11 Public Hunting Lands in Idaho [Update 2024]


Hunting is one of the most popular and historic outdoor activities in Idaho, and there are plenty of public lands to fulfil these hunting needs. However, most of these public areas don’t allow hunting, which makes it difficult for people to find areas to enjoy hunting.

So, I have compiled a list of the best public hunting lands in Idaho for you.

1. Montour WMA – Idaho Fish and Game

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Montour WMA - Idaho Fish and Game is one of the best Public Hunting Lands in Idaho

Montour WMA – Idaho Fish and Game is the most popular hunting area in Idaho, and is renowned for its fishing and hunting games. This WMA is adjacent to Payette River and upstream of the Black Canyon Dam, and includes a collection of farms, marshes, ponds, streams, willows, and swamps. It was created for the purpose of producing upland and waterfowl, and is jointly administered with the Bureau of Reclamation.

2. Mile High Outfitters

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Mile High Outfitters

Mile High Outfitters is one of the best-known wildlife hunting areas in Idaho, situated in Challis. It is one of the best hunting areas in Idaho for elk and deer hunters. If you are looking to hunt big animals, then this is the destination for you. Get guided hunting tours and stunning fishing experiences in the wonderful natural terrains of this area.

3. Shattuck Creek Outfitters LLC

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Shattuck Creek Outfitters LLC is the premier hunting location in the northern part of Idaho. This outfitter’s facility operates on more than 600 miles of land. Since 1984, this hunting area has taken pride in offering each one of their clients an exceptional hunting experience, full of new knowledge and memories. Get guided hunts of elk, whitetail deer, other varieties of deer, bears, mountain lions, wolves and much more.

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4. Thunder Mountain Elk Ranch

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In the forested highlands of southern Idaho is where you’ll find Thunder Mountain Elk Ranch, one of the best elk hunting facilities in Idaho. It is a western and industrious family-run business that spans five generations. If you love elk hunting, then this is the ideal facility for you, as it has been providing elk hunting opportunities for over two decades.

5. Cecil D. Andrus WMA – Idaho Fish and Game

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The massive 23,928-acre Cecil D. Andrus WMA is one of the largest public hunting lands in Idaho and is located near the Brownlee Reservoir. Tourists have access to a variety of activities at this WMA, including hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing. The region is accessible all year by foot and other non-motorized means. Motorized vehicles can also be used but on a seasonal basis.

6. Fort Boise WMA – Idaho Fish and Game

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Fort Boise WMA - Idaho Fish and Game

There are many chances for recreational enjoyment because of the special location of Fort Boise WMA at the meeting point of the Boise River with the Snake River. Most visitors to this WMA come to hunt, fish or observe birds. The WMA land is accessible by 3 major roads; however, all the inner roads are marked as trails and are not accessible by automobiles.

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7. Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area

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Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area is a wildlife viewing and hunting place located in Lewiston, alongside Idaho’s iconic Snake River. The Idaho Department of Fish operates and maintains this WMA area, which is one of the best WMA in the state. Some points in Craig Mountain WMA can even reach over 5,000 feet in the air.

8. Market Lake Wildlife Management Area – Idaho Fish and Game

A wide variety of natural species are fostered by Market Lake WMA. The WMA’s personnel have discovered that 19,000 people tour this WMA annually for hunting and wildlife viewing. 

Furthermore, group trips and other recreational activities are very popular among visitors here. Nature enthusiasts frequently use this area to view birds and wildlife.

9. Sterling Wildlife Management Area

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Located close to Aberdeen, sits this incredible 3,400-acre wildlife area called the Sterling Wildlife Management Area. This WMA is mostly used for public hunting purposes, like hunting pheasants and waterfowls, along with hunting other birds. The hunting area offers excellent chances for hunting all year round and animal observation is very popular here.

10. Ridgerunner Outfitters LLC

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The Ridge Outfitters is a licensed family-run outfitter business in the state of Idaho, which offers renowned hunting services. Visit this stunning, wild area to witness its untouched timber woods, pines, fir trees, and countless fern species. Make it a camping trip if you want to enjoy fishing, hunting and taking pictures.

11. Brownlee Reservoir

Brownlee Reservoir, a superb fishing spot in Idaho, is located directly on the Oregon border in Idaho’s western region. The reservoir, a section of the Snake River that has been impounded, covers 13,000 acres and is more than 50 miles in length. Panfish, largemouth bass, catfish, trout, and smallmouth bass are just a few of the well-known fish species found in this reservoir.

Wildlife viewing and hunting is one of Idaho’s favorite pastimes, with the state being enriched with historical public parks and hunting areas. Also, the hunting areas mentioned above offer hunting chances while maintaining the utmost safety for their guests.

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