12 Popular Shopping Malls in Georgia [Update 2024]


When you get your paycheck, what is the first thing on your mind? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always feel compelled to purchase necessities for my day-to-day existence. It’s possible that I’m in need of new headphones or a new phone cover. Which brings us to our next question: where can we get these things? That is completely right. It is, in fact, a mall.

Accordingly, shopping has a direct impact on our daily lives. Regardless of whether we want to or not, we must do it. Generally, though, women spend more time shopping than men. It’s okay, however, since women have been expected to care for the house and their own needs since the dawn of time.

In contrast, Georgia is a state that is home to some fantastic shopping malls that are well-known across the globe. In such shopping malls, you can find practically everything. They have a broad range of capabilities and are resourceful.

So, without any due here is a list of the top popular shopping malls in Georgia:

1. Lenox Square

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Lenox Square is one of the most Popular Shopping Malls in Georgia

Since 1959, Lenox Square has been the go-to mall for fashionistas from all over the Southeastern United States and Canada. Lenox Square, located in the center of Buckhead, provides an unrivaled shopping experience for its visitors. In front of a stunning two-story glass front, customers are greeted by full-service eateries such as The Cheesecake Factory and True Food Kitchen.

Additionally, this striking entry emphasizes the famous property’s street-side appearance, which includes a glass-enclosed porte-cochere and valet services for convenient access. Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s are among the more than 250 specialized shops on the complex. The shopping mall was founded in 1959. Lenox Square, an open-air retail mall with 50 stores, first opened its opening to the world in 1959.

Since then, Lenox Square has continued to increase and develop, attracting the greatest merchants and solidifying its position as one of the most popular shopping attractions in the Southeastern United States and Canada.

2. Atlantic Station

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Whoever thinks you can’t have your cake and eat it too? There is something for everyone at Atlantic Station, including local cuisine, boutique shopping, vibrant events and experiences. Atlantic Station was created as part of the Atlantic Manufacturing company, which first opened its doors in 1901 and has been in operation since. Jim Jacoby, the project’s developer, started putting the concept together in 1997.

Atlantic Station was built with high accuracy and efficiency, and several of the structures are LEED certified, which means they meet or exceed federal standards. The project was created to aid in the mitigation of urban sprawl and the reduction of air pollution by enabling additional humans to stay and operate within walkable distance of the majority of the items they need on a daily basis, with alternative transportation alternatives nearby to help decrease air pollution.

3. Buckhead Village District

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Buckhead Village District

The mall is situated at 3035 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Make sure you’re properly addressed. There’s just one thing more trendy than witnessing Houston’s most refined haven: actually being there and experiencing it firsthand. Bring your belongings to Grey House in the River Oaks District, whose two new high-style buildings and 279 modern units provide luxurious amenities, extravagant finishes, and enticing vistas.

In addition, everything from world-renowned designers and restaurants to world-class exercise and entertainment is practically at your fingertips. You’ve never experienced River Oaks opulence quite like this.

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4. Perimeter Mall

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The mall is situated at 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd in Atlanta, Georgia. The Perimeter Mall may easily be called the focal point of the Perimeter Business District, and it certainly is. Despite its size, the mall is well-organized, with easy-to-follow circulation.

It has the usual huge department store anchors, as well as the less typical Von Maur, as well as several retailers and a number of good options for food inside the mall. Most of all, Perimeter Mall has an aura of dignity, and I don’t mean this in an uppity way, but rather in the sense of the high quality level that it has retained over the years.

5. Phipps Plaza

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Phipps Plaza

With a 14-screen AMC movie theater and the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Phipps Plaza provides thrilling entertainment alternatives in addition to a diverse selection of retail categories. Additionally, we offer full-service restaurants and dining alternatives, such as Grand Lux Cafe and Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, in addition to fast-food restaurants that are guaranteed to please any hunger.

6. Mall of Georgia

The Mall of Georgia first opened its doors in 1999. The Mall of Georgia is a regional retail center in the Mill Creek District of Gwinnett County, Georgia, near the capital of Buford and 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. It is the state’s largest shopping mall. This retail center, first opened in 1999, is now the biggest shopping mall in the state of Georgia. We, at the Mall of Georgia, are well-versed in the desires of our customers.

