11 Wonderful Hiking Trails in Idaho [Update 2024]


Idaho remains one of the best places for outdoor lovers to enjoy the ultimate adventure. There are too many attributes of Idaho that make it the adventure hub in the United States, and hiking is one way to experience that.

Looking for the best hikes in Idaho? Then I am here sharing with you the best hiking trails in Idaho that you need to add to your bucket list and later make sure you tick them.

1. Tin Cup Trail

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Tin Cup Trail is one of the most Wonderful Hiking Trails in Idaho

Tin Cup Trail is one of the most famous backpacking circuits in the state located in the Sawtooth Mountain Range. One of the reasons why it remains a popular backpacking circuit is because of the breathtaking beauty of the Toxaway Loop, that you will find beyond Alice Lake.

The route is found after a few miles of Stanley’s south. While you hike, you can explore the meadows, small ponds, forests, and peaks, so you can imagine why it is so popular. If you plan a 2-3 day backpacking trip, then you can explore most of the trail area.

2. Iron Creek Trail

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Iron Creek Trail

Iron Creek Trailhead is located by Goat Lake, and due to the steep trail, it will take about 2 hours to hike through the alpine wonderland. The quaint lake is comparatively small, but its dark blue waters will enchant you. However, the hiking trail is quite strenuous with its high elevation gain.

After a tiresome hiking spree, Goat Lake is the perfect place to take a swim. While you swim, you can view the incredible views of the mountains surrounding the lake.

3. Borah Peak Trail

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For one of the best hikes of your life, you have to try out the Borah Peak Trail. The Borah Peak is the highest peak in Idaho, so for those who are looking for a challenging hiking trail, this is it. It takes 8 to 12 hours to complete the hike. So, when you plan, you need to start it right at dawn to make it back before night.

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4. Scotchman’s Peak

Located just outside of Sandpoint, Scotchman’s Peak is one of the most popular peaks in North Idaho. Here, you can enjoy the panoramic views while you hike. After hiking, you will end up viewing Lake Pend Orielle.

The expansive beauty of the mountains is another addition to the trail which makes it one of the best hiking experiences. So you can say that, even with 3700 feet of elevation gain, the peak is worth reaching after the exhausting trail.

5. Goldbug Trail

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In central Idaho, hot springs are particularly popular. Through hiking using the Goldbug trail, you can enjoy the hot springs, which are one of a kind. The ascending rocky staircase and sage brush hillside are notable features of the trail. Moreover, if you enjoy exploring the wildlife, then there is another reason why you should hike through this trail.

6. Stevens Lake Trail

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Stevens Lake Trail

One of the hidden gems of North Idaho is Stevens Lake Trail. This extraordinary trail runs through the lush Panhandle National Forest. The trail is narrow but not too long.

The emerald green mountain lake that you can oversee from the trail is truly one of a kind beauty that you cannot forget. You can even swim in the lake after the trail on the summer days.

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7. Meadow Marsh Trail

Right in the beautiful Ponderosa State Park, you will find the Meadow Marsh Trailhead. For a lush and quiet getaway, this trail is ideal. You will not be able to camp, but if you hike within the borders, you can manage to set up some time for camping as well. The trail is only 4 miles, and after you reach the end of the trail, you can enjoy the stunning sunset.

8. Palisades Creek Trail

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Southeastern Idaho’s Palisades Creek Trail is a very popular trail for its stunning mountain scenery. After traveling a few miles from Wyoming, you can find the trailhead. As the trail is located in Caribou-Targhee National Forest, one of Idaho’s best national forests, it has the best views. You can also find campgrounds and picnic areas alongside the trail.

9. North Crater Trail

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If you want to explore Southern Idaho, you need to hike through the North Crater Trail. The dormant lava situated in the area makes it one of the must-go places.

There is a connector trail that will lead you to the Lava Flow Campground, which is one of the ideal places for camping in Idaho. The molten environment is intriguing and the hiking is one-way, which is about 3 miles long.

10. Heyburn State Park

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The oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest is home to many devoted campers who continue to visit the park on a constant basis, year after year. There is a well-known trail called the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s that runs right through the middle of the park, and Lake Chatcolet is also right there, pleading to be explored. So, you can do a lot of things in Heyburn State Park before you spend the night in your tent.

11. Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail

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Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail has about 700 feet of elevation gain and is about two miles’ hike. While hiking, you can explore and witness the flora, fauna and nature of Idaho.

Idaho is bottled up with gorgeous landscapes, thrilling adventures and untouched natural charm. To coexist with nature, you need to explore the wonderful hiking trails in Idaho and challenge yourself. And finally when you visit the listed trails, you will be able to soak yourself in the true glory of nature.

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