Top 10 Major Cemeteries in Idaho [Update 2024]


You may not equate cemeteries with beauty and significance, since the word “cemetery” evokes ideas of ghosts and spirits whenever you hear it.

Whether you are a native or just passing through, you may not be aware that Idaho is home to some of the most magnificent and picturesque cemeteries in the country. This state contains a number of well-known burial cemeteries, and visitors to cemeteries include more than just the deceased.

In case you ever need it, here is a list of some of the most prominent cemeteries in Idaho.

1. Rose Hill Cemetery

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Rose Hill Cemetery is one of the most Major Cemeteries in Idaho

At Rollandet, this historic cemetery was established in the year 1998. It is the final resting place of some important Idaho pioneers from throughout the state’s history.

2. Dry Creek Cemetery

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Dry Creek Cemetery

Dry Creek Cemetery, which can be found downtown Boise at the intersection of Hill Road and Boise, is widely regarded as one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. In the beginning, it was constructed as a burial ground for soldiers from both the Union and the Confederate armies.

As of the year 2021, the 12-acre Dry Creek Cemetery that is part of the United States National Cemetery system included more than 8,000 interments. Presently, in addition to being one of the largest cemeteries in the state of Idaho, this location also serves as a military cemetery.

3. Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery

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Historic burial grounds can be found at the Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery. It is the final resting place of a number of important early residents who made their mark on this city.

Early pioneers, mayors, businessmen, and veterans who fought in every military conflict in which the United States has been involved since the American Civil War onward are some of the people who are interred in the cemetery. Other veterans who are buried there include those who fought in World War II. Additionally, there is a memorial located within the cemetery.

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4. Fielding Memorial Park Cemetery

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Idaho is home to a section of the Fielding Memorial Park Cemetery that serves as a national cemetery for the United States. It covers a total area of 25 acres and had a total of 42,347 burials as of the end of the year 2020. It is one of the two national cemeteries that are located in the state of Idaho.

5. Morris Hill Cemetery

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Morris Hill Cemetery

Morris Hill Cemetery, which can be found in Idaho, is dedicated to providing compassionate care to local families and crafting personalized memorials that pay tribute to their departed loved ones. This cemetery in Idaho was established in 1978 and spans an area of 9 acres. It is a serene destination for family and friends to visit and reflect on the lives of deceased loved ones.

6. Ammon Cemetery

Ammon Cemetery is a burial ground that can be found in Idaho Falls and is surrounded on all sides by trees. The burial ground extends across acres of land and is adorned with a variety of tree species, including the maple leaf tree. At a cost that is not prohibitively expensive, the cemetery will take both conventional and modern types of grave offerings.

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7. Ketchum Cemetery

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The Catholic Church oversees the administration of Ketchum Cemetery, which is one of two funeral homes in the city of Ketchum. This cemetery has been dedicated to the solemn task of providing burial services and comfort to bereaved family members and friends for more than a century.

They provide comprehensive funeral and cemetery services in accordance with the tenets of the Catholic faith as part of the ministry that they perform for the Catholic Church.

8. Idaho State Veterans Cemetery

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Idaho State Veterans Cemetery is a military cemetery in Boise that is dedicated to the burial of service members from all branches of the armed forces. It is an exceptionally well-kept cemetery that is cared for and cleaned on a consistent basis. The grounds are also well-maintained. In addition, you have the option to go for a walk in the large expanses of greenery that surround this cemetery.

9. Pinegrove Cemetery

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Since its founding in 1991, the Pinegrove Cemetery in Rathdrum, has been providing the local community with the utmost dedication and excellence over the course of more than two decades. They have a well-deserved reputation for having well-maintained grounds, staff members who are helpful and understanding, and services that are reasonably priced.

10. Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery is a tranquil final resting place that can be found in Pocatello and spans close to 45 acres of land. The park is home to a variety of trees, including olive, palm, pine, sissoo, and oak, in addition to expansive lawns and a lake that spans 2 acres. This location guarantees a peaceful atmosphere and is easily accessible from the primary city, yet giving the impression of being on the outskirts of it.

A visit to any of these cemeteries is a sobering reminder that death is just one step on the path to a new beginning in another life. Our legacy is maintained in cemeteries that have withstood the test of time so that it may be remembered by future generations.

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