There are more than 200 local, national, and international retailers in the mall that sell anything from female’s and kid’s fashion to jewelry and home gadgets. The mall is anchored by Belk, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Von Maur, among others. The Mall of Georgia’s commercial offerings include a variety of stores.

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7. The Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta

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In Woodstock, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, the Outlet Shoppes in Atlanta are the closest outlet center to the city. It is about 30 miles north of Atlanta. During the back-to-school and Christmas seasons, parking lots will be jam-packed and retailers will be very crowded. Besides the food court, there are restaurants in the outlet area as well as eateries across the street from the mall.

A few businesses have come and gone, as has been the case with most retail operations, but new ones seem to have been taking their places rather fast. They make sure that the communal spaces and facilities are clean and welcoming. Everyone will be able to discover something to their liking!

8. Peachtree Battle

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Peachtree Battle Shopping Center is situated in the Peachtree Battle neighborhood of Buckhead, as is clear from the name. Another Broken Egg Cafe, Maki Fresh, and Zoe’s Kitchen are among the restaurants in the shopping mall, which also has furniture/household goods/other home necessities (Nadeau, Ace Hardware, Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings), as well as services (barber shop, tailoring), among other things. Carter’s and Richards Variety Store are two excellent choices for families with children.

There is plenty of parking. Spend a couple of hours here if you’re eating out and need to pass the time while waiting for your food. Peachtree Battle provides “one stop” shopping for the whole Buckhead region, with over 50 tenants providing a diverse range of products and services.

Also, Peachtree Battle Shopping Center includes a diverse selection of retailers ranging from Ace Hardware to Cafe Lapin and LaRo Jewlery, among many more. It is expected to become your “One-Stop Shopping” destination in the future.

9. Sugarloaf Mills

Sweetwater Mills is the biggest value-oriented shopping, entertainment, and eating destination in Georgia. Sugarloaf Mills is a fantastic climate-controlled underground mall with over 180 businesses, ranging from children’s clothing to shoes to sports goods and everything in between.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament and Atlanta’s biggest Dave & Buster’s are two of Atlanta’s top entertainment hotspots. Located at the intersection of I-85 and Sugarloaf Parkway, Sugarloaf Mills is only a short drive from downtown Atlanta. We at Sugarloaf Mills look forward to seeing you soon.

10. North Point Mall

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Originally built in 1993, the North Point Mall had a major facelift in 2003. Since then, the majority of the mall has been well-maintained. Plenty of parking is provided in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center. Customers may find a spot to dine without feeling crowded at a dining hall with large spaces and plenty of tables, and a carousel is close.

You will have no problem finding your way around this shopping center. The mall’s layout is designed to maximize natural daylight and outdoor areas, although like with many malls, there is an abundance of confined spaces. A cinema theater is also linked to this location.

11. Ponce City Market

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Ponce City Market is a prominent retail center that has additional amenities such as a food court and a roof that provide additional entertainment alternatives for shoppers. The majority of the stores offer apparel, and you’ll also find fragrances, handicrafts, and even fine wines in some of them.

For those searching for something a little different from your typical shopping experience, the top of Ponce City Market is the place to go. In addition to traditional attractions such as carnival rides as well as a mini golf course, the roof area provides something for everyone. The views are also spectacular, although there is a bar on the top where you can get a flavor of Atlanta by ordering one of the unique drinks on offer.

12. Edgewood Retail District

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If you find yourself in the heart of the city, the Edgewood Retail District is one of the greatest places to go shopping. You’ll discover a shopping paradise only 2 miles away from the city center, complete with businesses for kids and adults alike, as well as anchor merchants and a variety of smaller boutiques.

The majority of the businesses in this area are boutiques and specialty shops, but there are a few national retailers in the area as well. This area is home to a number of restaurants, each of which serves a different kind of food. The menu includes hamburgers, Tex-Mex, and more. And that’s just the start of it. In addition, there are two shops and a seafood restaurant in this retail center.

One of the most remarkable features of this mall is that it was the location of the original Chick-fil-a restaurant, which went on to become a nationwide franchise that has since extended across the eastern United States. Of course, there are a variety of other eating places in this area as well.

To summarize, shopping malls are more than just a need in our modern lives. We need them in order to fulfill our needs and desires. So, if you reside in Georgia, be sure to visit the shopping malls listed above for a more comfortable way of living.

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