3 Ways to Find Unclaimed Money in Missouri [Update 2024]

Find Unclaimed Money in Missouri

Missouri state in US currently holds more than $900 million worth of unclaimed money or property under state treasurer.

This huge pile of cash and assets is completely disconnected from the real owners. Most of the unclaimed money or properties are the result of forgotten or discontinued safe boxes and bank accounts.

Each year this number of unclaimed money in Missouri state is getting bigger due to the Complex way of finding out the real owners and discharging the cash or property. Hence, if you take the step of finding and applying for this unclaimed money; it will make the work easier for the state treasurer department.

In this article, you will get to know about few ways to find unclaimed money in Missouri state as well as instructions on how you can apply to claim those cash or property with little to no hassle.

1. MyUnclaimedMoney

MyUnclaimedMoney is like a search engine that looks for unclaimed money under your name into every single database of all the states. You just need to put your Email and Name to get started. In addition, MyUnclaimedMoney continues the search with a gap of weeks and instantly informs you after detecting any unclaimed money in Missouri as well as other states. So, it’s like an all-in-one solution for searching your unclaimed money or property.

2. Missouri State Treasurer

This is the official unclaimed money or property tracker by the state of Missouri where you can search the entire database of this state and check where you owe any asset or not. You can start just by typing your first or last name; the search result will show the last known address, amount of unclaimed money, and a few other information. Just find your name and claim it. If it’s valid you will get the cash or property within 1-2 weeks.

3. Get a Lawyer

If you are way too busy or don’t want to deal with any of this stuff but you think you might owe a big sum of money or valuable asset then go for a lawyer. Remember, this process will cost you money (I mean a big amount of money), and hence hiring a lawyer for a small amount of unclaimed cash is nothing but insanity. Hence always check by yourself and if you see that you might get something much more valuable than the lawyer fees only then appoint a layer for a hassle-free process.

Missouri State is pretty good at giving back the unclaimed money or property to its real owners or the nominees. Hence, you may enjoy the process of getting something without even expecting it.

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