15 Most Visited Outlet Malls in Alabama [Update 2024]


Alabama is home to some of the best shopping malls and outlet centers in the country, ranging from exclusive upmarket shopping complexes to large discount retailers, both inside and out. There are several fantastic outlet malls located around the state that are sure to give some excellent shopping opportunities for the entire family.

Most of the malls are home to both national and local retailers, ensuring that no matter what you are searching for, you will find it here. Whether you are shopping for clothing, shoes, food, or even household supplies, you will find all you need at these businesses.

Take a look at the most well-known outlet malls in Alabama.

1. The Outlet Shops of Grand River

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The Outlet Shops of Grand River is one of the Most Visited Outlet Malls in Alabama

The Outlet Shops of Grand River in Leeds are located at Alabama’s crossroads. This sprawling shopping center is home to a variety of clothing, food, and housing enterprises.

Additionally, the mall features a spa and massage services. Target, Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, and JCPenney are just a few of the anchor stores that span many levels. Additionally, the mall features an Apple Store. After shopping, treat yourself to a burger or a croissant at Burgers & Fries or Starbucks.

2. Tanger Outlets Foley

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Tanger Outlets Foley

Tanger Outlets, located in Foley, Alabama, is the state’s second-largest outlet mall. Many individuals travel from other states to shop in the state because of the tax-free benefits.

Despite the fact that the mall is big, it provides a diverse enough range of merchants that you will find yourself reaching for your wallet time and again.

3. Riverchase Galleria

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The Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama, is a one-stop shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Boscov’s, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JCPenney, Old Navy, and the 16-screen AMC Theatres are among the mall’s mainstays.

This area is home to about 83 different companies, including a food court. Moreover, customers at the Riverchase Galleria can shop without paying sales tax.

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4. Shoppes at Bel Air

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Shoppes at Bel Air

Bel Air is a large outlet mall in Mobile, Alabama. This is an excellent shopping option for guests, with around 33 establishments. Previously, Sears served as the company’s primary anchor shop; Target has since superseded it. Now, there are just a few of the stores located in this mall.

5. Shoppes at Eastchase

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The Shoppes at Eastchase is a one-of-a-kind outlet mall in Montgomery that is a popular attraction for locals. The plaza, which has around 13 stores, is not your typical shopping center.

However, the shopping center continues to provide a diverse selection of merchandise, providing the mall with a diverse range. If you happen to be in the area, stop in for an enjoyable shopping adventure.

6. Patton Creek Shopping Center

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A flea market-inspired shopping center has opened near Hoover, Alabama’s Patton Creek. To satisfy your appetite more, there are Mexican and Chinese restaurants nearby.

It’s not the place to shop for designer labels, but you will discover items that are both stylish and fairly priced. Here, you may get high-quality goods at a discount and save money.

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7. Gadsden Mall

Located in the city of Gadsden, Alabama, the Gadsden Mall is an outlet mall that carries a wide variety of goods and services. Investors and companies alike are eager to take advantage of the project’s many vacant areas. Near the residential sector, this is a great place to buy, eat, and wander.

Shopping at Gadsden Premier Mall 16 & More is a blast with all of your favorite brands including Belk, Book’s-A-Million, Martins Family Clothing Store, The Alley, and more!

8. Eastern Shore Centre

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Spanish Fort, Alabama’s Eastern Shore Centre is a 62-store outlet mall. Here, you’ll find both well-known brands and more specialized shops. You could easily spend a whole day here shopping because of the enormous number of companies.

Two department shops and two restaurants are just a few of the places you may shop at this mall, which also has clothes stores for children, women, men, and even babies.

9. Bridge Street Town Centre

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Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Bridge Street Town Centre is a lifestyle center shopping mall that includes amenities such as electric car charging stations, pet-friendly areas, a lake and walking track, ATMs and public bathrooms.

The mall is massive and has a wide variety of stores that will have you coming back for more. In addition to Sears and Bosco, Macy’s is an anchor shop. Grub Burger Bar, a seafood grill, and Bonefish Grill are now up for business, too!

10. Parkway Place

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Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Parkway Place is an upmarket mall that opened its doors on October 16, 2002. The new Parkway Place shopping center is on the site of the former Parkway City Mall, which was demolished to make space for its development.

Memorial Parkway and Drake Avenue meet at the mall’s location. These anchors, along with Macy’s, Target, and JCPenney, all occupy more than one floor. There is also an Apple Store in the mall. After you’ve finished shopping, get a burger or a croissant from Five Guys Burgers & Fries or Starbucks.

11. High Point Town Center

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A lifestyle center in Prattville, Alabama, United States, High Point Town Center is located just north of and across from the Prattville Towne Center. Despite its opening in 2008, the 900,000-square-foot mall was nearly completely deserted by 2011, when it was sold at a bankruptcy auction.

For unique gifts, decorations, and other goods, this is the best location to shop. This alley’s shops sell everything from home décor to food to children’s toys and everything in between. This location’s quaint French bakery, Café Papilloma, is a great reason in and of itself to go there.

12. Western Hills Mall

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Birmingham, Alabama’s Western Hills Mall serves as a shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Aronov Realty built Birmingham’s second shopping center, which opened its doors in 1969 as Birmingham’s second mall. One of its initial anchors, Loveman’s of Alabama, became Pizitz in 1980. Also, the mall offers tax-free shopping to its visitors.

13. Florence Mall Shopping complex

Florence Mall is located in the Alabama area of Florence. Vendors have their booths set up like a flea market. You may also get your fill at Thai and Turkish eateries. Despite the fact that you won’t find any brand labels here, the clothing is contemporary and of excellent quality.

14. The Summit Birmingham

Residents of Birmingham flock to the Summit Shopping Center, an out-of-the-way outlet mall. The plaza, which is home to some businesses, isn’t your typical shopping center. The mall’s retail core, on the other hand, offers a diverse selection of goods.

Among the companies in this plaza are the Cinema Center Theater, Cash Advance, Empowered Yoga and Dollar Tree, as well as Empire Rent-A-Car, Amnesty, Ministers Jewelers, Mayflower Restaurant and Jersey Discount Liquor.

15. Eastdale Mall

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Montgomery, Alabama’s Eastdale Mall is a large enclosed retail mall with a variety of stores. With a wide array of stores, the mall is anchored by Macy’s, Dick’s Sports, JCPenney, and Eastdale Cinema, all of which have numerous theaters.

A food court and 45 different shops may be found here. This shopping center features a food court as well as Chucke Cheese’, Great American Cookies, and Flames Grill.

Since they’re so diverse and cater to a wide range of pricing points, these shopping centers provide a distinctive shopping experience. You won’t have an option but to buy anything from these shopping paradises once you get started!

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