10 Best Zoos in Alaska You Must Visit [Update 2024]

Zoos in Alaska

Alaska, which is located exactly at the top of the world’s northernmost point, is nothing short of a priceless gem. The state of Alaska, which is home to some of the most stunning animals and plants on the planet as well as a wide variety of both, is a true paradise for anybody who enjoys nature.

The majority of Alaska’s flora and wildlife may be found living in and around these zoos. Even while zoos and wildlife sanctuaries are open to the public and serve as tourist destinations, many of these zoos and artificial habitats have frequently served as hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for a wide variety of injured and disadvantaged animals.

Here is a list of the top best zoos in Alaska.

1. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre

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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre is one of the best Zoos in Alaska

It is considered to be one of the most significant hubs for the protection of wildlife in the entirety of Alaska. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which has an area of around 200 acres, serves as an ideal environment for the broad diversity of wild animals that can be found in this particular region of the world.

The Conservation Center has implemented a rehabilitation program for the Wood Bison species, which is regarded as an endangered species, and has ambitions to boost its number by the end of the decade. The Conservation Center is available to guests throughout the entire year, and the cost of a ticket is often close to fifteen dollars.

2. Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary Wildlife & Eagle Centre

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Regarding wildlife centers, it is held in high esteem as the crown jewel of the southeast area of Alaska. The Alaska rainforest sanctuary is the ideal spot to view the unique species of Alaska since it is home to an old timber mill, extensive salmon habitats, raptor habitats, black bears, and a wide-spread forest.

The typical length of a tour of the local fauna is around three hours, and the price of tickets is around $89 each. The sanctuary is closed for the remainder of the year and is only accessible to guests between the dates of May 3 and September 30 of each year.

3. Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition

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The Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary can be found in the Kitchen region and is well-known for being the place where the local community of black bears can be found. If you venture outside the town areas, you will be able to witness the black bears eating for the Alaskan Salmon in the adjacent ponds and lakes.

A typical tour of the sanctuary will consist of a walking tour that covers the entirety of the area. During this tour, you will see numerous species of flora and fauna in action, including herds of black bears fishing for salmon, the lush foliage of the rainforests, and numerous other types of flora and fauna.

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4. Fountainhead Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary

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Fountainhead Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary

The Fountainhead Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary in Alaska is one of a kind due to the fact that it is home to more than 15 distinct species of mammals. In this wildlife sanctuary, you will get the opportunity to witness a wide variety of mammalian breeds and species, beginning with red foxes and progressing all the way up to beavers, snowshoe hares, squirrels, flying squirrels, and even moose.

One of the things that makes this Wildlife Sanctuary stand out from others is that it features an overall trail system that comprises 14 interpretive symbols. These symbols will provide you with the knowledge necessary to comprehend how birds, animals, insects, and other forms of flora and fauna are able to survive in these environmental conditions.

5. Reindeer Farm

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Reindeer Farm

The reindeer farm occupies a space of almost 200 acres and is found in the Matanuska Valley, which is known for its agricultural production. The Williams family has been the proprietor of this reindeer for the past three generations, and a typical tour of the Reindeer firm will include innumerable sights of wild animals, deer, and the Bull Moose, which is a familiar occurrence in this area.

In addition, the Williams family has been the proprietor of this reindeer for the past three generations. The first of May through the thirty-first of September of each year, this farm welcomes guests for a fee that averages around eleven dollars.

6. Alaska Zoo

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If you look at a map of the zoos in Alaska, you will see that the Alaska Zoo is located in the most prominent spot. This is because the Alaska Zoo is often considered to be among the state’s finest zoos. The Alaska Zoo was first established in the year 1966 with a single baby elephant that was given the name Annabelle.

Since that time, the zoo has grown to the point where it now houses more than 80 different species of animals and birds across an area that is more than 30 acres and is located in the mountainous region of Anchorage.

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7. Musk Ox Farm

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This wildlife habitat was initially developed in the early 1950s as a part of a project to grow musk oxen and is located around fifty minutes outside of Anchorage. One of the wild animals’ practices that has emerged as one of the most fascinating and exciting in recent years is the musk ox farm, which was initially dreamed of by the locals living in the western part of Alaska.

This sanctuary is especially committed to the preservation of endangered species, and throughout the tour of the entire site, which lasts around forty to fifty minutes, you will have the opportunity to view various musk boxes.

8. Running Reindeer Ranch

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The sightings of reindeer, the likes of which you could have envisioned in your Christmas fantasies, are a natural occurrence in this region of Alaska and take place with a high frequency. The running reindeer ranch is home to a number of different breeds of reindeer, and it offers visitors the opportunity to contact the animals and feed them as part of a guided tour.

9. Sitka Sound Science Center

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It is one of the most well-known aquariums in Alaska, and it is home to a diverse collection of fish and other marine life. Marine life aficionados will enjoy the fantastic views that can be seen from this location in the city of Sitka.

This location offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the rich diversity of marine life that may be found in the waters that surround Sitka. Species such as salmon, starfish, and sea anemones are not difficult to find at all.

10. Alaska Sea Life Center

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After the oil leak caused by Exxon Valdez in the year 1989, this man-made facility was constructed in response to the disaster. The 115,000 square foot facility is a testament to the value of nature and the reasons why it is essential for us to preserve it.

Visitors and those working in research are able to observe many species of wild animals and aquatic organisms at this facility. It costs about $25 to take a tour, and it is open all through the year for people to come and look around.

So, if you want to be entertained, and have a great time out with your family or friends, then make sure you visit these amazing zoos in Alaska.

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