Top 10 Highest Mountains in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is a popular state for its high peaks with breathtaking views. With the Ozarks as one of the largest mountain ranges between the Appalachians and the Rockies, Arkansas has several high mountains.

You can experience spectacular views and enjoy activities like hiking, camping, wildlife watching and more. Before embarking on the journey, here is the list of the highest mountains in Arkansas for you to plan from.

1. Mount Magazine Mountain (2,753 ft.)

Mount Magazine is one of the highest mountains in Arkansas

The tallest peak in Arkansas is Mount Magazine, which boasts two summits- Signal Hill and Mossback Ridge. Locals in Arkansas love the sweeping views from this unique spot. There are several trails for hiking and remarkable wildlife to explore. For campers and hikers, it is a must-to-go place.

You can even enjoy hand-gliders launching off the mountain as a fun activity for family. There is a state park where you can enjoy rock climbing, pavilion picnics, and a visitor center. The mountain region is vast, and you can observe the natural diversity of the mountain range.

Nearby is the Lodge at Mount Magazine where restaurants, business center and game rooms are available, along with 60 guest rooms.

2. Rich Mountain (2,681 ft.)

Second on the list is Rich Mountain at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. You can enjoy the wonderful views of scenic natural beauty along the Talimena Scenic Byway and tour around the mountain.

A wow factor of this place is that it does not have much human development, so you can connect with nature. However, you can enjoy delicious meals in the Castle in the Sky Lodge, a renovated place to enjoy the scenic views from the restaurant.

There is also an inn and park, but you might have to struggle with booking as limited access is available. You can enjoy the intriguing stories of the lodge and mountain history related to the young queen from the Netherlands.

3. Poteau Mountain (2,661 ft.)

Located in Sebastian County, hidden deep within the Poteau Mountain Wilderness is Poteau Mountain, which is the third-tallest mountain in Arkansas. This area is covered in dense pines and hardwoods and has been congressionally designated by the state in 1984.

You might be intrigued to know that the region was popular as a hunting ground for the Osage Tribe and is presently home to a few tribes. The area is remote and has a rustic effect because of which there are no maintained trails for hikers.

Nevertheless, if you are one of those adventurous, nature – loving people, you should definitely visit to connect with the raw and serene natural area.

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4. Black Fork Mountain (2,661 ft.)

Another congressionally designated wilderness area that is home to the fourth-tallest peak in Arkansas is Black Fork Mountain. The wilderness of this mountain area spans across the Arkansas and Oklahoma state line.

An interesting fact is that the Black Fork Mountain Wilderness is tied with Poteau Mountain, which is the third-highest mountain in Arkansas. Even if the region is accessible, it has been preserved as a rustic and isolated region, so you might have trouble finding hiking trails.

Furthermore, for those who are looking for a me-time in these remote areas, you can visit the area for incredible views and peaceful solitude.

5. Boston Mountains (2,463 ft.)

Located in the southernmost part of the Ozarks, Boston Mountains connect the Arkansas River Valley to the highlands of north-central Arkansas. It is easily accessible with a beautiful scenic drive across the Boston Mountains scenic Loop between Fayetteville and Alma. A fascinating fact about this mountain’s high summit is that there are five unnamed peaks and among all the peaks, Turner Ward Knob is the highest peak with 2560 feet of elevation. This mountain is home to several headwaters, including the White River, Buffalo River and more. The whole area is home to vast swaths of protected land, but you can visit and explore free of charge.

6. Petit Jean Mountain (2,441 ft.)

Petit Jean Mountain

Located amid Arkansas’s first state park- Petit Jean State Park is Petit Jean Mountain. You have to travel around 5.5 miles from the Petit Jean and the Arkansas River.

If you want an exciting and relaxing experience, this region around the mountains is the best place as the state park is packed with a bunch of activities, including hiking, swimming, camping and more. There are more than 20 hiking trails that view breathtaking views of meadows, canyons and forests.

The best part of the mountain range is the 95-foot Cedar Falls that will amaze you with its cascading clear water flow.

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7. Whiting Mountain (2,320 ft.)

Whiting Mountain is situated in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. The area around the mountain encompasses more than 2500 acres of oak woodland canyons and vast grassland hills.

You have to be extra careful with the steep slopes of the coastal scrub part of the hiking trail while climbing towards the peak.

Throughout the mountains, you can observe different rock formations and be enchanted by the abundance of wildlife. It is an ideal place to visit family and friends as the park is well-developed and hosts many visitors year-round.

8. Shepherd Mountain (2,310 ft.)

If you want to see a breathtaking view from the peak of 2310 feet, Shepherd Mountain is your destination, located between the Appalachians and the Rockies. The trail to the peak comes with challenges of steep and gnarly pathways.

This region around the mountain is popular and highly recommended by bike enthusiasts. The loop trail is best for moderate mountain biking. This year-round accessible region is visited by hikers and bikers for a relaxing natural trip.

9. Horn Mountain (2,203 ft.)

Did you know that Horn Mountain is the birthplace of many of Arkansas’s streams and rivers? The bluffs of the Buffalo National River and several other streams and rivers gushing pure water falls from the Horn Mountains’ peaks 7 and 9. It is located in the Boston Mountains and you can come across ancient Pedestal Rock formations.

The trail towards the peak falls under a preliminary hiking route, so for family hiking or beginner’s hiking, this area is best to visit during summer and spring. You can have an adventure – packed trail and explore the natural beauty of this mountain endlessly.

10. Deckard Mountain (1,812 ft.)

The last mountain in Arkansas that made it to the top-10 list of the tallest mountains is Deckard Mountain, located north of Jessievillie. The mountain provides water flow to many areas of Ouachitas and the area is an ideal habitat for wild turkeys.

Deckard Mountain is famously known as the prime turkey hunting area with over 7400 acres of vast walk-in land to explore. The mountain ranges have beautiful forest and abundant wildlife.

If you visit this mountain territory of Arkansas, you can enjoy camping, kayaking, water activities, mountain biking and more, besides hunting and fishing. Thus, this region is surely an excellent choice for visiting any time of the year.

Arkansas is well-known for being the state with the tallest natural mountains. You can have an ecstatic experience when you visit the highest mountain in Arkansas because of the peak’s splendid views. Don’t wait further!  Visit these mountains and connect with Arkansas’s nature.

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