Top 10 Public Hunting Lands in Georgia [Update 2024]


In Georgia, there’s no lack of opportunities for fun hunting.

The Peach State has plenty to offer for everyone, whether you’re an experienced hunter or simply traveling through. To enter these untamed public areas, you just need a hunting permit.

Come with me as I explore some public hunting lands in Georgia.

1. Coosawattee-Carter’s Lake

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Coosawattee-Carter’s Lake is one of the best Public Hunting Lands in Georgia

Canoeing, cycling, hiking, shooting, primitive lodging, lake water fishing, private boating, jet skiing, and basic wildlife observation are all available at Coosawattee-Lake. 750 Powerhouse Drive in Chesterfield is the Coosawattee-Lake Carter’s State Wildlife Area location.

There is no cost to enter the territory if you have the necessary hunting and fishing licenses.

2. Chestatee Wildlife Management Area

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Chestatee Wildlife Management Area

In Lumpkin and Brown counties, the Chestatee Wildlife Area is among the best public hunting land in Georgia. It’s a fantastic site for shooting deer, bears, and turkeys, as well as angling, with far more than 27,000 acres to discover. Find a comfortable spot, relax, and have fun on a day of sporting.

And after a day of hunting, you can easily return to your life feeling a somewhat refreshing change. Thanks to the major hiking routes in the region, the vistas you’ll see here will stay with you forever, and the memories you’ll have of the wildlife will be even greater.

3. Glennville WMA

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A squirrel hunter’s dream come true. Large arrowroot hardwood woods cover only 1,000 acres of this WMA (Wildlife Management Area). Twenty-mile-of-feet access paths weave through swamps, allowing shooters to silently slip into the region, which is easily passable even for novices.

There’s plenty of potential for more daring hunters to venture into “uncharted terrain”, where they may not even encounter another hunter in this public hunting land in Georgia.

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4. Cooper’s Creek WMA

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Suches, Union County

Cooper’s Creek WMA is a great place to hunt in the Smokies Trail’s foothills. You’ll enjoy 30,000 acres of stunning mountain landscape to hunt on as part of the public hunting land in Georgia. Muzzleloader time is a popular favorite, with plenty of opportunities to take down deer, bears, or hogs.

There are many opportunities for camping near creeks stocked with fish for a rustic experience.

5. Hunting Lands in Ellijay

There are numerous areas to shoot in Georgia; however, you won’t find a better place than Ellijay if you live in a major city. Ellijay provides every hunter the tranquility they need without shutting them off from civilization because it is only half an hour from downtown, GA.

It’s surrounded by lush, life-filled forests, making it some of the greatest public hunting land in Georgia.

6. Crockford Vulture Hill

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Make a note of this location on your shooting bucket list. Crockford Vulture Hill is a one-stop store for many excellent hunting chances. For hunting success, turkeys and deer are now on the menu. You might come to shoot, but you’ll find love with the area’s stunning natural beauty. Beautiful views, cool waterfalls, and miles of trails greet your arrival.

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7. El Model WMA

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Looking for a few doves to hunt this season? Come on down to the state of Georgia’s southwest corner. El Model WMA is home to the Division’s only flooded dove field, including 74 acres of maize, sunflower, and peanuts.

There is also an additional 100 acres or so of non-irrigated daisy and white full-grain areas where you can dump a limit of songbirds. After opening weekend, trust it or not, there is also some nice dove hunting.

8. Penholoway Hunting Lands

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Don’t be fooled by the name. Penholoway is more than simply a swamp. From easily accessible highland pine and ecological spaces to a 6,000-acre bottom land hardwood-filled island reachable only by boat. Whatever your preference, there’s something for any hunter who wants to catch a rabbit, bird, or deer.

Enjoy a day in the forest searching for wildlife along the spectacular bluff line that separates highland and shallow root habitats that provide this public hunting land in Georgia.

9. Sprewell Bluff

Sprewell Bluff is just the greatest place to go if you want to bring some deer meat home. The Flint River divides the property, and each side has plenty to offer. Deer hunting with archery is available on the east bank of the land, while weapons hunting is available on the wild west side.

10. Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area

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This Blue Ridge Wildlife Area, which spans Fannin, Union, and Lumpkin counties, is home to about 20,000 acres of property where you may hunt deer, bears, turkeys, and some other small game species.

Hiking paths, a lake, and rustic campsites are among the amenities available, making it ideal for hunts, hiking, camping, pond, and river angling. Also, general wildlife observation is available on this public hunting land in Georgia.

Hunters in Georgia are fortunate to have access to millions of acres of public land. Georgia has more public property than any other state, making it the best place in the country to see antelope. Having a license and adhering to the laws allows anybody to go and hunt there, which is the finest part. Hunting with freedom has never been more pleasurable than this.

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