Top 12 American Cheese Brands [Update 2024]


No matter how it’s used, American cheese is a classic. It can be found in anything from sandwiches to hamburgers to omelets.

It’s salty and sour, cloggy and satisfyingly creamy, all at the same time. It should come as no surprise that the finest produced American cheeses are ones with the fewest number of chemicals.

Today I have brought you a list of some of the best American cheese brands that are worth tasting!

1. Arethusa Dairy

Arethusa Dairy is one of the best American Cheese Brands

The adjoining farm was purchased by two former Prada Blahnik managers who exchanged SoHo for the Connecticut Hills to rescue it from development, not to start a little dairy empire, but that’s precisely how it turned out & the best American cheese brands.

Cheeses like the mountain-style Jumping Reeve and the creamy, British-style Arethusa Blues have become area favorites in the twenty years since their serendipitous decision.

2. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher's Handmade Cheese

Can’t you seem to locate an American cheese to fulfill your demands for the real deal? That’s on you by now — you’re never far off from something excellent, from the East to the Midwest to the West Coast.

The Flagship and Signature Reserve cheese from this Northwest expert, known for their screen operation in the heart of Portland’s Pike Place Market, elevate the classic style, resulting in a recognizable, crumbly cheese that’s also gracefully creamy and delightfully melty American cheese brands.

3. Belle Chevre

Tasia Malakasis, a Huntsville resident, went to New York to learn about the beautiful goat cheeses being created right in her backyard. Malakai’s returned to the modest creamery in 2007 and transformed it into a regional competitor. Her vibrant chèvre cream cheeses and fresh spreads have become Southern staples.

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4. Cato Corner Farm

Cato Corner Farm

This modest family farm, whose mother and son pair Elizabeth MacAlister & Mark Gillman work marvels with milk products from their hardworking. Still, the joyful herd of Jersey cows produces some of the most popular American cheese brands at New York City’s Grand Central Greenmarket.

Also, MacAlister has been at it for almost forty years, and in the 1990s, he started messing with cheese to keep the farm afloat.

5. Landmark Creamery

It may seem risky to aim for a queen like Ossau-Iraty, the famed aged sheep’s milk cheese first from the French Basque area, but that’s how Anna Landmark & Anna Thomas Bates prefer to work for the betterment. Their scrubbed Anabasque is a fantastic illustration of Wisconsin cheese making’s progress, where everything seems to be possible.

6. Cascadia Creamery

John Shuman and Marci Ebeling create award-winning organic milk samples cheeses, aged through natural lava tube caves, just beneath the mighty Climb up Adams, right just on the divide between the 2 Northwests, the interesting, green, wet one and the drier, sunnier one, where so much of the country’s agricultural work is accomplished.

Cloud Cap has become a Northwest artisanal classic, with its creamy yet firm bloomy-rind beauty matured between 60 and 75 days.

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7. Capriole Farmstead

Judy Schad traded in her lifestyle for an 80-acre farm in deep southern Indiana. She started messing with goat’s milk during the American cheese dark ages.

Today, the pioneer Schad is renowned as the manufacturer of one of the state’s most treasured goat cheeses, its ash-seamed, wrinkled, beautifully aromatic Sofia, one of the greatest American cheese brands currently made in the Midwest, some forty years later.

8. Firefly Farms

dairy farms in Iowa

This creamery, high in the Appalachians, uses goat milk drawn from local farms to make cheeses that have earned Mike Koch and Pedro Solanet’s small but strong company awards.

You won’t find a semi-firm, tangy, and well-aged American cheese brand like Cabra la Mancha each day, at least not yet. The as-fresh-as-snow chèvre is a must-try in the region.

9. Chaseholm Farm

Most, if not all, of New York’s Hudson Valley’s cheese demands should be met locally, especially when it comes to one of those rich, American triple crème soft cheeses made famous just on the West Coast.

Nimbus, a big little disc of buttery, pinkish-purple rind beauty from Sara and Rory Chase, is a wonderful addition to the genre, aged 6-8 weeks to provide the cheese time to mature.

10. Cypress Grove

Would it be surprising that one of the most well-known, contemporary, artisanal American cheese brands, Humboldt Fog, originated as a kitchen experiment in North California? In the 1970s, Mary Keehn began raising goats and founded Cypress Grove just a few years later. That instantly recognized ash-veined wedge is still a fixture of many fancier cheeseboards today—it’s one that started it all.

11. Horizon Organic American Singles

Made with organic non-fat milk, the Horizon Organic American Singles are a delicious and healthy substitute for regular cheese slices. Individually wrapped and ready to use, these American singles taste great with sandwiches and burgers.

12. Borden American Singles

Borden® Cheese is produced by Dairy Farmers of America, a global dairy cooperative of more than 12,500 family farmers. That means the people responsible for producing Borden® are farmers who might be local to you, living just down the road.

I have provided a variety of cheese brands to choose from, whether you’re a hardcore cheddar enthusiast or just curious about blue. So gather your favorite cheese combinations and research which cheese brands you really must try next.

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