10 Epic Hiking Trails in Georgia [Update 2024]


Pick yourself a pair of leather boots and head out on the adventure.

Trek and run across Georgia’s stunning streams, gullies, river valleys, and mountainsides on the best walking and running paths.

If you’re looking for more great hikes and camping adventures throughout Georgia, check out my list of best hiking trails in Georgia. 

1. Trek to the Black Rock Lake

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Black Rock Lake is one of the best Hiking Trails in Georgia

The Wider Caucasus is home to various animal species, although its valleys can appear desolate and lifeless at times. It is induced by indigenous people’s ancient hunting instincts and a lengthy history of shepherding.

Lagodekhi Park, Georgia’s oldest nature reserve, is the place to go if you want to see some wildlife. The hike to Black Rocks Lake is the most intriguing hiking path available Hiking trails in Georgia.

2. From Mestia to Ushguli

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It is the most popular Hiking trail in Georgia, and for a good reason: it provides magnificent natural and historical wonders, is easily accessible, and isn’t too lengthy.

The additional advantage is sleeping in communities every night, eliminating a tent. If four days of hiking isn’t enough for then, you may easily turn your trip into a longer experience by exploring less touristic regions of Svaneti.

3. Trek to Tobavarchkhili lakes

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Trek to Tobavarchkhili lakes

The Tobavarchkhili (Silver) lake is located in the Egrisi Mountains, which divide the Svaneti area from the floodplain. You must travel for at least 2 hours to get there, after which you may continue northern to Svaneti.

There are no settlements or towers along the path. Still, the unique nature – glacial lakes, steep gorges, waterfalls, herders huts, and more – more than compensates are available these Hiking trails in Georgia.

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4. From Omalo to Shatili

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This backpacking hike connects the towns of Omalo & Shatili, which are historical hubs of the Tusheti and Khevsureti mountain ranges are Hiking trails in Georgia. It is fascinating not just because of its natural beauty but also because of various historic fortifications and settlements dominated by granite towers.

The first two life is spent in the populated valley, followed by a part in the wild where you will only see shepherds, hikers, or border guards on rare occasions. The trek’s pinnacle is a passage of the 3431-meter-high Atsunta pass.

5. Hike through Chaukhi pass

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Hike through Chaukhi pass

Juta hamlet in the Kazbegi area is connected to the Khevsureti by a famous route. The towering Chaukhi massif itself with seven jagged peaks and the requirement of scaling the 3338-meter high Chaukhi pass make it appealing.

The Abudelauri lakes, on the other half of the key, are three alpine lakes of varying hues available in Hiking trails in Georgia.

If you have extra time, head north and explore the Arkhoti settlements. The top portion of this secluded valley, in particular, is well worth a visit; you can discover beautiful gorges, waterfalls, and perfect seclusion there.

6. Trek to Udziro lake

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The Udziro walk is undoubtedly the greatest in Racha, an area that is every bit as lovely as Svaneti but is sometimes neglected by tourists due to a lack of equipment and stone towers.

It begins in Shove hamlet, ascends to a tiny lake at 2600 meters, just beneath the Dolomisistsveri hill, and then lowers to Glola.

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7. From Svaneti to Racha

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This gorgeous but strenuous walk takes you to all the Caucasus’ most inaccessible locations. It follows an old route that previously connected Zeskho villages in Use to with Ghebi in Moving from one place, but which has long since fallen into ruin.

It is now totally gone, obliterated by landslides and luxuriant vegetation. The path is difficult since it runs via two high mountains and the Tskhenistskali River’s untamed valley.

8. Trekking on Keli plateau

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Starting in the beautiful Truso Valley, this hike explores the Approx volcanic plateau, a bleak, rocky area west of Georgian Army Highway.

Because this location is so close to South Ossetia, just a few people come here to hike. The trip’s centerpiece is a trip to Kelitsadi Glacier Lake.

9. From Tusheti to Khevsureti

A longer, alternate route connects Tusheti with Khevsureti. One of the few paths that directly spans the Greater Caucasus’ core ridge.

The walk follows the Tushetis Alazani valley for the first part, but after you reach the Borbalo pass, you’ll be able to spend practically two days so at the top of a hill.

10. St. Andrew´s trail in Borjomi-Kharagauli park

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The Borjomi-Kharagauli Park Is situated in the Lesser Mountains. It is known for its virgin woods, animals and built infrastructure as one of Georgia’s major national parks.

There are nine recognized Hiking trails in Georgia. The greatest among these is the St.Andrews path, which gives spectacular vistas and the opportunity to ascend Sametskhvario, the park’s highest peak.

Those who like hiking will find Georgia an ideal location. And that doesn’t matter whether you like to see its iconic sites or go on lengthy excursions in the forest. You can see why so many hikers return to the area since it is a safe place with friendly people and delicious food. So, don’t forget your hiking gear and get ready to explore!

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