11 Visit Worthy Dairy Farms in Idaho [Update 2024]


Did you know that Idaho ranks third in the United States for dairy production? Well, Idaho has innumerable dairy farms that are dedicated to ensure high quality dairy production and most of the farms are family owned. Many dairies are in the backyard of their homes and some are participating in dairy operations in the state.

If you are curious to get a glimpse of these successful dairy farms, then read this list of the top dairy farms in Idaho.

1. Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese

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Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese is one of the most Visit Worthy Dairy Farms in Idaho

Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese is home to hand-crafted artisan cheeses. This 35-acre dairy farm was established in 1995, and they developed skills overtime to ensure the farm’s success.

Presently, there are over 100 Jersey cows in the farm, and they supply tons of milk weekly. Since 2004, the farm has extended their cheese making and supplied it throughout the state.

2. Cloverleaf Creamery

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Cloverleaf Creamery

Still using the old-fashioned techniques, Cloverleaf Creamery remains one of the top dairy farms in the state. This small registered dairy farm produces all natural milk and has been in the dairy business since the early 70s.

With the use of recyclable glass bottles, the farm has even received awards from the state. The milk remains fresh longer and stays colder in their recyclable bottles, so it has gained popularity among the neighborhoods of Idaho.

3. Chobani

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Chobani have promised to give the best dairy taste to the people, and they are committed to making the promise into a reality. The farm of Chobani provides the high-quality authentic milk to make the strained Greek Yogurt products for which they are the Maker of America’s No. 1-selling Greek Yogurt brand.

This reliable farm provides the best regular yogurt, and also all the products are kosher certified. Moreover, the farm is active in fighting animal cruelty.

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4. Millenkamp Cattle

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Millenkamp Cattle

Millenkamp Cattle is a family agribusiness in Idaho who ensure high standards of milk production. The farm has gained the reputation of being the Pinnacle of Animal Husbandry.

The well-trained, conscientious employees are dedicated to working and caring for the animals of the farm. Also, the supplied milk is of high quality and using the milk many delicious dairy products are made.

5. High Desert Milk

Superior for its quality dairy products, High Desert Milk is the pride of the state. Originated in 2001, this farm was inspired to create a stable market for their milk and guarantee the best quality milk products.

The board members of the farm are proud of the farm and its consistent high standards. Every day the entire process of milk production is controlled and monitored by the professionals so that the farm can offer the freshest products to the customers.

6. Idaho Jersey Girls Dairy

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Idaho Jersey Girls Dairy is well known for using updated technology and trained workers for the dairy production in the farm. With their optimal animal care, they produce big quantities of milk. Moreover, the farm is built with well-designed structure and research, and it has developed milk production of the highest quality as well.

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7. Beranna Dairy

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Beranna Dairy is considered one of the best farms that are openly dedicated to developing all natural milk production. The employees are well-trained who care for the animals and refrain from using artificial growth hormones. Because of the friendly behavior of the employees, visitor also enjoy touring around the farm.

8. Big Sky Dairy

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Big Sky Dairy is well known for its large and clean facility. Owned by TedHarter, this farm is located in Jerome, Idaho. It has grown a lot over the years.

The workers of the farm have developed skills to handle mechanical equipment which is indispensable to the farm’s success. With its diversified milk production operations, they supply dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, cream and more.

9. Jack Verbree Dairies

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Jack Verbree Dairies was established in 1989, and they have done an incredible job at producing and supplying high quality dairy. Currently, the annual revenue of this dairy farm is $3233000.

If you are in the area of Wendell, you need to try out the all-natural milk from the Jack Verbree Dairies. You can stop by the nearby creamery where the farm sends their best quality milk for making all natural ice cream and yogurt.

10. T & F Dairy

Founded in 1997, T & F Dairy is popular for its milk supply among the local neighborhoods. The milk produced by the farm is mainly supplied to creameries to make delicious ice creams and desserts that are later served in the confectioneries all around the state.

11. Millenkamp Cattle

Bill and Susie Millenkamp trace their passion for cattle to their respective families’ long and distinguished heritage in the industry. Like the generations that preceded them, they have devoted their entire lives to the dairy and beef industries, all the while developing new and better methods of animal husbandry.

With such many dairy producers, the Idaho state has gained quite a reputation among other states. If you get the chance to explore any of the listed dairy farms in Idaho, then do grasp the opportunity. Not only will you be able to see the processes of dairy production, but you can also get to taste the freshest samples provided by the farms.

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