11 Creepy Ghost Towns in Delaware [Update 2024]


Delaware is one of the first settled areas in the U.S. Along with fascinating history, the state also has plenty of old buildings and towns which can be found across different areas. Despite the fact that these locations are abandoned, each one has a unique version of history to tell.

So let us find out the interesting yet creepy ghost towns in Delaware.

1. Glenville

Glenville is a quaint neighborhood in Delaware located near Red Clay Creek. This ghost town can be considered a subdivision rather than a town itself. Due to the hit from different natural disasters, the town earned the title of ghost town after the residents abandoned the area.

In 1999 and 2003, tropical hurricanes hit and most of the homes have been vacant since then. There are still foundations and street remnants, but the state has planned to demolish them soon, so you need to visit here as soon as possible.

2. New Market

New Market is the best ghost town to visit during autumn when the colorful leafy vibe will enchant you. In Sussex, between Ellendale and Milton, this ghost town is covered with beautiful old trees and little houses.

The Church cemetery located at the intersection is still a prominent landmark of the town. In recent years, some small ranch homes have been built in the area but most of them aren’t occupied yet.

3. Owens

Known as Owens Station, Owens is a wonderful ghost town in Delaware. Previously, because of the railroad, the town was full of bustle. But after the operations of the railroad stopped, the tracks were removed and the town slowly lost its lively vibe. If you visit the town, you won’t find railroad tracks, but there still remain lovely houses that have been abandoned for many years.

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4. Banning

If you go to the Cedar Creek Hundred, you need to go to the small ghost town nearby called Banning. It is located between Greenwood and Ellendale in Delaware. Similar to Owens, this town was full of life when the railway ran. But after the tracks were removed, the town was abandoned gradually.

5. Zwaanendael Colony

Zwaanendael Colony is one of the most Creepy Ghost Towns in Delaware

Did you know that Zwaanendael Colony was the first settlement in Delaware? In 1629, two Dutchmen bought land by the Delaware River and opened a chamber. Later, the colony was formed, but it did not last long as a settlement.

Due to conflict between the local Indian tribe and settlement residents, the town was abandoned, and a monument, Zwaanendael Museum, was built in 1931, to commemorate the colony.

6. Saint Johnstown

In Sussex County, Saint Johnstown is a quaint ghost town. Once a bustling city of business and merry people, the town is now abandoned after the railroad of the area became unused. The previous owners of the old buildings did not reside on the land and the small town’s liveliness gradually disappeared.

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7. Woodland

Located on the Nanticoke River, Woodland is an unincorporated community. Presently, the town’s Cannon’s Ferry, also known as the Woodland Ferry, is listed as one of the historical places on the National Register of Historic Places. The town is uninhabitable, but you can go and explore this historical ferry area.

8. Wilmington’s Bancroft Mills

Wilmington's Bancroft Mills

Wilmington’s Bancroft Mills in Delaware is a fascinating yet creepy place to visit. But there are many things to see in the mills of the town. Dating back to 1787, the mill was started the same year the state was established along the Brandywine River.

You might get an eerie feeling when you visit the area because since 1961, the buildings of the mills and nearby have been closed down. Due to multiple fire occurrences, the mill was abandoned and remained unmoderated since then.

9. Woodburn Mansion

(View on Map)

It is believed that Woodburn governor’s mansion is the most haunted place in Delaware, having historical attractions. This building was built in 1970.

In 1815, it was reported ghost sighting first. It is a beautiful house with small gardens.

10. Millsboro’s Abandoned Mills

Delaware’s Millsboro has plenty of abandoned mills and buildings. The town was popular and gained an economic name because of the 15 operating mills. Because of the convenient location by the Indian River, the mills were perfectly operated in the town.

Over time, the buildings were not maintained properly, and they started falling apart. Currently, the ruined buildings present themselves as intriguing locations to explore, and you can also see mills built in traditional style as well.

11. Woodland Beach

Woodland Beach

An unincorporated community in Kent County, Delaware, is the stunning Woodland Beach. Although presently it is being developed, some town areas of the beach are abandoned.

Some parts of the town still have hotels, restaurants and other amenities. But the part where the railroad remains non-operated, the abandoned sections; creepiness of those isolated places will fascinate you more.

Each of the abandoned towns has their own unexplained or haunting past. With this list of the ghost towns in Delaware, you can decide whether you would want to explore them or not.

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