12 Wonderful State Parks in Delaware [Update 2024]


Did you know Delaware covers 5,130 square kilometers of area? Within this vast land area, you will find diversity in nature and beauty and what better way to explore the natural charm of Delaware than visiting the state parks.

There are innumerable state parks in Delaware, so you might be thoughtful about which ones are a must-visit park.

To help you decide, here is the list of the best and most wonderful state parks in Delaware.

1. Cape Henlopen State Park

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Cape Henlopen State Park is one of the best state parks in Delaware

Six miles of the coastline of the Delaware Bay, you will come across Cape Henlopen State Park. There is a “Point” of Cape Henlopen where the bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. You will feel euphoric with the fantastic view of this historic landscape.

The area of the park is rich in resources as in the late 1600s, it was home to the native people of the area. There is a diverse collection of habitats found throughout the park as it sits on the coastal ecosystem of the ocean.

You can visit the Seaside Nature Center that offers an interpretive program to learn about the native plants and animals.

2. Lums Pond State Park

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Lums Pond State Park

Surrounding Lums Pond, which is the largest freshwater pond in Delaware, is Lums Pond State Park. It offers a range of recreational activities, including hiking, picnicking, playing outdoor games like soccer, tennis and more.

For the thrill seekers, the seventeen miles of trials winds that pass through the hardwood forest provides the ultimate experience. The wetlands of this state park have abundant life of amphibians, reptiles and other species of animals. The park is also home to St. Georges Creek, which is home to Native Americans of the area.

To explore Lums Pond, you can rent water crafts from the boathouse in the park. The key feature of the park is the nature center that exhibits live animals and is home to a huge freshwater aquarium that exhibits the native fishes of the pond.

3. Brandywine Creek State Park

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Brandywine Creek State Park

Do you like wildlife photography or observation? You can try the meadowland of northern Delaware region where Brandywine Creek State Park is located. With over 14 miles of trail and deep forest, this park oversees the four Nature Preserves of Delaware.

The park was built in the late 1800s. The boundary of the park is made of stone walls from the old times, so you can get the vintage vibe while you explore the park. This area is fascinating because you can find rare native plants, nesting birds and the area is a habitat for native pollinators as well.

Thus, taking a stroll or doing other activities like bird watching will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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4. White Clay Creek State Park

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White Clay Creek State Park is the ultimate place where you can find beautiful creeks, natural vistas and woodlands. A particular aspect of the park is the small tributaries which span stream valleys along Delaware. The park is home to the habitat for migratory and nesting birds.

There is more! The park is known for its welcoming and thrilling hiking trails with the most diverse trail system in Delaware. Not only is the park rich in history, it is rich in natural and cultural resources.

Chambers House Nature Center is a popular building of the late 1960s. The park remains one of the recreational open spaces along with being a protected scenic area of Delaware.

5. Trap Pond State Park

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Home to the Trap pond and Baldcypress trees, Trap Pond State Park is a wonderful place to visit with your family and friends. The area surrounding Trap Pond has diverse species of plants and trees and the pond itself has an abundance of fish, including bass and more.

There are well maintained trails of 12 miles that go through the woodlands of the park. For bikers, hikers and equestrians, the trails offer a marvelous view of the surrounding natural charms. You can even camp in the campgrounds of the park. For birders and wildlife watchers, this park offers a diverse wildlife habitat.

You can find a church in the area which holds the history of the area since the 1800s when it was built. If you want to attend the interpretive programs at the park, you can visit the Baldcypress Nature Center to book for the programs.

6. Killens Pond State Park

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Killens Pond State Park is a marvelous park that features a water park and the 66 acre Killens Pond as its centerpiece. The Pond side Loop Trail is one of the popular attractions in the park. In the pond, you can rent various watercraft to enjoy water rides.

The park constructed a new elevated boardwalk for bikers and pedestrians to explore the park. There are benches and bump outs in the park for your rest and relaxation. The water park features a huge main pool, baby pool, 4 tall slides and other exciting water rides.

There is also a campground for you to camp in the primitive style. Even the woods of the park have a diverse species of plants, animals and birds.

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7. Bellevue State Park

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If you are looking for a great site to enjoy outdoor activities, Bellevue State Park is just the right choice for you. Tucked away in suburban Wilmington, you will find the park that was previously known as the DuPont estate. Starting from horse-riding to hiking, you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

The park was previously owned by estate owner William Dupont Jr, who had an indoor horse training facility and a 1 ⅛ mile long horse track. Presently, visitors can explore the meadows, rent pavilions, fish in the quaint pond and do more activities.

There is also the elegant Bellevue Hall, which has been the centerpiece of the park since the 1930s. You can try golfing, strolling and exploring this self-sustained park.

8. Wilmington State Parks

Wilmington State Parks is situated in the heart of the Brandywine, Delaware. The park is located right along the Brandywine River as the river runs through the park and is the main attraction of the park.

So, you can do different water activities like swimming, fishing and more thrilling activities. You can also find the Jasper Crane Rose Garden and Josephine Fountain in the heart of the park, which follows an urban setting.

In the park, there are ball fields, tennis courts and fitness stations for the comfort and relaxation time of the visitors. The park offers the perfect place for picnics, concerts, events and festivals.

9. Fox Point State Park

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When it comes to the beauty of nature mixed with commercial aspects, you have to visit the fascinating Fox Point State Park. Here you can find different types of birds flying and singing while sitting in the trees, then, at the same time, see trains pass by on the ground. You can see cargo ships and cars along with wildlife.

The park was converted into a waterfront recreational state park from a waste dumping site. You can have a great relaxing time with your family and friends in the park that includes pavilions, picnic tables, playgrounds, and fantastic views.

10. Alapocas Run State Park

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Home to beautiful Blue Rock cliff, Alapocas Run State Park is one of the kind places to visit in any season. For the rock-climbers, this park is worth the visit. With natural resources like mature woodlands, you can explore the park extensively.

One of the most popular features of the park is the Blue Ball Barn, where you can also explore the Blue Ball Tavern, which once served drinks to travelers in the area. Another popular attraction of the park is the Can-do Playground, which is the best place for children to have a great fun time.

11. Fort Delaware State Park

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Constructed in the 1800s, Fort Delaware State Park was built to protect Wilmington and Philadelphia from enemy attack through WW1. Later, the fort area was converted to a state park and visitors visit to explore the historical role of the area. It is located on the Pea Patch Island of the Delaware river.

There was a Prison Camp Trail that covered a long trail with gorgeous natural beauty. The fort is popularly known as the most state-of-the-art in the nation.

You might be interested in visiting the park once you know that the park offers paranormal tours during fall, and you can even join the year-round tour of living history interpretation arranged by the park.

12. Fort DuPont State Park

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Named after a Naval hero of the U.S Civil war, Fort DuPont State Park is one of the converted parks which was previously a port city on the Delaware River known as Fort DuPont. Even now, if you visit the area, you can see some reminisces of coastal defense, such as rifles, rapid fire and mortars displayed in the park area.

In the 1930s, a theater was built inside the property area. The prime attraction of the park is the Riverview Trail. While you hike along the trail, you watch different birds fly between the mainland and Pea Patch Island.

It is best to visit the park during summer, as you can get the opportunity to see ospreys dive in the river to find fish. Truly a fascinating experience!

Be it for exploring the natural wonders of Delaware or for enjoying adventurous activities, the state parks in Delaware can give you the best experience. So, don’t wait longer and jot down the ones that fascinate you from the above list and head to your next amazing getaway.

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