12 Amazing RV Parks in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Are you planning a vacation in the parks of Arkansas? Bothered whether to take your RV or not?

RVs are a great mode of transport for travelling, camping and so on. Here I have a list of the best RV parks in Arkansas for you.

1. Willow Beach Recreation Area & Campground

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Willow Beach Recreation Area & Campground is one of the best RV parks in Arkansas

To start, Willow Beach Recreation Area & Campground is at the top of the list as the best park to visit with an RV. This site is a great recreational park located near David D.

Terry Lock and the Dam of the Arkansas River. You can enjoy your camping amid the natural beauty. You can enjoy the views and have easy access to the river through your RV.

2. Denton Ferry RV Park & Luxury Cabin Rental

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Denton Ferry RV Park & Luxury Cabin Rental

If you have a substantial budget, the right place to enjoy the luxurious camping style is Denton Ferry RV Park & Luxury Cabin Rental.

You can park your RV along the riverside and enjoy the beauty of Ozark Mountains. The 27 in-land pull-thru sites give you different views and a comfortable stay. The cabins are furnished and right along the banks of the White River to enjoy nature’s beauty.

3. Wanderlust RV Park & Cabins

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 RV Park & Cabins

Another luxurious site to visit with an RV is Wanderlust RV Park & Cabins. You can get the best of both worlds while visiting the sites.

The town near Eureka Springs and the natural beauty of the Natural State of Arkansas. There are cabins available for renting that are equipped with facilities for visitors.

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4. Downtown Riverside RV Park

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Searching for a place to go with your RV and have a great time roaming around? Downtown Riverside RV Park is just the right place for you.

Located on the banks of the Arkansas River, near downtown Little Rock, you can enjoy nature as well as have a myriad of things to check around in the city. It is the perfect place to enjoy shopping, live music and eating in the Joints. You can take your bicycle with you in your RV to ride along the bank of the river.

5. Buffalo National River Park

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To enjoy the outdoors with your RV, Buffalo National River Park is a place that you can opt to visit every year. It is situated on a privately owned camping ground near the Ozark National forest. You can have a dip in the cool water of the river and go camping in the beautiful area to enjoy the breathtaking view.

6. Greer’s Ferry Lake

Cliff jumping is truly a memorable experience for most. If you want to ride your RV in a place from where you can try cliff jumping, Greer’s Ferry Lake is the perfect site for you. It is located in North Central Arkansas. This can turn out to be your favorite campsite due to the primitive and secluded experience with a picturesque view of nature.

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7. Lake Ouachita National Forest

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To have a one-place destination with multiple places for recreational activities, Lake Ouachita National Forest is a site to visit while travelling in your RV.

You can camp, paddle through the river, hike along the quiet trail and enjoy me-time. For those who enjoy hard climbing experiences, you should try to visit the Jack Creek to enjoy it the fullest. However, no motor access is allowed past Shady Lake, so you need to park before you start your hike.

8. Mount Nebo State Park

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Planning to use your RV to go to a natural and exotic place? Mount Nebo State Park is your best option to relax and camp amid nature. It is a great spot to take small RVs.

You can bike and hike along the trails of Mount Nebo. The camping site includes various leisure activities like swimming to swim, pavilions to interact and picnic spots for all.

9. Lake Catherine State Park

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In this list, the place that is ideal to visit with your children is Lake Catherine State Park. You can take your whole family in your RV and have a splendid picnic on the site. It is located beside a small lake in Little Rock.

You can have the option of doing various activities like playing around, canoeing and kayaking in the river. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains of Arkansas.

10. Lake DeGray

Lake DeGray which you can visit with your RV at least once. The campgrounds in the area are peaceful and easily accessible. You can enjoy privacy in a secluded area and camp on the site. There are thick forests and a lake to enhance your bonding with nature. You can park your RV near the lake and lazily enjoy the serene beauty of the nature of Arkansas.

11. Gamaliel Campground on Norfolk Lake

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Gamaliel Campground located on the Norfolk Lake is one a kind site to visit with your RV and enjoy the nature. There are truck trails, RV parking areas and camping sites. It is the kind of place you would want to visit repeatedly due to the calm and peaceful surroundings. You can have a campfire in the campfire pit of the site.

12. Hickory Creek Campground on Beaver Lake

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To enjoy the gorgeous view from a Creek, Hickory Creek Campground on Beaver Lake is a great place to visit along with your RV safely. You can enjoy the water complex and meditate if you want to.

The serene beauty of this place is a place where you can completely connect with nature. A spacious site with place for RV and an amazing view, this site is the last recommendation on the list.

To enjoy your vacation completely, you need to prepare well. RVs are truly the best transport to use for traveling and lets you move around with full equipment for travelling and a place to stay safe in nature. Thus, through this list of the best RV parks in Arkansas, you can choose the best one and plan to visit it soon.

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