last but not least, Ray & Bob’s Truck Salvage, a famous junkyard in Arizona, provides excellent service at reasonable rates, sourcing a diverse array of products and offering the guarantees sought by their clientele. This salvage yard is searchable by users in Phoenix (Arizona). Monday through Friday is their work week.

11. Glendale Auto Parts and Auto Wrecking

For both domestic and imported cars, Glendale Auto Parts has been the area’s top supplier of trustworthy, high-quality recycled auto parts since 1969. Owning a car is an investment, but maintaining it shouldn’t be. At Glendale Auto Components, we bridge the “G.A.P.” between new and outdated auto parts.

12. Orozco Auto Parts

Nobody knows your car better than you, and Orozco Auto Parts embraces the do-it-yourself spirit. Whether you’re a car hobbyist, newbie repairman, or an experienced mechanic, it welcomes all enthusiasts at our junkyard. Every day, Orozco Auto Parts helps people across the country keep the drive alive by providing a safe, clean, and organized atmosphere to pull your own parts at a steep discount compared to expensive auto shop prices.

Despite the decline in the amount of viable junkyards stocked with vehicles and components, these junkyards are constantly on the lookout for a good part discovery, so that you could count on them for any issue.

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