11 Junkyards in Iowa You Can Explore [Update 2024]

junkyards in Iowa

Some people find junkyards to be an eyesore due to the rusty metal and abandoned pieces, but for those who are passionate about automobiles, junkyards are paradise. While most individuals just want to get rid of their old, broken-down automobiles, junkyard owners are actively on the lookout for them.

Most junkyards in Iowa follow environmental rules and land-use practices, which are ranked as some of the best junkyards in Iowa below for customers.

1. Sunline, Inc.

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Sunline, Inc. is one of the best junkyards in Iowa

Citizens in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding region may visit this junkyard to peruse a massive inventory of used vehicle components. It is the No. 1 junkyard in Iowa for customers. You may reach them through regular phone, free phone, or email. Sunline, Inc. is open for business Monday through Friday.


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This junkyard serves Des Moines and the surrounding region by stocking a massive inventory of used auto components. You may reach them by email or phone. Monday through Friday are business days at SMITTY’S CAR PARTS.

3. Doug’s 4-Wheelers, Inc.

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Doug's 4-Wheelers, Inc.

Contacting a local car wrecking yard is a great option for saving hundreds of dollars on OEM-compatible auto parts in the Pella area. They’re available to serve you from Monday through Saturday. It is the no. 2 junkyard in Iowa.

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4. Reuter construction and salvage

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Located in close proximity to Maquoketa, Iowa, this junkyard provides its customers with a professional level of service, as well as a wide selection of high-quality items at competitive prices. You may reach them through phone or electronic mail. It is the no. 4 junkyard in Iowa.

5. Meyers Auto Parts

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Meyers Auto Parts

Do you have a classic automobile or are you on the hunt for used auto parts? We recommend getting in touch with this scrapyard because of its enormous selection. If you want to know more: Meyers Auto Parts is open every day of the week.

6. McConnell Auto Sales Inc.

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People living in Anamosa and the surrounding region have access to a massive inventory of salvaged auto parts. You may get in touch with them by email or via phone. Additional resources: They put in long hours every day of the week.

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7. Kar Parts LLC

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Residents in Garner and the surrounding region may visit this salvage yard to browse a huge selection of used vehicle parts. Either a phone call or an email will get you through to them. Their business hours are between Monday and Friday.

8. Heavy Metal Recycling

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Established in Guttenberg (Iowa), this company is dedicated to serving local customers with only the finest automobile components. You may reach them by phone or email if you need an appraisal for your used car or have a particular used item in mind.

9. Karz LLC auto salvage

This wrecking yard provides those living in and around Ottumwa with easy access to a wide variety of usable salvaged vehicle parts. Both email and a phone number are provided for getting in touch. For more reading: They put in long hours every day of the week.

10 . Boyes Auto & Truck Parts

Location: In or around Dubuque (Iowa). Its core offering is the selling of auto parts at the lowest costs in the vicinity, but without sacrificing any of the modern-day assurances that customers expect. You may reach them through phone or electronic mail if that’s more convenient for you.

11. Bills Auto Salvage

Founded in 1999, Bills Auto Salvage has been a Family owned and operated business in Conesville, Iowa. It is a full service Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal recycler/processor. It offers very competitive pricing for your scrap metal, automobiles and precious metals.

In my opinion, these junkyards mentioned are the best in the state of Iowa, and you should definitely look them up before making a visit.

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