11 Major Cemeteries in Delaware [Update 2024]


Delaware has a vast history as one of the first states to be colonized by Europeans.

With its fascinating history, there are many instances of bombardment, multiple death causes, and more horrific situations especially after the American Revolution and Civil War. As such, the state has a great number of cemeteries where veterans, victims and soldiers are buried and honored.

Check out this list of the cemeteries in Delaware, and you can get to know the long history of the state.

1. Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery

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Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery is one of the most Major Cemeteries in Delaware

One of the first and main military cemeteries in Delaware is Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Situated in Chesapeake City Road, Bear, this cemetery observes different national memorial days and the war heroes of the Civil War, Vietnamese War and other veterans who bravely fought for the country lay in the graves of this cemetery.

Every year, different memorial days and marches are held to show honor to the dead. The motto of the cemetery is “Remember the fallen, Honor those who serve and Teach future generations the value of freedom”.

2. Sharon Hills Memorial Park

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Located at Sharon Hill Rd, Dover, Delaware, Sharon Hills Memorial Park is one of the well known and oldest cemeteries in the state. It is a burial ground that offers both funeral and burial services. The cemetery property’s inspirational statuary and natural beauty makes it a haven of peace for the dead to rest in peace.

3. Wilmington & Brandywine Cemetery

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Wilmington & Brandywine Cemetery

Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery is located in Wilmington, Delaware. This rural cemetery was founded in 1943. As of 2022, the graveyard contains more than 21 burials that encompassed over 25 acres. Through visiting their website, the family of the dead can book land and lay their loved ones forever.

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4. Gracelawn Memorial Park

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Since 1934, Gracelawn Memorial Park has been the resting place for the people of the Wilmington area. Spread over 80 acres of land, this cemetery is located in the quaint and historic city of New Castle, Delaware. The surroundings of the cemetery are full of greenery and beautiful gardens which make it the perfect place for the beloved to rest.

5. Silverbrook Cemetery

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For five generations, Silverbrook Cemetery has been servicing families to bury their lovely people in this graveyard. It is a family-owned and operated cemetery which was founded in 1898. They offer a variety of final disposition options so that you can bury loved ones in a beautifully serene setting.

6. Newark Union Church & Cemetery

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Newark Union Church & Cemetery

Newark Union Burial Ground is located in Brandywine Hundred, Delaware. It was founded in 1687, which makes it one of the oldest cemeteries in the state.

With only 4 acres of land, around 950 graves are accommodated in the greenery of the land. Men and their families of the American Revolution and some settlers of the Brandywine Hundred are also buried here.

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7. Riverview Cemetery

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A historic cemetery located on North Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware is Riverview Cemetery. The cemetery was established in 1872 and the southern section which has the rectangular plot was purchased. Currently, there is plenty of space for burial and the organization related to the cemetery assists in the rituals.

8. Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Gate of Heaven Cemetery is one of the newest cemeteries in Delaware. It was established in 2002, and it is owned and operated by Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Wilmington.

With upright monument sections and beautiful facilities, this cemetery makes sure that their dead are laid with respect. Moreover, the stunning garden across the cemetery adds to the scenic beauty of this isolated area.

9. Chester Bethel Cemetery

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Delaware’s Chester Bethel Cemetery is a cemetery that was built in 1873 and is just near the Chester-Bethel Church. The cemetery is located in Wilmington and you can check their website for available grave spaces. Many trees and plants cover the surroundings and some people even plant trees after burying their loved ones as a token of respect.

10. IOOF Cemetery

Established in 1819, IOOF stands for the “Independent Order of Odd Fellows.” The cemetery was founded by the organization and the founder, Denton, kept a significant role in establishing the cemetery. The organization ensures maintenance activities and ensures that the families of the deceased can bury their loved ones with ease.

11. Cathedral Cemetery

Catholic Cemeteries, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1876. It was started as the Cathedral Cemetery Company with the opening of Cathedral Cemetery on Lancaster Avenue. It served as the only Diocesan Cemetery until 1958 when All Saints Cemetery was opened in Pike Creek valley. Over the years the cemeteries have evolved and changed from the more traditional facility with in-ground burials to a full-service cemetery with the addition of above-ground entombment facilities at both locations, interment chapel facilities at both locations and double-depth lawn crypts at All Saints Cemetery, and a new section with availability of private mausoleum sites and upright monuments at All Saints Cemetery.

The graveyards of Delaware are the evidence of the long history of lives and deaths of the state. You can reflect on the past and pay respect to the graves when you visit any of the listed cemeteries in Delaware.

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