6 Best Beaches in US Virgin Islands [Update 2022]

Tourists spots are of much interest for anyone and everyone. You are no different in this case and US Virgin Islands will attract you more. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a gathering of Caribbean islands and islets. A U.S. domain, it’s known for white-sand sea shores, reefs and verdant slopes.

You must be here looking for the best beaches in US Virgin Islands to spend a great vacation with your dear ones. Even if not that, you can be here to gather insightful knowledge about the best beaches present.

Hence, here goes a list of best beaches in US Virgin Islands:

1. Maho Bay Beach

Maho Bay Beach

Do you love marine life? If so, this is perhaps the best sea shores in the US Virgin Islands to see turtles and beams swimming among the sea-grass. While swimming you may see tangs, parrot-fish, angelfish, elk-horn and cerebrum coral, anemones and wipes. There is bounty you can find in shallow water, which makes this an extraordinary sea shore for swimming with kids and apprehensive swimmers.

You can also unwind on the white sands and sanctuary under palms – arrive ahead of schedule as it can get going, fun days and full moon parties. For food, head to the Maho Crossroads spring up town for tasty treats. This will never be a dull visit.

2. Waterlemon Cay

People go on tour for sporting and fun. If you love swimming or snorkeling, Watermelon Cay is the best one right on the money for clear water, sound coral, exotic fish, sand, rocks, sea-grass and coral. It is incredible for fledgling swimmers and those who have been doing it for quite a long time.

This uncommon spot offers beams, conch, starfish and turtles as well. Ashore, you can stroll along the shore through the sugar factory remains of the Annaberg Plantation. Try not to miss this sea shore while on your US Virgin Islands yacht contract as this is one of the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands.

3. Oppenheimer Beach

This tranquil sea shore was the home of Robert Oppenheimer, the atomic physicist known as the dad of the nuclear bomb. He skilled his home to the neighborhood individuals and it is currently a public venue. Visit in the event that you need to sink your feet into delicate sand as you walk the sea shore, cover under palms waving in the breeze or appreciate the surprising shades of the ocean, from water to jade.

It offers phenomenal swimming with a shallow reef off the sea shore where you can swim over mind, elk-horn and fire coral. On the off chance that you are feeling dynamic, you can climb the close by trails and see the Peace Hill Windmill. This is perhaps the best beach in the US Virgin Islands to stay away from swarms.

4. Salt Pond Beach

Salt Pond Beach

With its shallow waters shielded from wind and waves, this is probably one of the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands for a loosening up swim. You can frequently spot turtles and beams in the sea-grass beds on the off chance that you need to swim. On the off chance that you need to deal with your tan, unwind on this white sand sea shore and watch the sun move on the water’s surface.

5. Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach offers an enthusiastic vibe that is like White Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Regardless of whether you need to tune in to unrecorded music or appreciate Sunday informal breakfast, this is the spot to go. Attempt Heidi’s Honeymoon Grill and Dinghy’s Beach Bar. It is likewise worth visiting the island for amazing perspectives and it is said to be one of the best beaches in US Virgin Islands.

6. Magens Bay

Magens Bay

Start off your tour from here before going to St. John and settle yourself into the Caribbean soul. It is famous because of its enormous region of sand and turquoise waters, so arrive a day ahead. It is an extraordinary sea shore for a dip, swim, boogie board or on the off chance that you need to sunbathe.

There are many more spots which you can consider as the best beaches in US Virgin Islands. The mentioned ones are somewhat the most fascinating of them all and needs to be visited at least once. The mentioned lines are just the highlights of what you get there. The actual fun lies on when you are physically present in a place.

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