Top 11 Tallest Buildings in Idaho [Ranking of 2024]


Idaho is a wonderful state in the United States that is renowned for its western terrain and culture. With small towns and rural villages being abundant in the state, it’s not easy to see massive buildings in Idaho, unless you live in large metro cities like Boise.

The metro cities are where the flourishing and growing businesses are setting up their offices, while all the multinational companies operating in the state are focused on expanding in Idaho’s developed cities.

You can know more about the tallest buildings in Idaho from the list below.

1. Eighth & Main (323 feet)

Eighth & Main is one of the best Tallest Buildings in Idaho

Eighth & Main is an 18-story skyscraper in the capital of Idaho, Boise. This building is the tallest tower in Idaho, and has been ever since 2014. It is where the renowned Zions Bank and numerous other businesses have their offices. Early in 2014, the building was finished, and later in February, an official launch party took place.

2. U.S. Bank Building (267 feet)

The US Bank Building, an elevated skyscraper in Boise, was once the state’s tallest skyscraper. It was finished in 1978 and restored in 2004, with 19 floors and 6 passenger elevators. The US Bank Building held the title of being the tallest building in Idaho for more than 30 years before being eclipsed by the Eighth & Main Building.

3. One Capital Center (206 feet)

In Boise, there is a massive building called One Capital Center, which is used for commercial purposes. Mountain Bell finished this 14-story structure in 1975, and now it stands over 200 feet in the sky. It was the highest tower in Idaho for 3 years, from 1975 to 1978.

Nevertheless, it is still presently the third-tallest skyscraper in the state. In the past, the highest floor of this skyscraper was used as the main office of multibillionaire J. R. Simplot.

4. Idaho State Capitol (198 feet)

Idaho State Capitol

The Idaho State Capitol is the most iconic political building in the state, as it is the home of the state government of Idaho. The initial phase of the capitol complex started in 1905, 15 years after the state’s admission to the Union. Built by renowned architects, the construction of this building was finished in 1920 for a staggering cost of $2 million dollars.

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5. The Grove Hotel (196 feet)

The Grove Hotel

The Grove Hotel is one of the tallest hotel buildings in Idaho that almost touches the 200-feet mark. This hotel building consists of 16 floors, which offer luxury accommodations and fancy amenities. The Grove Hotel was constructed in 2000, and was one of the tallest buildings in Idaho at that time.

6. The Aspen Lofts (194 feet)

The Aspen Lofts is a beautifully structured building in Boise that was finished constructing in 2009. During the time of its construction, it was not only one of the largest buildings in Idaho, but also one of the top five tallest buildings in the state. The building consists of 17 floors and numerous elevators for public use.

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7. Wells Fargo Building (182 feet)

The Wells Fargo Building is the Idaho office of Wells Fargo, one of America’s biggest banking institutions. This building was initially built in 1988, and has been around for over 30 years. This massive building has one of the largest floor-to-height ratios on this list, being just an 11-story building that is more than 180 feet tall.

8. Banner Bank Building (181 feet)

Built in 2006, Banner Bank Building is one of the finest-looking skyscrapers in Idaho. Located in Idaho’s capital, Boise, Banner Bank Building is a huge 11-story building that is primary used for commercial office purposes.

9. Key Tower (174 feet)

Situated in Boise, Key Tower is a massive 13-story structure in Boise. Built in 1963, this is one of the oldest buildings on this list, and one of the tallest in Idaho during its construction. This building consists of 13 floors and was the headquarters for the Bank of Idaho until 1981 and the First Interstate until 1988.

10. Albertsons Stadium (170 feet)

Situated in the premises of Boise State University, Albertsons Stadium is the most well-known sports arena in this part of the United States.

The Boise State Broncos play their games there, and after 44 seasons of being called Bronco Stadium, this building was finally renamed Albertsons Stadium. During 2014, the stadium was renamed after Joe Albertson, a famed native person from Boise.

11. Hoff Building (165 feet)

The Hoff Building is an historic building in the western United States, located in Boise, Idaho. Designed by Boise architects Tourtellotte & Hummel, it was constructed 93 years ago in 1930 in the style of Art Deco. Known as Hotel Boise until 1976, the building is a contributing resource in the Boise Capitol Area District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places since May 12, 1976.[9]

At eleven floors in 1930, the building is considered Boise’s first skyscraper and is the eleventh-tallest building in the city

All the tallest buildings in Idaho are situated in the city of Boise, the capital of Idaho. This makes sense when we have a deeper look at these massive skyscrapers. Almost all of them are used as offices for banks or other commercial purposes that also include hotels and sports venues.

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