11 Extreme Ziplines in Hawaii [Update 2024]

ziplines in Hawaii

Hawaii, a city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is well-known for the stunning natural landscapes, coastal locations, and rural cities that it contains.

Ziplining is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the stunning natural scenery and nature that Hawaii has to offer. Ziplines not only provide you the opportunity to explore and discover stunning new regions, but they also give you the opportunity to enjoy an exciting and thrilling outdoor adventure.

Here is a list of the most extreme ziplines in Hawaii.

1. Flyin Hawaiian Zipline

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Flyin Hawaiian Zipline is one of the best ziplines in Hawaii

If you’re looking for Hawaii’s longest and most exciting rides with incomparable views of the North and South coasts and gorgeous Haleakala, look no farther than Flyin Hawaiian Zipline.

Located in the heart of the West Maui Mountains, your canopy tour features eight separate ziplines, the shortest of which spans 250 feet and the longest, a whopping 3,600 feet!

You’ll have the time of your life zipping across the sky for more than 2.5 miles while taking in breathtaking vistas of Maui, the Valley Isle.

2. Big Island Zipline

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This 7-line Hilo zipline trip will take you through a tropical jungle and past crashing waterfalls. This journey will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Hawaii, all within easy driving distance of Hilo. You can even learn about traditional Hawaiian farming practices while experiencing the thrill of flying through the air on one of Hawaii’s longest ziplines.

Once you’ve adjusted to the harness and experienced the thrilling sensation of flying through the air, you’ll be ready to make the dramatic crossing on one of Hawaii’s longest ziplines. To participate in this event, guests’ weights must be between 80 and 260 pounds.

3. NorthShore Zipline Co

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NorthShore Zipline Co

You might not miss to fly through the air at high speeds while taking in breathtaking vistas of the ocean on this zipline tour of the famous World War II base known as “Camp Maui.” Use your flying skills to navigate the course’s several ziplines, high-altitude suspension bridge, and other obstacles.

You may discover all about the fascinating history, culture, and wildlife of Maui, in addition to taking in breathtaking views of the North Shore and Pacific Ocean. The new Camp Maui Museum honors the men and women who served at the base.

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4. The Jungle Zipline

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The Jungle Zipline is located in Waipio, a valley on the tropical North Shore of Maui, Hawaii. On this eco-tour, you’ll learn about and handle real Hawaiian taro, as well as see some native Hawaiian plants. Featuring elevated platforms constructed into towering trees, soaring swinging bridges, and cutting-edge zipline technology.

Our course is designed to be both relaxing and exciting, making it the premier zipline experience on Maui. Within easy walking distance of the Hana Highway in Haiku is where you’ll find Jungle Zipline. The journey to Hana can now include this exciting new experience. If you have more time, we invite you to spend it at the Farm, where you may learn about both local and exotic plant species.

5. Kualoa Ranch Zipline

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Kualoa Ranch Zipline

In addition to the exceptionally well-liked ziplining trip, Kualoa provides guests with a wide variety of activities, such as horseback riding, ATV tours, boating, and a tour of movie sites. The most frequently utilized filming location in the state may be found on the island’s eastern side, where a working cattle ranch can be found.

The world-famous Kaa’awa Valley, which has appeared in the Jurassic Park movies, Wind talkers, King Kong, and a plethora of other Hollywood blockbusters, is seen from above by passengers as they fly across the region.

6. Koloa Zipline

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On Kauai’s Koloa Zipline, those who are feeling really courageous have the opportunity to soar head first, Superman-style, across all eight lines. During the journey, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a variety of unusual lines, like speeding through the forest and flying over a marsh. It is also possible to plan an adventure at sunset or during the night and soar while the moon is shining brightly above you.

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7. Skyline Eco-Adventures

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Each of the thrilling zipline trips that Skyline Eco-Adventures offers on all three islands, including those at Akaka Falls, Poipu, Haleakala, and Kaanapali, is offered by Skyline Eco-Adventures. Although each excursion features breathtaking scenery, the Big Island’s Akaka Falls tour stands out as the most impressive of the bunch.

Before soaring over the river and gulch, adventurers fly directly over a roaring waterfall that is 250 feet (76 meters) in height; make sure to bring your camera along for this one.

8. Kohala Zipline

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As part of an aerial trekking route that also features bridges, rappelling, and ziplines, participants will get the opportunity to soar through the treetops of the Kohala forest. When the weather is fine, you may be able to see the neighboring island of Maui from up in the air as well as the Hawaiian shoreline and old agricultural terraces.

There is also the opportunity to continue the journey by swimming beneath a private waterfall, which is a fantastic way to beat the heat and bring an exciting new chapter to a memorable experience.

9. CLIMB Works Keana Farms

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CLIMB Works is set on a working tropical fruit farm just a short distance from the world-famous surf breaks of the North Shore. The location is also ideal for grabbing lunch at one of the world-famous shrimp trucks that operate in the Kahuku area.

This adventure is one of a kind because it features eight parallel sets of ziplines, allowing guests to participate alongside their companions at the same time. The experience features rappelling, sky bridges, flying with unobstructed views of the ocean, and a brief ATV ride to the peak of the mountain.

10. Kohala Canopy Zipline Adventure

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An exciting zipline tour awaits you close to Kapaau, and it will take you through the verdant rainforest of the northern Kohala region of the Big Island. Canopy parks allow visitors to navigate over the canopy of trees using a network of suspended bridges, platforms, and exhilarating ziplines.

While you are gliding across the adaptable and whisper-quiet course, qualified instructors are available to monitor your progress and guarantee that everyone stays safe. The Big Island of Hawaii features a zipline and canopy tour.

11. Skyline Hawaii – Kaanapali Zipline Tours

Explore Maui like never before with one of our popular eco-adventure tours. Zipline over lush landscapes and deep valleys on our Kaanapali Maui Zipline Tour, near the historic town of Lahaina. Or venture up to the top of the world on our award-winning Haleakala National Park Sunrise Tour. Follow up your visit to the famed volcano crater with an exhilarating Haleakala 5-Line Zipline Tour.

Hawaii is one of America’s tourism capitals, and the ziplines mentioned-above are some of its most attractive amenities. Tourists from all across the world come to Hawaii to experience the thrill of zipline, while also taking in the state’s unrivalled beauty.

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