12 Best Law Firms in Colorado [Update 2024]


Law farms provide a full range of legal services to their clients, including people, banks, and even some of the largest organizations in the world. When you’re in a tough spot, enlisting the help of a lawyer may provide you with a better understanding of your legal protections, obligations, and options for remedy.

Moreover, it’s not only about defending a client but also providing essential advice and experience to assist them in dealing with legal issues at a fundamental level which a law company can deliver.

If you’re unsure which Colorado law company to hire, here is a list of some of the best law firms in Colorado.

1. The Sawaya Law Firm

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The Sawaya Law Firm is one of the Best Law Firms in Colorado

The Sawaya Law Firm is the best law firm in Colorado dedicated to representing clients who have suffered physical impairments or other forms of personal injury due to a severe accident.

More specifically, they devote all of their time, energy, and skills to assisting those who have suffered injuries due to an accident involving a car, bike, motorbike, or work.

2. The Foley Law Firm

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The Foley Law Firm

The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs is the second-best law firm in Colorado and your go-to civil litigation firm whether you’ve been charged with family abuse or a major offense, like a student pulled over by cops for underage drinking or a member of the armed forces suspected of intimate partner violence.

In addition to listening closely to your story, they’ll go through your legal alternatives with you, and develop a plan to assist you in handling your legal problem.

3. The Laybourne Law Firm

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Laybourne Law Firm, one of the best law firms in Colorado, can help you understand the steps involved and what to anticipate in a legal case. The lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of the law, can give legal counsel and concentrate on moving through the process as quickly and positively as possible.

They have extensive knowledge in various legal fields: lawsuits linked to self-injuries and criminal defense which include defending drunk driving, evicting non-compliant renters, concealing and expelling criminal charges (including misdemeanors and felonies), negotiating settlements, and appealing audits.

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4. The McDivitt Law Firm

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The McDivitt Law Firm

For the last four decades, the McDivitt Law Firm, which has its headquarters in Colorado, has indeed been serving affected clients and the relatives of those victims with legal counsel throughout the whole state.

The McDivitt Law Firm, which Mike and Karen McDivitt established, comprises a seasoned group of attorneys, paralegals, and support personnel committed to providing their customers with attentive and exhaustive legal assistance.

5. The Gasper Law Group

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One of the most reputable legal companies in Colorado Springs, The Gasper Law Group, PLLC, represents clients throughout Colorado. This reputable legal office has been around for a long time and has built a name for itself by providing clients with counsel that is knowledgeable, top standard, and devoted to family law (divorce) and defense attorneys.

While the initial expenses of hiring an attorney are rising, they help clients afford the finest possible counsel without making them pay exorbitant amounts of money upfront and during their case by having lower retainers or even no payment plans.

6. Robinson & Henry, P.C

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Robinson & Henry, P.C. is more than simply a legal firm; it is a full-service and one of the best law firms in Colorado. They deal with real individuals, with genuine issues and real answers, in every case they take on. And, they aim to approach each scenario with a degree of flexibility and adaptation.

These are Robinson & Henry’s practice areas, and they work with their customers to deliver the best available legal solutions.

  • Insolvency
  • Disability Defense in Criminal Cases
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Migration Disputes involving Family Law
  • Laborer’s Compensation & Injury Claims Law
  • Issues with Probate Real Estate Taxes and the IRS

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7. The Harris Law Firm

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Providing more than 25 years of service, the Harris Law firm is Colorado’s biggest family law firm, with Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Englewood offices. When resolving your separation or family custody dispute, the firm’s goal is to cooperate with you to get the desired outcome.

They only deal with the following types of cases:

  • Divorce, child custody, and alimony payments to children
  • Laws governing same-sex families
  • Members of the armed forces and their loved ones
  • Adoptions
  • Domestic abuse and neglect

8. The Jones Law Firm, PC

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The Jones Law Firm, PC is staffed by a team of devoted and passionate family law attorneys and employees. They work closely with customers to decide the right action plan for their particular situation. All the attorneys and support personnel at Jones Law Firm, PC, are skilled in all facets of family law, and they work persistently and vigorously to achieve the client’s goals.

9. Kishinevsky & Raykin, Attorneys at Law

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At Kishinevsky & Raykin in Colorado, the attorneys consider that everyone is entitled to the utmost possible defense of their civil liberties. Divorce and other difficult family law issues are the focus of the company, and they are devoted to assist clients in resolving their issues and moving on with their lives.

10. Clawson & Clawson, LLP

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Injured people in Colorado Springs, Parker, Denver, and Pueblo may count on the personal injury lawyers at Clawson & Clawson, LLP to provide the highest caliber of legal assistance possible in their cases. The lawyers in this firm have far more than 120 years of combined actual law knowledge.

11. Fortis Law Partners LLC – Colorado Law Firm

Fortis Law Partners is a woman-owned, boutique law firm with a focus on emerging and middle-market companies. It was formed in 2014 when longtime friends and former colleagues Julie Herzog and Christine Lamb decided to merge their respective firms. Combining their many years of experience and shared values of integrity, collaboration, problem-solving, and dedication to client service, Julie and Christine have built a firm with broad expertise spanning a range of practice areas.

12. The Gold Law Firm

The Gold Law Firm believes in fighting on behalf of injury victims and ensuring that those who were responsible for injuries are held liable for the harm they have caused. This firm employs some of the finest and most recognized attorneys in Colorado. The Gold Law Firm prides itself on its thorough understanding of the law and on our innovative mediation and trial strategies.

For everything that involves the law, you’ll need the services of a lawyer. As a result, be selective about whom you contact for your purpose.

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