11 Scary Haunted Places in Idaho [Update 2024]


Besides the natural charm, there is also an eerie side of Idaho. Everywhere you go you’ll find haunting legends of Idaho, each filled with spooky history. With different paranormal activity reports, the state surely has plenty of haunted places which blur the line between reality and supernatural.

If you are interested in digging in the dark and spooky parts of this state, then read this list of the scariest haunted places in Idaho.

1. Albertson’s

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In Idaho Falls, the Albertson is no ordinary grocery store. The residents of the town know of many stories of the spooky instances occurring in the store. There is said to be a ghost in the store that haunts the aisles. The figure is reported to be dressed in a checkered golf hat and wore a brown trench coat. So, the customers are often spooked into getting in the store.

2. The Crowley House

With different stories of its original history, the Crowley House remains one of the spookiest houses in the state. The family which owned the house left it after an unforeseen death occurred within some members of the family. After that, different instances were reported like flickering of the light, sudden unusual sounds and running of waters. The property is vacant now.

3. Pocatello High School

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Pocatello High School is one of the most scary haunted places in Idaho

With its eerie manifestations, Pocatello High School is a famous-haunted spot. The apparitions seen by many students and staff are well known to all.

A girl is seen roaming around the school halls late at night. The locals tried to investigate, and there seems to be a legend of a student who committed suicide 50 years ago. The vintage school bell is another spooky factor of the school that at times rings out of nowhere.

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4. Scout Mountain

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Scout Mountain has an elevation of 6,900 feet and this site also has its haunting legends. The campground on the mountain is reported to be spooky and creepy. The trails are fun to explore, but you need to be prepared for a fright. The eerie legends are scary and one of the most popular ones is Bigfoot.

5. Rose Hill Cemetery

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Rose Hill Cemetery

One of the most famous ghost tales in Idaho Falls comes from the Rose Hill Cemetery. The corpses have their own scary stories, but there are different legends surrounding the cemetery.

One of the graves is said to be of enraged souls that haunt the cemetery and the nearby area. Other famous spooky stories of this area surround the twin tombs that are said to be cursed by werewolves.

6. Cherry Springs Nature Trail

Despite its beautiful courses, Cherry Springs Nature Trail is surprisingly a haunted area in Idaho. The natural charm of the trail is beautiful in daylight but at night, there have been instances of haunting. With spikes in electromagnetic recording and different spooky apparitions caught on camera, this trail is scary among the travelers and locals.

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7. Massacre Rocks State Park and the Fort Hall Bottoms

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If you search for the word “Water Babies” in any search engine, you will find the eerie legends. The supernatural story of this legend is that children were kidnapped and devoured in cold blood. And the cries of the babies are heard in the surrounding areas of Massacre Rocks State Park and the Fort Hall Bottoms. The latter is off limits because of the reported incidents.

8. Ammon Cemetery

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In Ammon Cemetery, the stories of a little girl haunting the area are spread among the residents. People have witnessed the girl climbing the tree and even waving to passersby. Creepy, isn’t it?

Also, there have been reports of handprints on fogged car windows when passing by the cemetery. Some people who experimented with the place reported that they felt anxiety and an eerie feeling when they crept at the entrance of the cemetery.

9. Brady Memorial Chapel

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Brady Memorial Chapel

A place you should not dare visit at night is the historic Brady Memorial Chapel. Built in 1918, this chapel is said to be haunted. It has the tomb of the late Idaho governor and U.S. Senator James H. Brady, who is said to be the ghost that haunts the chapel. Even though the chapel is breathtakingly beautiful, it still remains haunted.

10. Old Idaho Penitentiary

It is claimed that the executed inmates of the Old Idaho Penitentiary haunt the place. It is said that tormenting screams can be heard at night which are very creepy. Former inmates heard laughing, talking, whispering and even saw apparitions. The cell blocks in some sections are supposedly more haunted.

11. Idanha Hotel

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Built in 1890, the Idanha Hotel is a haunted place where you wouldn’t risk staying. According to rumors, a bellman of the hotel was killed in the place for which residents have reported sightings of a spooky ghost in a bellman uniform. Despite the beautiful apartments, the hotel remains empty or scarcely booked because of the haunted instances.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Idaho has a long history of paranormal activity which can be seen from the haunted places that are still standing for years. From this list of haunted places in Idaho, you can discover many stories of these places’ dark past as well.

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