12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Arizona [Update 2024]


Arizona is well-known for its diverse ecosystem. You can enjoy the wildlife of the natural parks as well as the serene waterfalls. The natural landscapes are filled with beautiful and enchanting elements of nature.

In summer, Arizona is a place of bright sun and warm temperatures. In order to cool off the steam and relax in nature, the waterfalls are the best place to go to.

So, I have brought for you the list of the waterfalls in Arizona to enjoy a relaxing time.

1. Havasu Falls

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Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arizona

The Havasupai Reservation Arizona Waterfall is the first in the list of the best waterfalls. If you can look up the images on Google, you will come across the most beautiful view of waterfalls. It is popular for the hiking experience you can enjoy there.

It is safe for beginner hikers as well as a thrilling place for experienced hikers. It is near the Grand Canyon, so people visit this waterfall as a package experience with the Grand Canyon.

2. Fossil Creek Falls

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Fossil Creek Falls

Near Pine of Arizona is the Fossil Creek Falls where you can see the breathtaking view of a 25-foot pool beneath. This place is a great choice for people who enjoy cliff jumping.

Although the cliff is high, you can come with your family to enjoy the free natural park. There is also the feature of multiple swimming areas, so you can enjoy a relaxing time as you like.

3. Mooney Falls

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Mooney Falls

The tallest waterfall on the Havasupai Reservation is Mooney Falls. The height is about 200 feet of the tallest waterfall in Arizona. From the top of the cliff, you can enjoy the serene beauty of the turquoise pools.

You can also swim in the splashing waters in the temperature range of constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A plus point for this area is that, following the same trails, you can also enjoy the Havasupai Campground.

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4. Cibecue Falls

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To experience a prolonged hike along with a workout, you can choose the Cibecue Falls. You can hike for 4 miles with an elevation gain of 220. While hiking, the trail is a dirt road which enhances the natural experience. The Salt River Canyon area falls on the way. The height of the waterfall is 30 feet, so you can enjoy a breathtaking experience.

5. Beaver Falls

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If you are looking for a quieter place with less crowd, Beaver Falls is the perfect place. You can enjoy an 8-mile round trip hike. From the top, 10 miles to get to the campsite is the total adventure of this place.

The trail is filled with forest and greenery. However, this hiking level is intermediate. For those who want to connect with nature through hiking, this is a highly recommended place to start.

6. Seven Falls

When you visit the Canyon, the falls are a must-to-go place. You can enjoy the hiking of 2.5 miles and experience the serene beauty of the landscapes.  

Hikers start their journey with the destination of the Catalina Foothills and enjoy the greenery of the forests. With an elevation gain of over 900 feet, you can feel the serene waterfall area.

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7. Navajo Falls

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There are two waterfalls facing each other, named Upper and Lower Navajo Falls. The Navajo Falls is one of a kind with two waterfalls, and you can enjoy hiking for 10 miles. The campsite is nearby and there are shallow pools perfect for chilly dips. These falls are located near the Grand Canyon as well.

8. Ribbon Falls

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While you visit the Grand Canyon National Park, through the North Kaibab Trail, you will come across the Ribbon Falls. It is a secluded area where you can enjoy hiking for 16.8 miles.

For a roundtrip and elevation gain of 4,521 feet, it might take a day to reach the fall. From the Grand Canyon Lodge, you can follow a trail of approximately 1.5 miles to navigate the area.

9. Fifty Foot Falls

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The best place to take a break while you are heading to the campsite on Havasupai Reservation, near the Grand Canyon, is the Fifty Foot falls. It is a one-way path to the campsite where you can sit and enjoy the coolness of the falls. You can rest and take a dip in the secluded area of the falls.

10. Hidden Falls

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For those who enjoy hiking to experiencing the tranquility of making it to the top of the cliff, Hidden Falls is the ideal place. The cliff is about 50 feet in height, and you can safely jump into the luscious water of the pool.

The water is deep, and you can even choose stops of 30 or 40 feet to jump from. However, the trail of the falls is for pro hikers. The elevation gain is 2000 feet, and you can enjoy the thrilling view from the top.

11. Apache Falls

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One of the smallest waterfalls in Arizona is the Apache Falls, but it can give a worthwhile experience. The hike to the waterfall is only 1 mile, so for beginner hikers, it is the perfect place to start.

However, unlike the mentioned waterfalls on the list, you will have to purchase a permit that costs $30 to enter the area. It is the ideal place for those who want to have less vigorous hiking. The falls are located near the Salt River Canyon.

12. Pacheta Falls

Near Whiteriver, you can choose any trail from several tracks to enter the Pacheta falls. The location of these exclusive falls is on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. It is not just like any other waterfalls on the list. Swimming is not allowed and neither can you hike without a permit.

The height of the waterfall is about 130 feet. Only high-profile vehicles have access to the trail, so you have to collect the permit before planning to visit the waterfall.

Through the trail, you can come across a 30-foot cascade and plunge into the water to enjoy an exhilarating experience. A plus point of this waterfall is that there is a huge rope swing installed for people to enjoy an extra exciting time.

If you get the chance of visiting Arizona, you have to check out the falls in the area. You can experience a new and refreshing time in the mentioned waterfalls in Arizona. You can enjoy hiking, enjoy a serene view of nature and get to relax in the cool water bodies of these waterfalls.

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