Top 14 Exclusive Antique Stores in Delaware [Update 2024]


The state of Delaware is famous all across the United States for its beaches and Colonial landmarks. Delaware is full of historic and cultural landmarks from the 18th century, that have given this state its own identity.

Throughout the years, many vintage and historic items have been found and preserved at these sites. Moreover, Delaware’s landmarks and history has influenced the formation of thousands of antique items.

These culturally beautiful and historically significant antique items can be found in Delaware’s antique stores. The best antique stores in Delaware are listed below.

1. Antique Alley of Bridgeville

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Antique Alley of Bridgeville is one of the best antique stores in Delaware

Antique Alley of Bridgeville is one of the best antique stores in Delaware and features over 125 booths. Furthermore, this incredible antique store consists of 20,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled antique items.

Located in Bridgeville, this famed antique store is close to several Delaware beaches. Additionally, Antique Alley of Bridgeville also offers a place to sit down and eat snacks or drink coffee.

2. Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall

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Aunt Margaret's Antique Mall

Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall is an antique store located in Newark, that offers an excellent antique experience. This amazing antique store features two floors of fine antiques, vintage items and lucrative collectibles.

Moreover, Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall provides an upstanding customer service as well.

3. Main Street Antiques Ltd

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Main Street Antiques Ltd

Main Street Antiques Ltd is a renowned antique store that presents its customers with a fun experience. This stunning antique wonderland, is built with climate-controlled comfort.

Moreover, Main Street Antiques Ltd is full of antique tools, vintage furniture, primitive toys and various other collectibles.

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4. The Zeppelin and The Unicorn Antique Shop

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Located in Wilmington, The Zeppelin and The Unicorn Antique Shop is one of the best antique stores in the state of Delaware. This amazing antique store specializes in vintage items and collectibles.

Moreover, The Zeppelin and The Unicorn Antique Shop has an excellent collection of vintage vinyl music memorabilia and estate jewelry.

5. Lewes Mercantile Antique Gallery

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Located in Lewes, Lewes Mercantile Antique Gallery is one of the best antique stores in Delaware for buying treasure.

This wonderful antique store has antique items, vintage toys, fine porcelain and many more. Moreover, the 30 dealers at Lewes Mercantile Antique Gallery have a fine collection of retro and modern items.

6. Penny Lane Mall

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Situated in the beautiful streets of Rehoboth Beach, Penny Lane Mall is one of the most beautiful antique destinations.

Visitors all across the country come to Rehoboth Beach for its amenities and visit the amazing antique stores in Penny Lane Mall. Additionally, Penny Lane Mall is a fantastic destination for buying antiques, collectibles and gifts.

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7. Out of the Attic Antique Mall

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Out of the Attic Antique Mall is an excellent antique store that is full of fantastic antique items that are up for sale. Located in Laurel, this is one of the most well-known antique stores in Delaware.

Alongside featuring antique furniture and outdoor objects, Out of the Attic Antique Mall also has a big collection of collectibles.

8. 2nd ACT Antiques Collectibles & Treasures

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2nd ACT Antiques features the widest range of antique collections in Delaware. Located in Delaware’s historic town, New Castle, this antique store definitely represents the historic elements if this town.

Furthermore, 2nd ACT Antiques also has a beautiful gallery showcasing its most lucrative antique items.

9. Heritage Antiques Market

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Heritage Antiques Market has one of the biggest antique collections in the state of Delaware. This 10,000 square foot place offers an impressive array of antiques and primitive items, which are perfect to buy as gifts or collectibles.

Located in Lewes, Heritage Antiques Market is just 5 miles away from Rehoboth Beach.

10. Passwaters Antiques

Located in Georgetown, this Delaware-based antique store was featured in the A&E Report. In fact, this antique store was even visited by the crew of AE, a famous antique and auction show.

Passwaters Antiques is truly a gem of a store for antique fanatics, consisting of hundreds of highly sought-after vintage items and antique collectibles.

11. Antique Alley

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Antique Alley is one of the best antique stores in Delaware that specializes in vintage collectibles and antique books. Located in Millsboro, Antique Alley gives visitors the small town feel Millsboro is known for in Delaware.

Incredibly, this small antique store was voted as the “Best Antique Store” by Downtown Readers, because of its constant desire to maintain the highest quality and standard.

12. Bellefonte Vintage

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Opened in 2013, Bellefonte Vintage offers one of the most luxurious antique experiences in Delaware. This beautiful antique store was started with a goal of preserving unique good things by creatively re-purposing them.

Located in Wilmington, Bellefonte Vintage offers vintage decor, antique furniture, art and collectibles.

13. Delaware Avenue Antique Emporium

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Delaware Avenue Antique Emporium is an antique store featuring all sorts of unique antique items. The whole design of store along with its decoration has an antique feel to it, and the store’s items to not disappoint.

Delaware Avenue Antique Emporium offers vintage clothes and costumes, antique dolls and toys, and many more incredible items.

14. Spence’s Bazaar & Auction

Spence’s Bazaar & Auction is located in Dover, the capital of the state, is one of the oldest antique stores in Delaware. This stunning antique store has been operating in Delaware for over 75 years now.

Spence’s Bazaar & Auction is full of vintage items like 1940s lamps, clothes, memorabilia, records, collectibles and many more.

The state of Delaware has a rich cultural heritage and is renowned for its historic landmarks and cultural antique stores. The antique stores in Delaware feature the finest collection of vintage and antique items, that are beautiful to look at. Additionally, these incredible items highlight luxury, history and culture that is deeply rooted in the heritage of Delaware.

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