US Obesity Rate by States [Report 2022]

Obesity means the percentage of adults with a body mass index(BMI) of 30.0 to above based on height and weight. People with BMI 30.0 to above are at higher risk of severe illness. Adults with obesity have obesity-related health problems that include hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, cancers, diabetes, etc. The discrimination against these people caused them to have mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and panic attack, affecting them negatively in their physical lives. More than $342. 2 billion are estimated medical costs for obesity-related health problems. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic obesity rate is rising.

Data of Obesity Rate by States

Here are the top 50 states with Obesity rates:

1. Oklahoma58.9%
2. Mississippi57.3%
3. Georgia53.7%
4. South Dakota52.5%
5. Alaska51.9%
6. Alabama50.9%
7. Louisiana50.8%
8. North Carolina49.1%
9. Virginia48.7%
10. Iowa48.6%
11. Arkansas48.2%
12. Tennessee47.4%
13. Nebraska47.2%
14. South Carolina46.8%
15. Kentucky46.7%
16. Texas46.6%
17. Indiana45.8%
18. Wisconsin45.7%
19. Michigan45.6%
20. North Dakota45.5%
21. West Virginia44.9%
22. Pennsylvania44%
23. Minnesota43.5%
24. Illinois43.2%
25. Florida43.5%
26. Ohio42.8%
27. Kansas42.4%
28. Maryland41.9%
29. Missouri41.7%
30. Washington41.6%
31. Idaho40.2%
32. Oregon39.9%
33. New Mexico39.6%
34. Montana39.3%
35. New York39.3%
36. Nevada39.2%
37. California39%
38. New Jersey39%
39. Utah38.5%
40. Delaware38.4%
41. Arizona37.9%
42. Maine37.7%
43. Wyoming37.2%
44. New Hampshire36.7%
45. Colorado36%
46. Vermont34.9%
47. Connecticut31%
48. Massachusetts30.5%
49. Rhode Island30.4%
50. Hawaii25.8%

Obesity risks a person’s physical and mental health. The combination of poor eating and dieting habits may cost one severely. Also, obesity-related health problems nowadays cause deaths. For example, diabetes is currently the seventh leading cause of death in the US, according to The government must spread awareness of this severe problem.

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