Top 15 Safest Cities in Illinois [Ranking of 2024]


The McDonald’s No. 1 Store Museum and the United States’ most nuclear power plants are located in Illinois, a state arguably best known for Chicago and its sports teams. Small villages, cornfields, and farmland abound in Illinois. However, is the state safe to raise a family?

Let’s find out in this article some of the safest cities in Illinois in terms of crime rates, violent and property crimes, for a better decision.

1. Campton Hills(Crime rate per 1,000: 1.59)

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Campton Hills has taken the top rank for being the safest city in Illinois. Between this year and last year, the city’s low violent crime rate and barely a 0.1 percent rise in property crime were almost unchanged. There were just ten property crime incidents in Campton Hills, making it the only city in Illinois to have that many.

It is far west of Chicago, and is encircled by hills and woods that make it a great place for individuals who want an escape from the city’s bustle. The public schools in Campton Hills are among the best in the state, and the community offers a wide range of recreational, social, and cultural activities. Overall, Campton Hills is a great place to raise a family because of its high degree of safety and excellent educational system.

2. Channahon(Crime rate per 1,000: 5.22)

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This suburban hamlet is new to the list of the safest cities in Illinois for the year 2022: it’s a suburban hamlet. With a population of over 13,000, the community nonetheless retains much of its rustic charm and natural beauty despite its rapid expansion since its founding in the 1800s.

As a peaceful residential community with various parks for everyone to enjoy, Inverness is a great place to live. It is safe to say that there have been no violent crimes or thefts in the hamlet in the last year. On my list of favorites, this has taken second place.

3. Palatine(Crime rate per 1,000: 5.62)

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Located in Lake County’s Fremont and Ela townships, Palatine is another newcomer yet the third-safest city in Illinois. When it comes to a natural setting, Palatine is hard to beat. With a population of approximately 68,500 people, they all enjoy the numerous parks, trees, and lakes the community has to offer.

Additionally, the hamlet is known for its beautiful open spaces, extensive park facilities, and high-quality educational institutions. There is no better location to live in the United States than Palatine, a community in Illinois that has been ranked as one of the country’s safest cities.

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4. Palos Hills(Crime rate per 1,000: 5.88)

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Cook County’s Palos Hills, dubbed “The Best Kept Secret in the Southwest,” has a population of about 7,200 people. Over the course of the previous 40 years, a little neighborhood in the midst of the countryside had mushroomed into a community of about 17,000 people.

There are excellent schools in this Chicago suburb, and the cops are on the beat almost every day. Palos Hills, Illinois, is not only a safe location to live, but it is also a great area to raise a family.

5. Hanover Park(Crime rate per 1,000: 6.24)

Hanover Park is another Chicago suburb located in Kane County, Illinois. Although violent and property crime rates have increased, the hamlet still ranks sixth on my list. Commuter rail service, family-friendly festivals and activities, a wide range of dining options and parks are just some of Hanover Park’s many highlights.

While there are about 38,000 people in the hamlet, it has a small-town vibe. Those who visit Hanover Park will be charmed by the little meat market, pharmacy, and floral shop that line the town’s central thoroughfare. This place is a great area to raise a family in Illinois for commuters who need a little peace and quiet after a long day at the office.

6. South Elgin(Crime rate per 1,000: 6.35)

Over 22627 people live in South Elgin, which is roughly 45 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Kane County, Illinois, is home to this 1890-founded municipality.

The typical yearly income in this safe and pleasant place is $97,135 for those who own their own houses. At just 436 crimes per 100,000 residents, South Elgin, Illinois, is Illinois’ sixth-safest city.

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7. Huntley(Crime rate per 1,000: 7.40)

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Huntley is one of the best Safest Cities in Illinois

Huntley has a population of approximately 26,000, making it the largest town I’ve seen so far. It is in Kane and McHenry counties and is part of the Chicago metropolitan region. Despite its proximity to Chicago, Huntley is a world apart from the commotion of city life. The citizens of Huntley, despite the city’s tremendous growth, believe that its charm and friendliness will never be lost to time.

8. Lindenhurst(Crime rate per 1,000: 4.91)

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Since its incorporation in 1956, Lindenhurst has witnessed a dramatic increase in population. The population of the town is 14,380, making it one of the safest and finest locations to live in Illinois. The picturesque terrain of this little town is perfect for both enterprises and new families looking for a place to start a family.

Residents of Lake County have access to various forest preserves and trail networks for year-round exploration and relaxation in nature. Additionally, Lindenhurst has good access to major highways and a wide range of volunteers and community participation possibilities.

9. La Grange Park(Crime rate per 1,000: 4.91)

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The Chicago suburb of La Grange Park lies 15 miles south of the city. It’s a peaceful city that places a high value on environmental protection and openness in administration. Seven self-guided walking tours allow visitors to experience La Grange Park’s history.

A small increase in assaults has been seen in violent crime during the last several years. Moreover, conflicts between humans and foxes and coyotes are a major issue in La Grange Park.

10. Lakemoor(Crime rate per 1,000: 5.61)

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6,313 people call Lakemoor home, which is situated in both Lake and McHenry Counties. The 89-acre glacial lake, Lily Lake, borders Lakemoor. A park with a playground, volleyball and basketball facilities, and even a beach may be found on its eastern banks. Lakemoor is Illinois’ 10th safest city despite its high cost of living and an overall crime rate of 538 crimes per 100,000 residents.

11. Homer Glen(Crime rate per 1,000: 6.93)

Homer Glen, a suburb of Chicago with a population of around 24,000, is an upmarket neighborhood with an easy commute into the city that strives to protect natural and open space resources while embracing excellent expansion.

What drives Homer Glen’s rapid expansion is the city’s solid public school system, affluent neighborhood proximity to the commuter train, many parks, and over 1,300 acres of open space.

12. Winnetka(Crime rate per 1,000: 7.46)

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With its tree-lined streets, sandy beaches, top-rated schools, fantastic parks, and a plethora of work options, Winnetka is a great place to raise a family.

Natural beauty attracted early inhabitants, as the community’s name translates into “beautiful place” in the Native American language. Even as a bustling city, Winnetka has maintained its small-town character and focus on family life while still being a popular place for people to live, work, and play.

13. Round Lake(Crime rate per 1,000: 6.83)

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Located 14 miles south of Chicago’s downtown core in southwest Cook County, Round Lake was incorporated in 1911. Justice is described by its residents as a safe, diversified, and welcoming neighborhood. Residents may go fishing, picnicking, and play a variety of sports due to the forest preserves’ closeness.

It comes in at number thirteen on my ranking of the safest cities in the state, with a crime rate per 100,000 residents of 497. 63 crimes were committed in the community this year, although only four of them were violent.

14. Warrenville(Crime rate per 1,000: 9.11)

Warrenville is a suburban community in the Chicago metropolitan region that caters to city workers. Nippersink Creek bisects the area, which is located in Northern Illinois.

It boasts a wide variety of high-quality housing alternatives as well as a surge in commercial and industrial development as a result of years of planning.

15. Lockport(Crime rate per 1,000: 7.60)

Lockport, Illinois is one of the state’s most populous cities. High-quality public and private schools, one of the greatest public library systems in the country, a wide range of religious alternatives, and a low crime rate are just some of the amenities available in this thriving, wealthy city.

Despite its size, it offers the feel of a small town with all the benefits of a bustling metropolis. For more than six decades, Lockport has been a magnet for new residents because of its vibrant downtown area, stunning riverwalk, and welcoming community spirit.

Now that you learned about the safest cities in Illinois, are you ready to relocate to Lincoln’s home state?

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