12 Major Cemeteries in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is a Southern American state that has an incredible history. At times, it has been in the center of some of America’s most iconic wars.

Although it is renowned for its mountainous terrain, stunning river shores, forests and caves, it is also home to some of the oldest and most historic cemeteries in the country. Some of these cemeteries date back to more than 200 years, and are burial sites of fallen soldiers from historic wars and noteworthy residents of Arkansas.

The major cemeteries in Arkansas are listed below.

1. Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery

Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery is one of the most Major Cemeteries in Arkansas

Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery is a military cemetery in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, dedicated to veterans. This cemetery serves the veterans of Arkansas and their eligible dependents.

It provides high-quality nursing care services and burial honors by advocacy to access federal benefits. It is one of the most well-preserved cemeteries in Arkansas.

2. Mt. Holly Cemetery

Mt. Holly Cemetery

Located in the state’s capital, Little Rock, Mt. Holly Cemetery is a historic cemetery that was established decades ago. In fact, it was designated as a national historic site in 1970, and was given the name “the Westminster Abbey of Arkansas”.

It is a burial site of many noteworthy residents of Arkansas that have left a mark on the history of this state. This cemetery stands in the heart of Little Rock, allowing visitors to experience downtown amenities as well.

3. Little Rock National Cemetery

Little Rock National Cemetery is a military cemetery in the capital of Arkansas that encompasses an area of more than 31 acres. Moreover, it consists of over 25,000 interments as of 2005.

As a United States National Cemetery, Little Rock National Cemetery is renowned all across Arkansas. It is one of the most well-organized and preserved cemeteries in the state of Arkansas.

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4. Fort Smith National Cemetery

Fort Smith National Cemetery

Fort Smith National Cemetery is a 22-acre United States National Cemetery site that had more than 13,000 interments, as of 2005. This is also a military cemetery and is one of the largest cemeteries in Arkansas, outside of Little Rock.

Situated on Sixth Street, Fort Smith National Cemetery is one of the most iconic places in the city of Forth Smith. It was initially built as a burial site for members of both the Union and Confederate armies.

5. Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery

Situated in Cherry Valley city, Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery is a military cemetery dedicated to the burial of military personnel. It is an extremely well-preserved cemetery that is kept clean and taken care of on a regular basis. You can also take a stroll around the large green surrounding areas of this cemetery.

6. Fayetteville National Cemetery

Fayetteville National Cemetery is a massive 15-acre military cemetery, located in the heart of one of Arkansas’s most iconic cities, Fayetteville. So far, it has over 11,000 military personnel and their family members interred in this cemetery. It is a United States National Cemetery, and was also designated as a national historic site in 1999.

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7. Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery is an old and historic cemetery in Van Buren, Arkansas that was built in 1816. With more than 200 years of existence, this cemetery has seen its fair share of noteworthy burials.

Additionally, it is a 10-acre cemetery which has managed to preserve some of its oldest graves, which might even date back to 150 years or more. This cemetery also includes burial sites of some of the first settlers of Van Buren.

8. Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is the most well-known cemetery in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is the oldest cemetery in the Hot Springs and was established even before the American Civil War.

Hollywood Cemetery is situated in the center of Hot Springs, enabling you to experience its downtown atmosphere as well. Some graves on this site date back to 1856; more than 150 years old.

9. Conway Cemetery Historic State Park

Conway Cemetery Historic State Park is a cemetery inside a state park in Lafayette County. This 11-acre state park holds the burial site of James S. Conway, the first governor of Arkansas.

Alongside him, other noteworthy historical figures from Arkansas are also buried in this cemetery. This cemetery allows visitors to pay their respects to those who passed away, and also have a relaxing afternoon in the state park to soak in their grief.

10. Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery

Located in Northern Lonoke County, Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery is an old and historic cemetery. This is the sight where 1,500 soldiers died in war in 1862, leading to the initial creation of this cemetery. It was designated as a national historic site in 1996 due to the historic significance it holds in the state of Arkansas.

11. Belding-Gaines Cemetery

The Bassett-Belding-Gaines Cemetery is another name for the historic Belding-Gaines Cemetery, which is located in Garland County, Arkansas. The cemetery is located 5.3 miles east of the center of Hot Springs on the north side of US Route 270.

12. Confederate Cemetery

Confederate Cemetery is a cemetery in Washington County, Arkansas, dedicated to the memory of Confederate troops. It is situated on the eastern edge of Fayetteville. The 3.5-acre cemetery was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.

When we talk about cemeteries in Arkansas, two types of cemeteries primarily dominate the list, military cemeteries and historical cemeteries. Military cemeteries highlight the bravery and sacrifices of some of Arkansas’s proudest residents. On the other hand, historical cemeteries highlight the incredible background of those cities.

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