Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Georgia [Update 2024]


Over 230 skyscrapers have been constructed or topped out in the United States, with the tallest reaching 656 feet. In Georgia, you’ll find some of the country’s tallest skyscrapers.

From the 1980s onwards, the state underwent a rapid expansion. There are several other towers under development or in the works around the state.

The following is a list of some of the tallest buildings in Georgia, sorted from the highest to the smallest in terms of structural height.

1. Bank of America Plaza (1,023 ft)

Bank of America Plaza is one of the Tallest Buildings in Georgia

Since its construction in 1992, Bank of America Plaza has been the tallest building in Georgia, standing at 1,023 feet in the air. It is the 23rd highest structure in the United States.

There are 55 stories above ground, 24 escalators, and 1251 parking spots. An open heavy steel pyramidal and a tapering 90-foot spire stand atop the system.

The Plaza is 3.7 acres in size. It was finished in 14 months, making it one of the fastest-built structures of its scale. Advertising offices or a few retail spaces are housed in the structure.

2. Truist Plaza (871 ft)

Truist Plaza

With 871 ft, Truist Plaza became the second-tallest building in Georgia. It is the United States’ 21st highest structure. The structure is 60 stories above ground. The building was originally known as One Peachtree Center, but after a portion of it was auctioned to Sun Trust Bank, it was renamed Sun Trust Plaza.

It began construction in 1989 and was finished in 1992. In March 2008, one of the numerous buildings hit Georgia tornadoes. However, only a little damage, such as broken windows, was sustained.

3. One Atlantic Center (820 ft)

With a height of 820 ft, One Atlantic Center ranks Georgia’s third-tallest structure. It’s also known as the IBM tower. It is situated at 1201 West Georgia Street NW in Metropolitan Georgia.

Between 1987 and 1992, when Bank of America Square took over, that was Georgia’s tallest. The skyscraper has 50 levels, with up to 8 corner offices on each floor.

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4. 191 Peachtree Tower (770 ft)

At 770 feet, the 191 Peachtree Building is just the fourth-tallest building in Georgia. In 1991 and 1998, the building was named Project of the Year by BOMA. It is situated at 191 Peachtree Road Northeast in Downtown. There are 50 stories above ground, 27 escalators, and 1275 parking spots in the structure.

It is designed as a twin tower with a throne at the top of each building. The facility is on the former site Villa Majestic, a well-known Georgia resort in the early twentieth century.

5. Westin Peachtree Plaza (723 ft)

Westin Peachtree Plaza

It is Westin Peachtree Plaza ranks fifth among Georgia’s tallest structures. It stands 723 feet tall. It’s located at 210 Peachtree Road NW in Georgia. From its construction in 1976 through 1987, when One Ocean Center surpassed it, it was Georgia’s tallest skyscraper.

This all-hotel structure has 73 stories above ground, 15 lifts, and 1,000 parking spots. The system is cylindrical, having a diameter of 188 feet. On March 14, 2008, a tornado caused substantial damage to the Westin Oglethorpe Plaza. Over 100 glass were shattered, and the building’s top rocked a few feet.

6. Georgia-Pacific Center (697 ft)

The rose stone Georgia-Pacific Center shines out with its raised back facade occupying the location that originally housed the Loew’s Palace Theater for over a century. A simple plaza overlooks Peachtree Road out front at 697 feet. 

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7. Promenade Two (691 ft)

Promenade Two is readily identifiable by its tiered top, topped by a spire, and is situated just down a street below Midtown’s tallest buildings in Georgia. It’s one of a projected trio of similar structures, but it’s the only one to come to fruition.

8. AT&T Midtown Center (677 ft)

Originally planned to be placed atop the Fox Studio, a land transaction rescued the historic facility and allowed the tower behind it.

The percussive white outlook contrasts the adjoining Bank of America Plaza, with deep-set openings and a curved base meant to avoid the Metro line going below the tallest buildings in Georgia.

9. 3344 Peachtree (665 ft)

3344 Buckhead Drive is a business in Atlanta, Georgia, located in the center of the Buckhead submarket. Peachtree is the commercial and retail section of a 50-story high blended building that offers unparalleled features and accessibility that cannot be found anywhere else in the greater Atlanta region.

10. 1180 Peachtree (657 ft)

The Midtown building borders a street with One Ocean Center and Plaza Two. It is regarded as the “Batman Building” because its unusual height is 657 ft, beyond imagination.

It was done at the end of the Orchestral Center project, which was a flop. Lengthy plans presently call for No2 Album Place (and other sky rises) to be built on an adjacent site, potentially cementing the frame as a major source for Midtown’s new tallest buildings in Georgia.

For some reason, the sight of a skyscraper gets our hearts beating. Were we promised to have the ability to rise to the heights we desired? Or is it the belief that life will get better as you climb the ladder? It doesn’t matter what it is, as the world is seeing more and more towering structures being built nearly every day, we will eagerly wait and see which new tallest building make history.

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