10 Best Veterinary Schools in Arizona [Update 2024]


Under the direction of a veterinarian or veterinary technician, a veterinary student or learner looks after animals at an animal hospital or clinic. If you are admitted to a veterinary school, you will be able to study how to aid animals and put an end to their sorrow.

In addition, when it comes to working with animals, veterinarians are an essential way to connect with the animals and their pain. There are international veterinary medical schools that are recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and students of those institutions are not required to go through any additional procedures in order to operate in the United States.

Arizona has some of the finest veterinary schools in the states. If you want to be one of them, then you should definitely be admitted into one of those schools. Here is a list of the top veterinary schools in Arizona:

1. Pima Medical Institute – Phoenix

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Pima Medical Institute is one of the best veterinary schools in Arizona

Pima Medical Institute – Phoenix has been committed to healthcare education for more than 45 years because it wants its students to become the finest healthcare practitioners they can be. Currently, the teachers and staff are committed to giving students the in-demand, hands-on training that employers require in order for them to succeed in their career.

Regardless, the teachers at Pima Medical Institute have years of practical, hands-on expertise to offer learners.In this institution’s real-world laboratories, both professionally and academically competent professors create genuine settings throughout the classes.

2. University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine

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University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine

The University of Arizona, the country’s one of the best universities, was founded in 1885 and remains to provide cutting-edge academic and exceptional educational services. Meanwhile, The University of Arizona heads the campus, which is ranked among the top 75 institutions in the world. The school offers a comprehensive network of undergraduate, institutional, and research support programs that will assist the College of Veterinary.

In addition, six pre-clinical courses are completed on University of Arizona campuses, arranged in three clinical semesters in a distributed system of medical training school. Medical training will be in place in 13 four-week sessions throughout semesters seven through nine. Eight of these four-week blocks will be designated “central” phases that must be completed by all students.

Moreover, a wide distribution network of primary and secondary care practices is being created across Arizona and across the country to give students a variety of alternatives for third-year clinical training, both compulsory and optional.

3. Midwestern University Companion Animal Clinic

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Midwestern University Companion Animal Clinic

The Animal Health Institute on Midwestern University’s Glendale Campus provides complete public veterinary care via three special facilities — the Companion Animal Clinic, the Animal and Bovine Facility, and the Diagnostic Histopathologic Center.

Meanwhile, the Companion Animal Clinic has 14 consultation spaces, four operation facilities, and two special rooms in its 111,800 square. In this school the students learn radiology complex with computed tomography, electronic radiology, and sonography, a dentistry suite with digital dental X-ray scanning, and physical therapy with an underground machine.

Moreover, the Animal and Bovine Facility, which covers 70,000 square feet, is dedicated to big animal healthcare, research, and diagnostics for farmers and food producers. How to learn digital radiography, ultrasonography, colonoscopy, animal experimental services, and basic medical treatment such as vaccination, and wellness checks are just a few of the services offered in this school for training the students here.

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4. Arizona Animal Wellness Center

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Arizona Animal Wellness Center began making a difference in the lives of thousands of animals of those they serve, It all started in 2004. This dedication extends to those who enter the organization’s front and back doors.

Additionally, the institution believes that the pet deserves to receive the best medical care there is, and they strive to provide services with intention and purpose. Our commitment to excellence is shown through our AAHA accreditation, our attention to detail, and our willingness to go the extra mile.

Nevertheless, the school teaches the student’s anesthesiology technicians, to provide a compassionate pain management protocol. Moreover, in this center, the doctors are here to provide the care your pet deserves and teach the students to be the best doctors for the animals who need help.

5. Veterinary Specialists of Northern Arizona

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Valley Veterinary Cardiology (founded in 2014 as a part of Veterinary Specialists of Northern Arizona) is committed to providing animals with high quality. Accordingly, this school provides all the knowledge to the students who are admitted here to be the best veterinarian for the animals.

The university believes that a team-based approach, comprising close collaboration between the primary care veterinarian, the client, and the veterinary cardiologist, is the best method to teach, diagnose and treat problems involving the heart and/or lungs. In conclusion, the objective is to teach all the students how to improve the quality of life for all the pets and help them stay healthy for years to come.

6. Scottsdale Community College

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Scottsdale CC is a public college in Arizona. With 100% acceptance, this institution offers a disciplined and impressive curriculum. Students can choose from a range of majors. The alumni can earn around $31,300 as their starting salary.

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7. Cochise College

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Cochise is a public college representative located in Arizona. Some of the most popular programs are Liberal arts and humanities, Nursing and AI. Besides these, there are many more programs and diplomas to choose from. 

8. University of Advancing Technology

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University of Advancing Technology is a for-profit institution. University of Advancing Technology’s ranking in the 2022-2024 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Colleges West, #32. Its tuition and fees are $18,966. University of Advancing Technology admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 81%.

9. Mesa Community College

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Veterinarians, biochemists, researchers, animal control authorities, and humanitarian groups all depend on veterinary professionals. Students in the Veterinary Technology program at Mesa Community College will develop a comprehensive understanding of fundamental medical sciences, animal care and management, veterinary medical treatment, and client communications and service.

In addition, students will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in veterinary emergency situations, big and small animal clinics, and other areas. The skills and information the students of Mesa Community College gain while receiving a Certificate of Completion might help students start a new profession or re-energize the current profession. Comparatively, a Certificate of Completion may be the greatest initial step into higher education because it often requires fewer course hours than degrees or transfer programs.

10. Eastern Arizona College

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Eastern Arizona College trains students for medical, laboratory, and other responsibilities that are needed for entry-level veterinary assistants. Meanwhile, the curriculum concludes with an assistant ship, which allows students to put their knowledge into practice in a real-world veterinary health-care facility.

Training in medical, laboratory, and administrative activities of a veterinary assistant is available at the veterinary assistant college. Similarly, animal biology and metabolism, nursing skills, medicinal biochemistry, and a variety of additional surgical and office abilities are all included.

In conclusion, animals are not only important for the environment but also in our personal life. So, If you become a veterinarian then you can effect real change in people’s lives. You can save the innocent lives of the animals who are suffering. These schools will help you to achieve your dream and become a successful veterinarian.

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