Top 10 Richest Person in Idaho [Ranking of 2024]


Idaho is a small state in the United States that is known for its western ambiance, rural villages and small towns. There aren’t too massive buildings, huge stadiums or world-class hotels in Idaho, but there are many well-established industries.

The commercial offices and industrial offices are owned or operated by the richest people in the state. Although Idaho doesn’t have many billionaires, it still has some incredible entrepreneurial tycoons, who have revolutionized the industrial landscapes in Idaho.

So, these are the richest person in Idaho.

1. Frank VanderSloot – $2.7 Billion

Frank VanderSloot is one of the best Richest Person in Idaho

Frank VanderSloot is the richest man in Idaho, and is renowned for being Idaho’s only residing billionaire. This incredible man has made the covers of some of the most well-known entrepreneurial and business magazines in the world, due to his amazing rise to wealth.

Now, the CEO of Melaleuca and American business tycoon, Frank VanderSloot, is recognized all across the state for being the richest billionaire in Idaho.

2. Scott Simplot – $2.1 Billion

Scott Simplot

Scott Simplot is the son of J.R. Simpson, and is also the chairman and CEO of J.R. Simplot Company. Being born to the richest man in the state, Scott was already designated to be very rich. After the death of his father, he inherited the highest portion of his wealth and also became the chairman and CEO of the company his father founded.

3. Gay Simplot – $1.7 Billion

Gay Simplot is one of the children of Idaho’s iconic businessman and entrepreneur J.R. Simpson, who was once the richest person from Idaho with a net worth of over $3.6 billion.

With the distribution of her father’s vast wealth, she inherited a large portion of his wealth. Alongside fulfilling her duties towards her father’s company, she also expanded to phosphate mining and fertilizer production.

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4. Vivek S. Sankaran – $65 Million

Vivek S. Sankaran is the current CEO and Director of Albertsons Company, the biggest food supply chain company in Idaho, and the state’s largest employer. He graduated from the University of Michigan and then shifted to Boise, to take on the job of the CEO of Albertsons Inc. He has 13 years of experience in working in the food and drug retail industry and has been at Albertsons since 2019.

5. Sanjay Mehrotra – $60 Million

Sanjay Mehrotra

Sanjay Mehrotra is the current CEO of Micron Technology, and is one of the richest and most powerful people in the state of Idaho. Coming from an Indian-American background, the story of Sanjay Mehrotra is nothing short of impressive and encouraging. Moreover, he was the co-founder of the famous SanDisk.

6. Lisa A. Grow – $5.5 Million

Since 2020, Lisa A. Grow has served as President of IDACORP, and she has been the CEO of this company for a while now. Being the CEO and president of Idaho’s biggest electricity holding company has certainly propelled Lisa A. Grow to become one of the richest and most influential women in Idaho.

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7. Joe Parkinson (Undisclosed)

Joe Parkinson is one of the founders of Micron, the largest technology-based company in Idaho. Micron is also one of the biggest employers in Idaho, and has earned Joe Parkinson a lot of wealth.

He was the CEO of Micron for a very long time and retired from that position in 1994. During his time as CEO, Micron received funding from J.R. Simplot and started becoming one of the largest companies in Idaho.

8. Joseph Albertson (Undisclosed)

Joseph Albertson is the founder of one of the largest and most well-known companies in Idaho, Albertsons. Albertsons is the biggest food supply chain company in the state and is Idaho’s largest employer. Joseph Albertson is an iconic American businessman who was born in Idaho’s capital, Boise.

9. Doug Pitman (Undisclosed)

Doug Pitman is another of the four founders of Micron Technology, and through this company he earned his fame and reputation. Based in Boise, Micron started out as a semiconductor design company led by Doug Pitman and three others, and is now the largest tech company in Idaho.

10. Tom Werner (Undisclosed)

In November 2016, Tom Werner was appointed CEO of Lamb Weston and currently sits on the board of trustees for the company. He served as the president of Conagra Brands prior to taking the job of CEO at Lamb Weston. Working as the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Idaho for over 6 years, Tom Werner is now one of the richest people in Idaho.

Most of Idaho’s richest come from the biggest companies in the state. These founders, CEOs and business tycoons have revolutionized the commercial landscape in Idaho. The majority of Idaho’s richest live in well-maintained Boise neighborhoods, where their companies are based as well.

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