12 Best RV Parks in Georgia [Update 2024]


Are you considering a road trip through Georgia’s campgrounds in a comfortable RV rental? It is possible to see Georgia’s stunning countryside in comfort and grandeur.

If you’re looking for a great place to camp, check out this list of some of the best RV parks in Georgia that you must visit. 

1. Tallulah Gorge State Park

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Tallulah Gorge State Park is one of the Best RV Parks in Georgia

Campers ready to put their strength to the test, can ask at one of 100 passes given daily to climb the 1,000 miles to a gorge’s base (and back again, mind you). Or, you can simply bring a telephoto lens and gaze for birds of prey from the much simpler routes around Tallulah’s rim.

While there is some surrounding road noise at Lorelei State Park’s campsite, it also provides the ideal balance of accessibility to wilderness and the conveniences of neighboring civilizations.

2. Cloudland Canyon State Park

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Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland, perhaps the state’s most hazardous park, stays true to its mythical name for the multitude of bike riders, hikers, and practically every other form of thrill seeker who work their way in with its labyrinth of caverns, canyons, and animal forest high inside the state’s north end.

RVers interested in camping in Cloudland should be advised that the route leading to the park is somewhat difficult.

3. Red Top Mountain State Park RV Camping

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Enjoy your tall, chilled glass of hot tea while backing your RV into a lakeside vista with a wooden floor over Lakes Allatoona. This county park is located forty minutes away from Atlanta and serves as a gateway to a hill in North Georgia.

It used to be an ore mine that has become your fiefdom for everything from relaxing lakeside to deep forest hikes at Red Top Volcano’s campsite.

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4. Vogel State Park RV Camping

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Vogel State Park RV Camping

The Mountain of Blood. Brasstown Black. Chattahoochee. Ridge Gap is a place in the United Kingdom. Vogel, one of the earliest RV parks in Georgia, looks like the perfect backdrop for a story about a mountaineer’s grit as he travels the Blue Ridge Hills in pursuit of animal skins and a life fulfilled, honestly.

Nowadays, you can anticipate crisp summer nights and an amber palate over the forests in the autumn, as well as pastimes varying from paddling to mini-golf, which are all within a couple of hours outside the mountains.

5. Black Rock Mountain State Park

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One of the RV parks in Georgia is hidden among the Blue Ridge Mountains; if reservations are any indication of how popular this area is, you’ll like to reserve ahead of time if you want to get a place.

Expect blooms and streams (especially in the spring) once you’ve set up camp and acquired your space here at Georgia’s highest state park.

6. Skidaway Island State Park RV Camping

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Skidaway Island, about thirty mins outside Savannah, perfectly illustrates the country’s coastal ecology. Imagine your rig tucked beneath oak trees, their giant arms extending out like fingertips, dangling Hispanic moss hey, a creepy atmosphere, and your first encounter with the exotic woods and climates of the far South of the United States in general.

The ideal place to stay while seeing Savannah’s cultural treasures or the surrounding Wassaw National Natural Refuge’s unique birds–from wooden storks to migratory birds. Remember that you’ll have to have a boat to experience the latter.

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7. Fort McAllister State Park

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This Georgia Campground, nestled inside a bend in the Term indicates River not too far from historic Savannah, is centered more on the country’s history than its natural features and sticks out around some on this list for such reason.

The main actors are the surviving Confederate “earthen dam fortifications,” a sort of military security in which man reshapes the terrain by building walls out of mud and stones.

8. F.D. Roosevelt State Park

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Days in F.D. Roosevelt RV Parks in Georgia, called after the governor who helped design this with Peace Corps, is filled with guided equestrian rides and the curve of an angler’s dance classes over the waterways. When sleeping in F.D. Roosevelt, as with several state’s campsites, expects large forested sites.

9. Florence Marina

If you’re searching for a peaceful location to unwind, Florence Marina RV Park in Georgia is indeed the place to be. Lake Charles F. George, commonly known as Lakes Eufaula, is located near the park’s northern end.

Thanks to the park’s natural deep-water port, guests may hire boats, hunt, and investigate the lake with ease. Florence Beach National Forest is also a popular destination for environmental enthusiasts. Campsites for tents, trailers, and RVs are available at Florence Marina. At Florentine Marina, 41 RV campsites feature full RV hookup facilities.

10. Stephen C. Foster State Park RV Camping

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Stephen C. Foster, a few of the best RV parks in Georgia situated in south regions, known for its diverse ecologies, is a far cry from the chilly nighttime temps of the highlands or the gentle breezes of the state’s northern shore.

Imagine more crocodiles and a higher-than-average risk of mozzies instead. Even yet, visitors to this county park laud the campground’s facilities’ animals, weather, and hygiene.

11. Parkwood RV Park & Cottages

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Statesboro, Georgia, is home to Parkwood. Statesboro is a short distance from the South Carolina boundary, and Savannah is nearly an hour away. You can start with Parkwood and the first of 13 RV retiree sites you’ll look at.

This RV park in Georgia may serve as a retirement home or a popular tourist destination. As a result, you will make some friends who will remain for a long time and others who will just stay for a few days.

12. Reed Bingham State Park RV Camping

Almost close to Interstate-75, campers just love coming to this park. Offering a comfortable and remote wildlife experience, Reed Bingham State Park becomes a place of relaxation for visitors.

Animals like gopher tortoise, yellow-bellied slider, alligator etc. and birds like eagles can also be seen in this park. There is also a beautiful lake here which you can explore using canoes and kayaks.

A favorite location for RVers, Georgia offers a variety of options for getting away, unwinding, and having a good time in the heart of the Rural South. It’s easy to plan an unforgettable vacation in the South thanks to the abundance of parks and homey campers. To gather a group of people, whether family or pals, and spend time together in the great outdoors, these locations should not be missed.

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