Top 15 Largest Islands in the US [Update 2024]

Largest Islands in the US

Many islands around the globe are extremely huge. A huge number of them turn out to be countries. Australia is in fact an island since it is detached to other collections of land, yet it is all the more ordinarily thought to be a mainland.

Of the seven continents, Australia is 2,969,976 square miles, which makes it the smallest of all. In any case, whenever thought about an island, it is the biggest on the planet.There are several largest islands in the United States as well.

Here is a list of some of the largest islands in the US.

1. Hawaii – 4,028 sq.m


Hawaii is the biggest island situated in the U.S. province of Hawaii. It is the biggest and the south-easternmost of the Hawaiian Islands, a chain of volcanic islands in the North Pacific Ocean.

With a territory of 4,028 square miles, it has 63% of the Hawaiian archipelago’s consolidated landmass, and is the largest island in the United States.

2. Kodiak Island – 3,588 sq.m

Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is a huge island on the south shoreline of the U.S. province of Alaska, isolated from the Alaska territory by the Shelikof Strait. The biggest island in the Kodiak Archipelago, Kodiak Island is the second biggest island in the United States and the 80th biggest island on the planet, with a zone of 3,595.09 sq mi.

It is 99 miles in length and in width goes from 16 to 97 kilometers. The biggest network on the island is the city of Kodiak, Alaska. Kodiak Island is sloping and vigorously forested in the north and east, yet genuinely treeless in the south. 

3. Puerto Rico – 3,363 sq.m

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an archipelago among the Greater Antilles situated between the Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It incorporates the eponymous primary island and a few more modest islands, for example, Mona, Culebra, and Vieques.

The capital and most crowded city is San Juan. The domain’s absolute populace is roughly 3.2 million, in excess of 20 U.S. states. Spanish and English are the official dialects of the presidential part of government, however Spanish prevails.

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4. Prince of Wales Island – 2,577 sq.m

Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island is one of the islands of the Alexander Archipelago in the Alaska Panhandle. It is the fourth-biggest island in the United States after Hawaii, Kodiak Island, and Puerto Rico and the 97th-biggest island on the planet.

5. Chichagof Island – 2,080 sq.m

Chichagof Island

Chichagof Island or Shee Kaax, is an island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Alaska Panhandle. At 75 miles or 121 km long and 50 miles or 80 km wide, it has a land region of 2,048.61 square miles, making it the fifth biggest island in the United States and the 109th biggest island on the planet.

Its coastline estimates 742 miles. There was a 2000 registration populace of 1,342 people.  Chichagof Island has the most noteworthy populace of bears per square mile considering any place on the Earth.

6. St. Lawrence Island – 1,983 sq.m

St. Lawrence Island

St. Lawrence Island is found west of Alaska in the Bering Sea, only south of the Bering Strait. The town of Gambell, situated on the northwest cape of the island, is 36 miles or 58 kilometers from the Chukchi Peninsula in the Russian Far East. The island is important for Alaska, yet closer to Russia than to the Alaskan terrain.

St. Lawrence Island is believed to be one of the last uncovered bits of the land that once got Asia together with North America during the Pleistocene time frame. It is the 6th biggest island in the United States and the 113th biggest island on the planet. It is viewed as a component of the Bering Sea Volcanic Province.

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7. Admiralty Island – 1,684 sq.m

Admiralty Island

Admiral’s office Island is an island in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska, at 57°44′N 134°20′W. It is 145 km long and 56 km wide with a region of 4,264.1 km2 or 1,646.4 sq mi, making it the seventh-biggest island in the United States and the 132nd biggest island on the planet.

It is one of the ABC islands in Alaska. The island is almost cut in two by the Seymour Canal; to its east is the long, limited Glass Peninsula.

8. Nunivak Island – 1,625 sq.m

Nunivak Island

Nunivak Island seaward from the delta of the Yukon and Kuskokwim waterways in the US territory of Alaska, at a scope of about 60° N. The island is 1,631.97 square miles in zone, making it the second-biggest island in the Bering Sea and eighth-biggest island in the United States.

It is 76.2 kilometers long and 106 kilometers wide. It has a population of 191 people as of 2010. The island’s whole populace lived in the north coast city of Mekoryuk.

9. Unimak Island – 1,590 sq.m

Unimak Island

Unimak Island is the biggest island in the Aleutian Islands chain of the U.S. territory of Alaska. It is the easternmost island in the Aleutians and, with a region of 1,571.41 square miles or 4,069.93 square kilometers.

It is the ninth biggest island in the United States and the 134th biggest island on the planet. It is home to Mount Shishaldin, one of the ten most dynamic volcanoes on the planet.

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10. Baranof Island – 1,570 sq.m

Baranof Island

Baranof Island, additionally at times called Baranov Island, Shee or Sitka Island is an island in the northern Alexander Archipelago in the Alaska Panhandle, in Alaska.

The name Baranof was given in 1805 by Imperial Russian Navy chief U. F. Lisianski to respect Alexander Andreyevich Baranov. It is the littlest of the ABC islands of Alaska.

11. Long Island – 1,401 sq.m

Long Island

Long Island is a thickly populated island in the southeast piece of the U.S. province of New York, in the northeastern United States. At New York Harbor it is roughly 0.35 miles or 0.56 km from Manhattan Island and expands toward the east more than 100 miles or 160 km into the Atlantic Ocean.

The island involves four regions. The greater part of New York City’s occupants live on Long Island, in Brooklyn and in Queens. Notwithstanding, numerous individuals in the New York metropolitan zone conversationally utilize the term Long Island to allude only to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and alternately, utilize the term the City to mean Manhattan alone.

12. Revillagigedo Island – 1,145 sq.m

Revillagigedo Island

Revillagigedo Island is an island in the Alexander Archipelago in Ketchikan Gateway Borough of the southeastern locale of the U.S. territory of Alaska.

Running around 89 km north-south and 48 km east-west, it is 2,754.835 km² in territory, making it the twelfth biggest island in the United States and the 167th biggest island on the planet. 

13. Kupreanof – 1,086 sq.m


Kupreanof is a city at the eastern shore of Kupreanof Island in the Petersburg Borough, in the U.S. territory of Alaska.

The populace was 27 as of the 2010 statistics, up from 23 of every 2000. It was the smallest back in 2000. However it is presently the second littlest starting at 2010. 

14. Unalaska – 1,051 sq.m


Unalaska is the main focal point of populace in the Aleutian Islands. The city is in the Aleutians West Census Area, a local segment of the Unorganized Borough in the U.S. province of Alaska.

Unalaska is situated on Unalaska Island and neighboring Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Islands off territory Alaska. 

15. Nelson Island – 843 sq.m

Nelson Island

Nelson Island is an island in the Bethel Census Area of southwestern Alaska. It is 42 miles or 68 km long and 20–35 miles wide which is 32–56 km. With a zone of 843 square miles, it is the fifteenth biggest island in the United States.

It is isolated from the Alaska terrain to its north by the Ningaluk River, to its east by the Kolavinarak River and from Nunivak Island to its southwest by the Etolin Strait.

The recent pandemic might have put on a toll on each of us. If you are still planning to visit some places in the US, maintaining all the necessary precautions, these islands are some of the best places to consider.

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