12 Best Banks in Indiana at Your Service [Update 2024]


The great state of Indiana, also referred to as “The Hoosier State,” is the location of a wide variety of financial institutions. This state is home to national, investment, and commercial banks, all of which provide customers with the most modern banking services available.

The citizens of Indiana conduct business with these financial institutions by way of deposits and loans, the terms of which are determined by the associated fees and interest rates.

So, I’ve decided to collect data and to come up with the list of the best banks in Indiana in terms of affordability, savings options and customer service.

1. Ally Bank

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Despite the possibility that Ally’s branchless, online banking structure might put clients off, the interest rates provided by Ally are unquestionably noteworthy.

According to Ally’s data, the 1.40 percent annual percentage yield on their online savings account is about ten times higher than the national average. Additionally, there are no recurring monthly fees or minimum deposits required for opening an account.

2. Chase Bank

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Chase Bank is one of the Best Banks in Indiana at Your Service

Chase provides a wide range of services, including basic bank accounts, mortgages, and investment assets. Additionally, assistance for retirement income and education funding are available.

Chase employs its very own economic consultants that can assist you with any facets of your financial life. It operates in 25 states nationwide and is the best bank in Indiana in terms of branch access.

3. Fifth Third Bank

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Fifth Third Bank

With locations throughout 12 states, such as over 100 batches in Indiana, Fifth Third Bank is a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, it might be argued that Fifth Third Bank offers basic banking services at lower costs for Indiana citizens.

To begin with, offices in a few Indiana cities provide a free checking account. Also, you’ll get access to over 50,000 fee-free ATMs around the country.

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4. CIT Bank

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The CIT Bank Savings Builder account can be opened with just $100 as opposed to the huge beginning deposits required at most other banks. Although this account’s initial APY is only 0.36 percent, and it’s not that hard to increase your yield to a tempting 0.80 percent.

Additionally, clients can earn that APY in one of two methods: keep their account balance at $25,000 or make a monthly contribution of at least $100.

5. 1st Source Bank

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1st Source Bank

The consultants of 1st Source Bank’s team focus on highly individualized parts of a people’s financial life, such as the cost of education, buying a home, and setting aside money for retirement.

Additionally, the bank’s website features an integrated advising part in which you can look for information, tests, and resources on subjects like saving money and creating a plan.

6. Old National Bank

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The ideal bank in Indiana for individuals who are trying to handle the majority of their banking transactions online or using a smartphone is Old National Bank.

In addition to the conventional advantages of mobile and internet banking, it offers a wide range of digital functions. Moreover, Old National Bank provides a variety of borrowing alternatives, services for wealth management and checking accounts.

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7. BMO Harris

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The top bank for youngsters, students and those looking for straightforward, affordable banking solutions is BMO Harris. Additionally, it provides a variety of interactive capabilities and waives the basic checking account charge for young people. For clients under the age of 25, BMO Harris renounces its $5 monthly fee on its Smart Money account.

8. PNC Bank

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PNC Bank has dedicated itself to offering outstanding service and strong financial knowledge to their clients for over 160 years in order to assist them in achieving their investment goals. This bank takes great pride in its lengthy, rich history of assisting not only their clients but also their neighbors, workers and stockholders.

9. Horizon Bank

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Horizon Bank has indeed put its customers foremost, and its goal for the future is to give you access to technology that is made to help, not hinder. In addition to financial and investment services, it offers digital conveniences that enable cutting-edge answers for your demands in private, corporate, and mortgage banking.

10. MainSource Bank

MainSource Bank, a company boasting 110 years of history, thinks that providing individualized options is important in all its services. In order to provide individuals with an opportunity to live in happier conditions, MainSource strives to forge positive community relationships and provides comprehensive corporate and personal banking services. It offers some of the best personal checking account options in Indiana.

11. Citizens Bank PLC

The Willamette Valley is home to 15 Citizens Bank Branches, spread out across 13 different communities. Discover the Citizens Bank difference for yourself. In addition to that, Forbes magazine has acknowledged that it is one of the top banks in the entire state of Indiana.

12. Huntington Bank

The city of Columbus, Ohio is home to the headquarters of the American bank holding firm known as Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. The business occupies the 26th spot on the list of the biggest banks in the country and comes in at number 521 on the Fortune 500 list.

Online banking services, mortgages, investments, loans, credit cards, and other financial products and services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations are all offered by Huntington.

Selecting a bank for your desired financial solutions is hard, but this list will help you through the way. Choose a bank based on your special needs, like if you are a student, go for a bank like BMO Harris. However, if you like online banking, then there’s no looking past Ally Bank.

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