12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida [Update 2024]


Florida has flat terrain, but surprisingly, there are quite a few spectacular waterfalls found in this Sunshine State. You might not find the typical number of waterfalls in this state compared to the other states in America.

However, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous waterfalls in the region. Due to depressions and sinkholes, the cascading waterfalls are formed. With a pristine natural environment and plenty of activities to enjoy during your visit to the waters, you will be mesmerized by these natural charming waterfalls.

For your easier navigation, below is the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Florida.

1. Big Shoals State Park Falls

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Big Shoals State Park Falls is one of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida

With white water rapids gushing along the Suwannee River, Big Shoals State Park Falls is a unique waterfall. With its 80 feet towering bluff, you can enjoy fantastic views. You can enjoy canoeing and kayaking for hours. The rushing waters makes it the best place to boat for experienced boaters with its Class III rapid flow.

From the Big Shoal Trail, you have to make a way for 4.5 miles through hiking or cycling. The park offers picturesque views and safe trails. Don’t forget to explore Mossy Ravine Trail while making your way to the waterfall.

2. Morikami Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach

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Morikami Japanese Gardens is a man-made waterfall in Japanese Gardens. This impressive waterfall is called Roji-en, which means ‘’Gardens of the Drops of Dew’’ in Japanese. When you visit this beautiful waterfall, you will not believe it is a man-made one.

The impressive sights and gushing waterfall will transport you to the tranquil beauty of Japan. To cross the cascading waters, you have to walk through a path of pine forests and bamboo groves. Surely visit this one if you are looking for a peaceful place to calm down and mediating.

3. Falling Waters Falls

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Falling Waters Falls

Cascading from a height of 73 feet, Falling Waters Falls is the tallest waterfall in Florida. From the top, you can see the water plunge into the 100-foot deep sinkhole below. This waterfall in Falling Waters State Park will refresh your body and soul with its refreshing mist clouding the cascading waterfall.

These natural falls gush the best flow in full glory during heavy rainfall. You can enjoy the scenic trail, which is about a mile long and hikers of all levels have the opportunity to have an amazing view.

Nearby the waterfall, there is a sandy beach area for you to roam around and rest. Additionally, there is also a campground in the park, so you can plan to spend overnight near the waterfalls.

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4. Rainbow Springs

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In Central Florida, Rainbow Springs is a popular visitor attraction because of its charming waterfall. You will be enchanted by the spectacular views and then plunge into the crystal clear waters.

Another great attraction for visitors is the ornamental gardens and stunning hills and, surely your eyes can never get enough of the beauty. You have to pay a fee to the state park to visit the waterfall. You can even take your dog along with you.

5. Disappearing Creek Falls

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To see an ultimate dropping into a sinkhole, visit the Disappearing Creek Falls. This creek might not be considered a waterfall, but it is a creek with a rapid flow of blue waters. For nature lovers, this place is an ultimate destination with its limestone bluffs and deep ravines.

A significant feature of this place is its karst topography which was formed due to the dissolving of soluble bedrocks in the area. To make it to the creek, you have to start your trail from the Camp Branch Conservation Area.

6. Steinhatchee Falls

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Steinhatchee Falls

Did you know the lovely waterfall Steinhatchee Falls is also the wildest waterfall in the state? It is not just a geological gem, it holds great significance in the history of Florida. You will find this charming waterfall through the mixed hardwood forests.

With a walk of 3 miles along the trail, you will notice the fauna of the surrounding region of the falls. Along with canoeing and kayaking, you can also enjoy fishing in the waters. To top it all, wildlife watching comes with the package of visiting this beautiful area.

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7. Falling Creek Falls, Lake City

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Falling Creek Falls is a comparatively small waterfall in the state. With only a drop of 12 feet, you can see the gushing waters over the limestone. The rushing flow goes down into a ravine and then disappears underground.

The little broad walk leading to the falls has a lovely view. You do not have to tire yourself to visit this spectacular place. The area encompasses 200 acres, so you can see the fauna, hike and even picnicking in the area.

8.  Hidden Waters Preserve

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waterfalls in Indiana

Are you an enthusiast of sinkholes? You can see many remarkable natural ones at Hidden Waters Preserve. The most awe striking is the Eichelberger Sink with its depth of over 100 feet. You can choose to descend to observe the scenic wonders of the sinkhole.

Another sinkhole that forms the natural cascades in the base sinkhole of Lake Alfred. To make it to the base of the sinkholes, you need to follow the blue blazes.

9. Devil’s Millhopper Nature Trail

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With gorgeous scenic beauty, Devil’s Millhopper Nature Trail has one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the state. It is located in the Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park. With a 120 foot deep sinkhole below, the cascade descends.

You can clearly get the view of the water gushing above the exposed rocks into the pool. If you are a nature lover, you can join the guided tours of the park’s geology and history.

During the monsoon, it is the best time to visit this stunning place as you can not only enjoy the heavy flow of water but also explore the dense rainforest. It is during this time that visitors can see multiple cascades.

10. Florida Trail Falls

Making your way through the Florida Trail, you will come to the beautiful destination of Florida Trail Falls along Econfina Creek. With its bluffs and ravines, this falls is an iconic waterfall of rapids. Even if this waterfall is a little fall, it is designated as a National Scenic Trail. It is a place where natural gems of Florida are found.

Along with such natural beauty, you can enjoy bird watching and exploring the geological features of the area. There are several steep inclines and declines on the trail, so remember to be careful and wear appropriate hiking shoes.

11. Weeping Ridge Falls

Torreya State Park is home to the gorgeous Weeping Ridge Falls. This state park is one of the oldest parks in Florida, dating back to the 1930s. The waters of the region feature diverse geology and botany. With its drop of 25 feet, the cascade pours tons of water.

The trail along the waterfall is rugged with its steep inclines. There is also a campground at the junction of the trail, so you can plan to camp while watching the gushing waters.

12. Lake Osprey Trail

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Lake Osprey Trail is one of the newest trails in Florida and there is the cascading waters. You will get to see the lovely birds flying above the gushing waters of Osprey.

The waterfall is located inside Oscar Scherer State Park. You can enjoy fishing and canoeing in the fast flowing clear water. One of the best features of visiting the falls is that the trail is wheelchair-friendly. You can even relax at the nearby lakeside beach called the Nature Center.

As the waterfall is fed by the waters from the springs, swimming in the water below is an ecstatic experience.

The Sunshine State offers you abundant natural charms. Among them, the waterfalls and the surroundings of the waterfalls make it to the top of the list. Featuring geological formations, cascading falls, incredible sinkholes and abundant natural beauty, you will surely have an unforgettable, memorable experience in Florida. So don’t delay further and visit these most beautiful waterfalls in Florida and b e rejuvenated.

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